Mental disorders of L. Ron Hubbard

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by ScientoPatholog, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. I have no particular doubt, then that LR Hubbard was mentally ill, as well as the fact that he was a crook. The only question is, what is in LRH was more madness or wickedness? For a start, a look at the symptoms of schizophrenia, in the section «diagnosis », in the column « category of ICD-10» As they say, judge yourself! :)

    As you can see, it is quite possible that Hubbard had schizophrenia, particularly evidenced by his delusions (for example, in a human fingernail, can live the spirit - "body thetan") and as a consequence of his actions are not adequate: "Testing sensitivity of tomato to the pain "

    Also, according to Hubbard's son, dad was a drug addict and his hallucinations, could be the result of the impact of psychoactive substances. [/ url] Indirectly, this assumption proves himself Hubbard, claiming that during anesthesia, the dentist, he came to the great reference. Probably it was the first, unusual, psychedelic experience Hubbard, who later and made him a drug addict. Hubbard's so much impressed by hallucinatory visions, which he later wanted to experience them again and again and again .. How to know if a dentist, limited only local anesthesia, the world would not know Scientology, and was only familiar with the work of mediocre science fiction of L. Ron Hubbard. The original proposition Hubbard, often resemble the interpretivny delirium. Delusion - is a serious disorder of thought, strongly limiting the level of relatedness judgments.

    In addition, it is possible that Hubbard was not lying and he actually wrote his literary works under the influence of an inner voice, "Empress" - hallucinations. Probably, but auditory hallucinations, Hubbard appearing and visual, in the form of diverse entities.Perhaps Hubbard hated psychology is not only and not for the fact that academic science has rejected Dianetics, but rather from a sense of threat and jealousy.Psychology was, as a breeding ground for plagiarism Hubbard (thus devalued his literary talent) and does attempt on "axiom" of his spiritual enlightenment, making of God - the patient! Themselves as works of Hubbard, presented "induced delirium." If the initial course of Hubbard, still contain plagiarism, and some psychotherapeutic techniques (the process of "auditing" as well as "educational technology" arose out of "Psychoanalysis," Freud and geshtalt of therapy. Published in 1947 the book "Ego, Hunger and aggression "by the author. F. Perz, just describe the concept later included in the" Dianetu "1949) that" advanced courses "can already boast of" originality "- delusional:), and thus able to cause serious harm to the psyche.

    In the event that Hubbard was indeed deeply mentally ill, that fact though, as it can appeal to the pity for that person. If Ron had been more or less sane (or at least did not suffer from schizophrenia), apart from contempt, the identity of L. Ron Hubbard did not deserve. Degrade, the masses of people as a result of deception and manipulation of skilled to the level of unquestioning cattle, it is worthy of a true "King of deceit" «No hopeless slavery, slavery than those of slaves, who consider themselves free from the bondage]» Goethe.
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    I have found LRH's literary output to be saturated with signs of amphetamine psychosis - delusions of grandeur - paranoid delusion.

    I believe it also to be possible that LRH was probably a type of psychopath of which little is known about that particular "type."

    Mechanistic metaphor and metonymy prevail in the Dianetics text - "File Clerk" - "Time Track" etc.

    If there is one abiding characteristic about scientology, it is one of being extremely mechanistic and materialistic.

    It is interesting to examine the work of Fritz Kahn - 1888-1968 - in relation to the language used in Dianetics - The Modern Science Of Mental Health.

    Kahn's work even suggests the presence of "body" and "mind" thetans.

    AZBdi.jpg DAFDw.jpg

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  4. Thanks Anonymous!


    Well-observed Auntie Social, thank you! Incidentally, the nature of the damages Hubbard's teeth recalls the so-called "meth mouth"is damaged incisors (as of brokenness in the middle.) That can result from bruxism, is often seen in people taking powerful psycho stimulants.

    opasnost-metamfetamina.jpg 1243320525_rrrryorrrryo-1.jpg

    Images of "methamphetamine mouth"
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  5. RightOn Member

    it's ironic that COS got so many dentists in after looking ar Hubbard's pearly blacks
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  6. Today, looking at photos of L.Ron.Habbard, discovered he had a very unhealthy sign:

    [IMG] [IMG]

    Try to bend your left arm as well, it needs to make a push and will be terribly hurt!(Autoaggression) Hubbard makes himself sick, that would have arisen to suppress emotion to look serious.

    Warning: If you bend your fingers in the manner of Hubbard, do it very carefully, you may damage your knuckles!

    Just imagine, Hubbard causes terrible pain at the level of torture. (Note the fingers of his left hand bend) bend your fingers so big that there is a serious risk of a sprain! (And no less, his face does not express the suffering - probable that because pain dulled by drugs)

    It's amazing how this picture at all in the public domain and not enough is being replicated by the Scientologists. I especially found the online photos, more quality. There is no doubt that the man in the photo on your body make terrible violence!

