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    The Latest from Iran (30 July): Memorial Day | Enduring America

    Posted by Maxoud: Today's morning of Behesht zahra is not
    like everyday.
    There are lots of anti riot police in front of the main doors of there.
    There are two helicopters flying above it.
    Hundereds of basijis with their motorcycles are patroling in it.
    part 257(where Neda's grave is there) is under full control of Basijis.

    1130 GMT: And So It Begins. It is now 4 p.m. in Tehran, and Reuters is
    reporting, via a witness, “Hundreds have gathered around
    Neda Agha-Soltan’s grave to mourn her death and other
    victims’ deaths ….Police arrested some of them….Dozens of
    riot police also arrived and are trying to disperse the crowd.”

    1140 GMT: Reuters reports that Mir Hossein Mousavi has
    entered Behesht-e- Zahra cemetery to pay his respects to those
    killed in post-election violence. Marchers clung to his car, chanting
    “Mousavi we support you”.

    1145 GMT: Witness to Reuters: “Police forced Mousavi to
    return to his car and leave the cemetery. Police are also warning
    mourners to leave the place or face the consequences.”

    Witnesses said hundreds of police surrounded Mousavi
    and forced him to leave Behesht-e Zahra cemetery on
    Tehran's southern outskirts.

    Anon Poster: (4:38):A large number of anti-riot guards and police
    are present in the area. People throw flowers on them and chant
    "Support us ..Support us".

    Visionary posted:
    (4:42): Riotpolice chasing chantng youngstrs, weather is hot,
    girls on the frontline amid uncomfortable clothing

    (4:45): The slogan of "Death to dictator" can be heard louder
    . . than ever

    (4:33):people are singing yare dabestani in beheshte zahra

    Karoubi has entered Beshest zahra

    Tehran: Clashes Can Be Heard All Around The City - Basij Trying
    To Keep People In Neighborhoods

    Iran police beat mourners: Iranian riot police have used sticks and
    . . batons in.

    elderly standing beside young people at cemetery, defying police
    . . call to disperse

    (4:46): People are singing yare dabestani(a revolutionary anthem)
    . . in beheshte zahra

    (4:47): About 3000 mourners around Neda's grave site

    (4:48): Police charge people at grave site. Clashes taking place

    (4:49): Police and security forces have closed lot n. 257 in Behesht
    . . Zahra cemetery and do not allow people to enter.

    (4:50): Forces are stopping people by the gates of behest zahra,
    . . clashes have started at the gates

    The film makers Mahnaz Mohammadi and Jaafar Panahi were among those arrested at the cemetery, according to the women's rights website Women's Field.

    EA Claims of gatherings across Tehran, with largest at Ferdousi Square

    Hundreds of plain cloth militia riding bikes toward Mosalla

    Mosala, fatemi street and the streets next to them are blocked with the riot police

    fatemi SQ closed

    Mourner giving water to police

    Basij Are Charging Protesters Using Long Bladed Meat Cleavers - Stabbing Protesters At Random - not substantiated

    Karoubi arrived at Behershte Zahra, and with crowd pushed through to Neda's grave, where he gave a speech

    "Karoubi is giving a speech in Beheshte Zahra...crowd increasing" according to Greenworld

    Ppl chanting my martyr sister i will take your blood back

    Brave Women forced Basijjis to leave Neda's grave (eye witness)

    riot police using violence on anyone trying to pass Musala

    "Tehran Masalla and Fatemi have been closed off by riot police" -greenworld

    Old man tells police "Go ahead hit me!"

    Tehran: Basij In Alleyways Attacking 3-4-5 People Together
    Don't Know If Dead or Alive

    Riot guards attack Karoubi's car

    Basijis and security officers videotaping mourners and protesters

    Beheshte Zahra is surrounded by people. They are silent and holding up V signs" -greenworld

    People chanting : Irani Mymirad kheffat nmy pazirad

    CNN Sources: more clashes near Neda's grave site. Security forces rush mourners again.

    Thousands are gAthered in front of mosala in Tehran

    (5:21): Tear gas exploded and police attack people with tear gases.Many are hurt and wounded.

    With Karoubis entrance people have forcefully entered area 257 where Neda is buried.

    Iran protests at Seyde Khandan,Hafte Tir, Vanak, Vali Asr Cir.

    Confirmed eye witness report - Karoubi has directed people to travel to Mossala

    Clashes @ Ferdosi Sq.-not Conf, Army Helicopters fly over Central City

    (5:31): People are chanting: koodeta government, resign, resign

    JOOJEreports of HUGE gathering in Maslaee.Not Confirmed

    Live telephone says slaughter house at the grave site Basij w/ daggers. Women charging basij to free the gate

    France24 confirms that mourners pelted stones at guards surrounding Karoubi.

