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Discussion in 'UK National Archives' started by Horseradish, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Horseradish Member

    In this 1980 Met police document, there's a passing reference to the activities uncovered by the FBI in the US.

    [Source: MEPO 2/10283/2]

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  2. grebe Member

    So the Scientologists told Interpol that they couldn't share information about Scientology among member countries, due to religion? What self important wankers. They seem intent on violating the spirit of the law constantly, while using the law to manipulate other people.
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  3. Horseradish Member

    Yes, they were attempting to clamp down on Interpol activity by claiming a religious exemption.

    The thing is, the suits for defamation that they launched did have the effect of halting the free flow of information between national police forces, presumably lest the 'defamation' be repeated.
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  4. Horseradish Member

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