MEPO: Interesting use of newspaper cuttings

Discussion in 'UK National Archives' started by Horseradish, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Horseradish Member

    Here's a cutting sent in to the police by a concerned member of the public.

    He's annotated the cutting along the top of the page... and then he's annotated the photo of Elron too.

    Love the address on the envelope: Chief Superintendent, Scotland Yard, London

    (Document source: MEPO 2/10283/3

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  2. Horseradish Member

    And here's a close-up of the annotation: "Look at this face [underscored]. What does it tell you sir"

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  3. Horseradish Member

    Here's another cutting that's been annotated. I haven't yet found anything that suggests it was sent in by a member of the public, and the two annotations are in different hands/pens, which makes me think these could be annotations by the Met themselves. The annotations identify faces in the crowd behind Elron that are connect to Saint Hill [photo taken at Heathrow airport?].

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  4. Horseradish Member

    And here's a close-up of the photo and annotations.

    The upper annotation seems to say "Examiner St Hill 75/58"
    The lower annotation seems to say "Reception at St Hill Manor 75/68 [indecipherable-signature?]"

    This cutting [in the text] surfaces the issue of Scientology vs. The Process.

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