    BBC Persian - Police use tear gas to disperse mourners at Behesht-e-Zahra

    AzitaAThe regime has created heavy traffic on the way to the Behesht-e-Zahra so people can't get through

    People are chanting:"Political prisoners must be released" , "Death to coup d'etat"

    Tear gass and electrical batons are being used on the proteters in Behesht Zahra

    (5:30)...not 2 go 2 Mosallah since the Basij are planning to massacre

    Casn anyone confirm? 'military rule announced in Tehran' people there.

    Arrests And Force Used To Break Up Tehran Rally

    ePersian Radio in California is again carrying live audio via a mobile phone from the cemetery.

    5:40: Vali-asr street from vanak sq to vali-asr is field with people, anti riot and basij forces

    Mourners overwhelm Iran security forces - Los Angeles Times

    100s of Policemen have blocked the street where Neda was shot

    Mousavi's wife warns IRI govt leaders against making the situation even worse in Iran as she visits #Neda's grave site w/ protesters.

    5:44: Large groups of people going in the streets.Women protesters in streets are more than men.

    Thousands of mourners , many women in black, overwhelm Iran security forces to gather by the grave of Neda:

    As Police Break Up Protesters They Also Give Chase Into Alleys - Seems They Go After The Weak

    It's going 2 B a long day 4 the riot police & Basij

    LA TIMES - Mourners overwhelm police (a few hours ago)
    But as the numbers mourners poured out of the nearby subway station and taxis along the highway, security forces retreated. One witness said police released detainees and began cooperating with the mourners, directing them to section 257 of the cemetery, where Agha-Soltan and others were buried. Mourners have been denied a permit to hold a ceremony in the city's Grand Mossala mosque later today, but protesters have said they will try to come together near the site of the mosque anyway, and march along nearby streets if they are prevented from entering the site.

    Twitter continuing:
    This is going to be another bloody and critical day in Iran.

    Live phone line on ePersianradio is cut.

    6:15: Heavy clashes around AbbasAbad ave.

    6:17: People Gathering in Mofatteh and sharyati St.

    Thousands moving to 7-Tir sq, Enghelab sq., Vali-Asr intersection & Vali-asr sq.

    Security forces firing to the air to get the crowd dispersed.

    At Vozara junction, severe clashes going on between people and regim forces.

    Thousands of mourners in Tehran dealing with riot police dispersing them.

    CNN Reporting that State run TV reporting live in Iran. Very unusual

    CNN reporting now: "Security forces r using tear gas and firing shots in the air"

    Hundreds arrested at Neda's grave in Iran, it has been 40 days since her murder

    6:41p CNN said "This thing is continuing right now in #tehran - its not over

    6:23: People are chanting and moving towards Enghelab sq

    Thousands of mourners in Tehran dealing with riot police dispersing them.

    Police severely breaking up gatherings by Ferdowsi Square,

    Militia forces have been placed in Mosala but people are passing them in groups, shops starting to close down.

    Ppl of Iran. The basiji are affraid the police is tired. Come in the streets and support ur brothers and sisters

    security forces retreat as huge numbers of mourners gather at cemeter

    Crowd getting larger arnd Vali Asr. ppl in cars R continuously sounding their horns

    Protests are reported all around Tehran on major squares: Valiasr, Vanak, Ferdowsi

    from vanak square to vali asr square is filled with people chanting death to dictator

    People chanting in all underground train stations

    A crowd is marching towards Melat Park -Greenworld

    "Security forces are being forced to retreat in Vali Asr"

    In Mofateh & Abbasabad ST conflict b/w ppl & police. Many trash cans on fire there

    Metro cars filled with protesters chanting, heading towards Mossala.

    Heavy clashes reported around Takht Tavoos & AbasAbad

    Military forces have created traffic to prevent groups of people from uniting

    Confirmed: Vali Asr from Vali Asr Square to Vanak Square is jampacked and smokefilled

    In Mofateh & Abbasabad ST is conflict between ppl & police. Many of trash are firing there

    Vali-asr st is field(filled?) with fire and fog

    (NOW) People are gatheing in Tehran's Mossala

    1 min ago: Crowds in Vali Asr and surrounding streets keep increasing-greenworld

    police are attacking cars using horns to prevent them from declaring solidarity with demonstrators

    Crowed is moving towards Fatemi, many have been arrested but people are still joining the crowed

    Independent reports of increasing clashes. Fires on many streets.

    7:06: Crowed is moving towards Fatemi, many have been arrested but people are still joining the crowd

    The crowd hast set a police motorcycle on fire in Vozara street

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    I am Neda – Tehran Bureau

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    Memorial Day continued:


    Independent reports of increasing clashes. Fires on many streets.

    Intense conflict between people and police&Basijs in Abbasabad ST With throwing tear gas

    7:20: Hard clashes in Abbas abad ST

    Extremely heavy clashes towards Mosalla.