    This photo was the result of specially designed public photosession. Hubbard face was washed to polish the skin, put the hair and dressed his body in expensive suit, tucked under the collar silk scarf and to heighten the effect, put a stack of neatly arranged entourage books.Hubbard lit around the floodlights, and four-point system of Hollywood lighting, already guaranteed a quality image.

    After all pleased with the end of all preparatory procedures, the photographer started his business. But Scientology staff miscalculated, but there is no fault in this! No one could even suspect that the Great "humanist", "philosopher" and a friend of thetans, asking to leave him alone, enthusiastically inhaling cocaine or swallowed the wheel, sitting in front of a brightly light of dressing room mirror. A minute later, he released "spiritual" and deliriously happy, "Serenity of Being", is the highest point of the Hubbard's tones scale .

    For addicts, taking the dose, the typical way of getting rid of stress, similar to the one that precedes the photo session. However, it can be another reason a paranoid schizophrenic, with impaired emotion, came in a manic state, and this led to frantic measures against euphoria.

    An act of violence, which perpetrate on themselves Hubbard, was a desperate measure to change their mental state. Most likely it's drugs, a person in a manic phase still feel the pain. Hubbard, curved fingers, so hard, that the normal person would already screaming in pain!
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    As far as I can see Hubbard suffered from multiple psychopathic conditions. Most notable is his paranoia seeing SPs everywhere and a grand conspirarcy of psychiatrists bent on destroying him and human civilization.

    Next, he was an inveterate liar, a glib dilettante, and mega-grandiose. These are characteristics of a clinical psychopath of the Bernie Maddoff conman variety and not the serial killer subgroup with people like Jeffrey Daumer. I don't think the evidence supports that he was schizophrenic

    The expert on clinical psychopathy is Robert D. Hare. His book, "Snakes in Suits: When psychopaths go to work" gives a lot of insight useful for understanding psychopathy in the cult.

    He writes that in its intensive forms malignant narcissicm is indistinguishable from psychopathy. To sum up, Hubbard suffered from at least the following:

    Malignant narcissism
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  9. over9000OT Member

    What the fuck are you on about?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    ITT Anon jealous cause Hubbard could troll better than any Anon ever could
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  11. The Heretic Member

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  12. So sorry guys, I wrote in Russian and translated by, and double-checkmyself was too lazy! :(

    mnogoveroyatno - probable
    uchinyaet - make
    zamorochek - muddle
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for the explanation. For awhile there, I thought you were a moonbat!
  14. Yes. There simply has to be a degree of grudging respect for his masterful trolling. Even Miscavige, without the sublety of Hubbard, trolls well.
    Just a shame it has wrecked so many damn lives.
  15. Miranda Member

    Lol. About the fingers, though--some people are more flexible than others and can easily bend their fingers that way without pain.
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  16. Miranda, I do not think so, physiological characteristics of all people in almost identical! I have a medical enducation. :)
  17. You've got a medical something
  18. I have 2 university degrees, the first was incomplete medical
  19. Miranda Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    I've met people who can do that kind of stuff with their hands and fingers.

    It freaks me out that they appear to feel no discomfort.
  21. Miranda DOX are fine but Spath has two degrees so I am only listening to him.

    You would think 1 degree would enable you to spell education but what do I know.
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  22. That photos may caused by "understated threshold of pain" it's pathology and exactly abnormal!
  23. moarxenu Member

    I love this disquisition on Hubbard's teeth. Proof positive that Hubbard and the scilons have violated every single one of the precepts in The Way To Happiness:


    If one brushed one’s teeth after every meal, it has been said that one would not suffer tooth decay. This, or chewing gum after each meal, goes far toward defending others from oral diseases and bad breath. Suggest to others that they preserve their teeth.

  24. Miranda Member

    Did you even read the Mayo Clinic article? This is a connective tissue disorder having to do with collagen synthesis. Joints, skin, blood vessels and other connective tissue may be looser and more fragile.




    This is not painful if your joints are loose--although it can cause damage over time. People with this condition often suffer from dislocations or subluxations, and these things ARE painful.

