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  1. The following does not seem much of a document. A lawyer representing Scientology-critic Gabriel Cazares writing to another lawyer representing ex-Scientologist Nan McLean. Problem was that Merrel Vannier and his wife were Scientologists and were reporting to the "Guardian's Office" - at the same time they were legally representing Cazares.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Ample precedent for the McPherson case. Kudos.
  3. blownforgood Member

    Pretty sure that Merrill was later declared an SP. I seem to remeber some drama with him in the late 1980's. His daughter (Angie) was my best friend's nanny when we were kids. She went on to join the Sea Org and marry Greg Laclaire, the current VP of CC Int. She was a SNR C/S at CC Int.

    I think she routed out recently though and left Greg behind. I heard a rumor that she screwed up (or was blamed) on a big celeb defecting. I am sure that if she was declared or RPF'd, that might spark a OG GO STFU slapdown, so maybe she just got let go quietly. She also knows ALL the dirty secrets of most of the Scilon celebs, so very delicate subject.

    I think Merrill & Angie both live in La Cresenta currently.

    Until next time...
  4. The role of Vannier is revealed:

    Supreme Court upholds Contempt of Scientologists
    United Press International
    March 8th, 1982

    The Supreme Court Monday rejected appeals by two Church of Scientology members who were found in contempt of court for refusing to testify before a grand jury about allegedly illegal activities of the group.

    Without comment, the justices turned down the cases of Mitchell Hermann and Francine Vannier, who refused to testify before a federal grand jury in Tampa, Fla.

    The grand jury investigated allegations that members and employees of the Church of Scientology conspired to "harass and silence" critics of the organization in central Florida.

    The Scientologists allegedly planned to discredit the congressional campaign of former Clearwater, Fla., Mayor Gabriel Cazares, by staging a fake hit-and-run accident in Washington that would damage his reputation. They also allegedly planned to raise bigamy and bribery charges against him with false records.

    Prosecutors said the group also conspired to discredit the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times by raising false bribery charges against a reporter, and by planning to infiltrate a law firm representing the newspaper in order to steal confidential legal files.

    When Hermann was subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury, he asserted his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. But a federal district judge granted him limited immunity from prosecution and ordered him to testify.

    He still refused and eventually was found in contempt of court. Contempt citations can eventually lead to jail terms during a grand jury's term of investigation.

    Mrs. Vannier also was granted limited immunity from prosecution and was ordered to testify. She refused and was also found in contempt.

    Both Hermann and Mrs. Vannier claimed the FBI had conducted illegal electronic surveillance on them. As a result, they said they could decline to give testimony to the grand jury.

    The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans rejected that notion and upheld their contempt convictions.

    Appealing to the Supreme Court, the two acknowledged that the target of the grand jury probe was attorney Merrell Vannier, Francine's husband.

    The government said Vannier, working as an undercover Scientology operative, represented Cazares in his lawsuit with the Scientologists and breached his attorney-client relationship by disclosing confidential conversations he had with Cazares.

    Prosecutors also charged that Mrs. Vannier infiltrated Cazares' election campaign. Cazares' was a vocal opponent of the Scientologists.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Proof that the US government erred in not shutting down Scxientology right then and there, and setting the stage for the judge-fuck of the McPherson proceeding..
  6. Anonymous Member

    They never cease to amaze me.
  7. Anonymous Member

    The government for its ineptitude/collusion, or the cult for their brazenness?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Yes to both
  9. Anonymous Member

    It really makes me wonder why, especially in the US and UK, Scientology are given so many passes... ?

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