MEPO files: A 'confidential' Home Office paper, Nov 1975

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  1. Horseradish Member

    Here's an Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) note, about a 'confidential' Home Office paper they are to consider at a meeting of chief police officers in 1975.

    The Home Office paper itself, including the Appendix referred to, are posted further down.

    Edit: The Appendix makes very interesting reading. Read that if you read nothing else.

    [Doc source: MEPO 2/10283/2, UK NA]

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  2. Horseradish Member

    First page of the Home Office paper...

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  3. Horseradish Member

    Page 2...

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  4. Horseradish Member

    Page 3...

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  5. Horseradish Member

    Page 4...

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  6. Horseradish Member

    Page 1 of the Appendix...

    Without naming names, this mentions a number of specific incidents of concern.

    Check out paragraphs (a) and (b), which describe incidents at Saint Hill involving both UK nationals and foreigners.

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  7. Horseradish Member

    Page 2 of the Appendix...

    Paragraph (g) refers to a forged (by the Scientologists) subpoena.

    Paragraph (h) refers to a child (of a witness) with problems, being threatened by Scientologists.

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  8. Horseradish Member

    And page 3 of the Appendix.

    Para. (j): 33 writs for libel and slander to that point. The culties only proceeded with one of them, which they lost.

    Very clear that litigation was being used as a weapon, to threaten, rather than as a means of achieving a legal decision.

    The following para is interesting, concerning the sudden 'marriage' of a UK Sea Org member who wanted to return home to visit a critically ill parent.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Many thanks, Horseradish. An extremely interesting and important document!
  10. This is a major find IMO.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Many of the incidents in the appendix are unfamiliar. Bumping with the hope someone will come along who can can flesh out these accounts a bit more.
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  12. Horseradish Member

    The woman found in the Ashdown Forest, and the instant marriage case, were likewise completely new to me.

    You think it can't get any stranger. And then it does :-(
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  13. Horseradish Member

    Does anyone have OCR? It might be handy to have the actual texts concerning these incidents, in addition to the document images.
  14. thewayup Member

    (Imagining some of this stuff as newspaper spreads reporting. Sweeney?)
  15. Horseradish Member

    On the other hand, I could just type them up myself. After all, there's very little else for me to do :cool:
  16. Anonymous Member

    I shall attempt OCR for you on this before the day is over Horseradish. You just keep doing the awesome shit you're doing.
  17. Horseradish Member

    Thank you!

    Next: I have deduced that there will be papers about this, discussing this Home Office paper, from the Central Conference of Chief Constables for that year...

    That's got to be another file, unless they've thrown it away, but where/which file? Hmm, something worth tracking down.
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  18. Horseradish Member

    Okay, I've just discovered Central Conference of Chief Constables does exist in the archives, under the Home Office series. Including a bundle for 1971-78.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    OCR'd PDF version (oops, too large to upload here - had to fileshare it):

    Initial try didn't go so well. But once I whitened & brightened the page images up a bit, it turned out fairly awesome.
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  20. Horseradish Member

    Can now do text copy/paste.
    Thanks. :)

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