    Enough, sorry for the derail, but this is a documented medical condition and if you had the credentials you claim, you would know about it.
  25. Since I never met LRH; all I know about him is through his books, and through all the books writen about him. The funny thing is I still can't get into his head or bring him "to life". He ends up coming off like a ghost to me; never fully human or alive. When I was in the cult it was a different story. That's when I was sure I understood what LRH was all about.
  26. For example on Photo by Jeffrey l.Meltona man received a joint dislocation .
    eds1.jpg 230px-Ankledislocation.JPG

    A normal person, performing such stunts would die from a painful shock!
  27. Miranda Member

    That's the point. These people are not "normal." They have a genetic difference that enables them to easily dislocate or subluxate their joints, and that also affects muscles and tendons. Research it yourself if you don't believe me, I'm off to other threads.
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  28. Miranda, a selection of your photos drawn up the skin, is not correct - this is a very different kind of pain! "Joint Dislocation" to normal person leads to" traumatic shock"!
  29. DIAF
  30. Actually, I already wrote about this: "That photos may caused by" understated threshold of pain "it's pathology and exactly abnormal!"

    I want to emphasize that any kind of genetic disease is very rare on an unlikely factor.With the same success, you can argue that the death from meteorite, a common phenomenon!
  31. Anon PTS Member

    I can bend my fingers in a reverse curve, as in the picture of LRH; no pain and I don't think it's that extreme.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    So can I. He's not bending them that far.
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  33. In fairness, I confess that I do not know the statistics of pain, on "back bent joints." For this reason, I think further discussion stupidity.

    This topic was created, to explore and confirm the opinion that Hubbard was a deeply sick mind. . Knowingly sorry that did not prepare the materials in a more academic vein, and thus, has spent a productive time of members from these forum!


    I admit were I was wrong, about our subject matter and repent! The next time I'll be more thorough and serious in my assumptions! I thank to all the opponents, for their valuable opinions! :)

    Well, let's discuss something that is worthy to discussion!
  34. Anonymous Member

    I for one am deeply interested in the pathological personality of LRH and its psychological terrain.

    I thought that perhaps the Fritz Kahn material would spark some interest into the mechanistic and materialistic ideologies in scientology. Oh well. Another time.
  35. RightOn Member

    you got it all wrong
    Hubbard was a mind bender not a finger bender
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  36. Anonymous Member

    ScientoPatholog, thank you, you have given me much food for thought.

    A lot of people have written a lot of words about the glories or iniquities of being subject to lord Hubbard, but none of them mentioned a high level of finger flexibility. It seems to be that if anything (physical characteristics, abilities etc) about Hubbard could have been spun into a story about his marvellous powers, it would have been.

    The picture is, accordingly, very interesting.

    "Meth Mouth" is a very fitting term for Hubbard, both mentally and physically. I will be using the term with much pleasure.
  37. thefatman Member

    Fucking spot on cobber.

    Though it's entirely possible the paranoia he expressed with relation to SPs and psychiatry was a ruse to give Scientology a target, which is a common tactic of cults. Though I don't doubt for a second that towards the end of his life he got wrapped up in his lies and actually believed that psychiatry was evil and out to destroy him. Furthermore, he was most certainly a pathological liar (relating to his grandiose stories of travel as a child and his families "extensive" military history) his delusions of grandeur only added to the sheer ridiculousness of his lies, given that pathological liars are often very skilled at creating believable lies on a prima facie basis, but on deeper analysis (as Russell Miller did in Bare Faced Messiah - which is a brilliant read by the way) they fall apart. Hubbard's simply didn't seem believable even at a glance.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Yes, there are two facets to Paranoia - delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution.

    I've seen the condition functioning in those that are in an amphetamine induced psychosis.

    Narcissism: Check.

    Bi-Polar: Check

    Not sure about Schizophrenia, mainly due to my own ignorance.

    Not sure about sociopathy as it manifests, clinically speaking, in anti-social behaviour.

    There are more than traces of anti-society/social ideas in his spew, but I don't believe that he was clinically anti-social. I could be very mistaken about this.
  39. thefatman Member

    I wouldn't say that Laffy was bipolar though.
  40. Mafiawog Member

    Yeah... I just tried it myself, successfully. Fingers straight, bent at the joint closest to the tips. No big deal. If this was a common thing for him, he would likely be more flexible or otherwise used to it.

    Not to mention inflicting subtle pain to oneself is a common tactic when needing to focus or otherwise quiet a racing mind.

    Side note: The Dr. Kent paper is a good read, but I don't know if Hubbard was only psychopathic, if at all; I think he was more of a sociopath with (as Dr. Kent outlines) malignant narcissism. While sociopathy and narcissism overlap in some ways, they're not the same. However, if combined, you've got a serious monster on your hands. My theory is that DM is essentially Hubbard minus the extra gusto and charisma. Possibly just part of a more information-rich society, making it harder to downplay or ignore controversy, but Hubbard was an experienced bullshittier his whole life, and he was well-versed in various techniques to control his darker nature... DM didn't have the same flair or inherent schmooze-ness, nor is his ego constantly satiated by being revered as LRH was and is (despite DM's attempts to be revered to the same degree).

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