MEPO files: Cult PR complains about 'Manson story' and Crowley connection

Discussion in 'UK National Archives' started by Horseradish, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Horseradish Member

    This press release was sent both to Interpol and the Met Police. Received by the Met 24 April 1971.

    It complains about 'false reporting', and is "part of our programme of false report correction". The cult is upset about being connected to Charles Manson and 'Alistair' (Aleister) Crowley.

    [Document source: MEPO 2/10283/3]

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  2. Yoda... Member

    Totally mental, they make themselves sound.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    mmmm.. Black Magic cum..
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    Scientology WAS connected to Charles Manson through Crimonon. While scientology was never connected to Crowley, Hubbard was friends with Crowley for several years.
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Where's that from? Or is it another of Hubbard's claims?
  6. Anonymous Member

    I'm unfamiliar with the documentation on this^. Please elaborate.
  7. BlooAnon Member

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  8. another123 Member

    Piece of Blue Sky / Hubbard speaks of him
  9. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard claimed that Crowley was his "very good friend", but other than the assertion, I've seen no dox proving such.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

  11. BlooAnon Member

    Haven't read that one myself. I can only reference books I've read. :)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Having actually read a good deal of Crowley's writings, he never mentions Hubbard AFAIK except in relation to Parsons and the infamous "WTF?" quote concerning the Babylon working.

    Much of Crowley's correspondance is published, as well as his diaries, in which he talks at length of his various students and their progress. I would think if Hubbard had met Crowley or corresponded for any length of time it would be common knowledge and well documented. As it is, I think any buisness Crowley had with hubbard was thru Parsons, who as head of the Agape Lodge was responsible for Hubbard in the OTO system, and not Crowley, who at this time (mid to late 40's) was pretty much busy dying broke in a bed sitting room in an english boarding house.
  13. Horseradish Member

    They corresponded...? Perhaps one way?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Don't they were ever friends and if I am not mistaken read somewhere in all this press that Crowley didn't like Hubbard.
  15. OTeleventy Member

    "Crowley wrote to his deputy in New York: "Apparently he [Parsons] or Ron or somebody is producing a Moonchild. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts."

    The impression given in all I have read is that Crowley corresponded with Parsons about Hubbard, but never met him and didn't care for him.

    Excerpt in quotes above is from here:
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  16. Anonymous Member

    The thought of LRon sending desparate fan mail to Crowley tickles me. Many stalkers feel that their prey is somehow also their BFF...:D

    I seem to remember reading an excerpt to a letter of AC's that insinuated that AC suspected LRon of being dishonest (crook, con-man something like that). But that was twenty five or so years and I don't know if I could find the source now.
  17. Anonymous Member

    While we're on the subject of old Crowley and there is another thread floating around talking about magical masturbation may I suggest a movie? "Chemical Wedding"


    It isn't perfect, but it is interesting.
  18. Anonymous Member

    From Wikipedia page for John Parsons (

    Crowley, who lived in England at this time and had little say over the matter, disagreed strenuously. Though he had never met him, Crowley had no love for Hubbard and considered him a con artist.

  19. Anonymous Member

    Just heard a paraphrase by J Atack in recent interview while catching up. It's around 11:10 or so. He didn't repeat the quote, but he referred to it and added the adjective of 'Despicable'.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    According to Strange Angels, after the Babylon working, Parsons dumped the Agape Lodge, sold the mansion they were all in, and put his money into enterprises with Hubbard. (i.e. he got screwed.)

    So there are a number of grumpy OTO messages back and forth across the Atlantic about that con-artist Hubbard who had stolen their money-cow.

    (That's probably the speck of truth in Hubbard's claim to have destroyed an occult group. What he really destroyed stole was their money supply!)
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    By now I suppose you all know that years ago, Ray Charles sent letters to local celebrity home tour operators asking them to stop referring to his lavish home as Charles Mansion.
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