MEPO files: Interpol Unmasked!

Discussion in 'UK National Archives' started by Horseradish, Feb 9, 2013.

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    13 pages of rant against Interpol written by the culties, methinks.

    They twice tried to get it published in a Scottish Jewish publication, by different routes, and failed. They then achieved publication in The American Zionist. A short piece was also run in the Scottish Daily News.

    First, here's a 3-page letter from Strathclyde Police (Scotland) to the Met Police and Interpol (and the Director General of ???), explaining the story...

    Page 1...

    [Source: MEPO2/10283/2]

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  2. Horseradish Member

    Page 2...

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  3. Horseradish Member

    Between numbered pages 2 and 3 of this letter is a National Archives exemption sheet, regarding 1 page.

    Then page 3...

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  4. Horseradish Member

    Then the first version of 'Interpol Unmasked' itself.
    Pages 1-3...

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    Pages 4-6...

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  6. Horseradish Member

    Pages 7-9...

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  7. Horseradish Member

    Pages 10-13.

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  8. investigator Member

    Unfortunately I cannot download it. can you upload a zip?

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