    Plain clothes are filimg protesters, breaking people's mobile ph

    shooting around Abbasabad has been confirmed!! casualties not known yet

    7 mins ago: Ppl are saying live ammunition is being used. Several dead and wounded --- that's 7.31pm Iran time

    Heavy clashes at Takht Tavos St. police shooting tear gas

    Iran:radio says over 15 thousand ppl were gathered valiasr square

    Heavy Clashes in Behesh Zahara, Vanak, Ferdosi, Mosala, Vali Asr Cr.

    Security forces are attacking people in the most "barbaric" way possible-greenworld

    Live from iran: many many ppl. all cars are in the streets honking, no sign of basij. all riot police and cops

    heavy smoke seen from afar in tehran

    Breaking News: tehran's Mobile phone network distrupted

    7:35: 1000s of ppl are in Vali-e Asr street and Police is beating them up brutally by electric bato&cable

    Guardsattacking protesters and cars honking

    Heavy Clashes Near Neda was shoot dead, Gunshoot is hearing from Amir Abad St.

    Like before, #women are in the front line when they attack

    Live from iran: everyone is being filmed on with expensive Sony Cameras

    Ahwaz now demonstrating at least 30 arrested

    unconfirmed: one perosn has died in Valiasr Street

    Police r trying 2 prevent protesters from reaching the Tehran's mosalla, TRYING!!!!

    Iran radio station is saying nobody stay home, get out into the streets now

    CNN: Trash bins on fire near Interior ministry. Sec forces charging protesters on motorcycles. 1 carrying gun

    RT Iran reports crowd setting fires: trash bins Tehran & police motorcycle Vozara

    Iran radio: tonight is the night of our victory, of our success

    Bistoon Blog:Beheshti avenue is full of people.

    Iran radio telling people to go out on streets. Basij will die tonight.

    Tehran, Iran: many many people coming out of homes, everyone is outside

    The crowds are growing every minute in Vali Asr and the surrounding of Mossala,

    Iran radio playing the sounds from the protest, so many yelling and chanting in Tehran

    Caller on ePersianradio: People are marching towards 7th Tir Square.

    pple gathering in isfahan and not dispersing inspite of terets by sec

    NOT ONLY IN TEHRAN BUT ALSO :protesters in Ahvaz (around KianPars ave) despite heavy smog

    attack pplo frm within the crowd. Ppl say the security forces R in a state of disarray-greenworld

    Gunshoot is hearing from Fatemi Sq, Many protesters clashing with army near Interior Ministry

    Clashes everywhere reported small towns in north iran including Babol,

    Violence escalates in Iran; reports of heavy fighting in Central Tehran.

    Severe clashes between between protesters and security forces reported from the corner of "Peacock 1/2

    unfire & teargas in several parts of Tehran. Some plain-clothed wearing green face masks

    Extremely heavy clashes towards Mosalla.

    From my rooftop near Mosala, I saw thousands chanting against the regime and not fearing security attacks

    Video showing ppl being beaten on Valiasr and gunshots heard

    Not scared Brave pple fighting back in watch

    sports & religious leaders now joining the march towards Masala

    Many ambulaces are gathered around Mossali

    Gunshoots at Amir Abad,at least 10 ppl injured, 2 Police motorcycls on fire

    8:16pm : Black smoke caused by tires set on fire has spread over the sky in Tehran

    Anti-riot police attacking people with their bikes. People have put large garbage containers on fire

    [Earlier] - During Karoubi's speech forces attacked & arrested people & ppl started chanting "Let'm go!"

    Plain cloth forces have white shirts & coloured batons

    Basij using ambulance to transfer basij instead of injured

    A number of emergency buses stationed near Mosalla.

    Clashes continue in Beheshti, Motahari, North Hafez, Vali-asr, Zartosht, Fatemi & surrounding areas.

    Caller from Tehran: A group of few hundred going towards IRIB, more help neede, Plz Join them.

    2 young men were arrested and placed inside a van but a group of demonstrators broke windows & pulled men out of vehicle

    Both sides of Khosravi ave (where #neda was shot) blocked by forces

    ====== 9:00pm Tehran - TWITTER INFO SLOWING DOWN ===============

    according to Nourooz news site, the crowd in Behesht Zahra cemetery today was 40,000

    unconfirmed @shirenar Basij have shot the doors in mosala and protesters are lock inside they need help

    Anti riot police are fighting with those who are trying to film the situation

    its NUTS! never seen it like this before! still going on, 9 pm now, raging!

    9:05: About 500 ppl marching toward IRIB

    Urgent! Need hlp in Mosala. Ppl R being locked in. More R moving towards IRIB, pls help

    Followng block of moble phons&sms interfernce total powr black-out has also occurrd in many areas of Tehrn

    9:12: Basij have shot the doors in mosala and protesters are lock inside they need help

    Clashes all over tehran, Basiji force stretched thin. No backups to help them.their moral is waning.

    UNCONFIRMED: Correspondent reports rumours that at least 1 person shot dead a few minutes ago in Vali-Asr square

    People Chanting in the METRO coming back From Behesht Zahra tehran

    [To be updated progressively]

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