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Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by Anonymous, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message from Larry Anderson

    Hey guise, I just noticed that in the recording made by Larry there are some several instances where Tommy Davis and Jessica say "I don't know about that". I think they might be protecting themselves for possible lolsuits, and I think they might have agreed to say that phrase beforehand. So, going through the transcripts and searching for any instances in which the phrase "I don't know" comes up might give us a clue on which of the CoS's actions Tommy and Jessica do know are illegal.

    Maybe this can be useful for Larry's lawyer. Thoughs?
  2. grumpus Member

    Re: Message from Larry Anderson

    Yeah, I noticed that transcribing. Tommy and Jessica lose their cool a few times (especially Tommy) but they are always pretty careful about saying actionable things or admitting to actionable knowledge of fraud.

    Notice Tommy's careful phrasing in another answer in that segment about the books.


    When Anderson asks, "Is this book .. finally? per LRH, finally?"

    TD: "Yes, this is per LRH."

    Tommy ignores the "finally" part just as he pretends lack of knowledge about the previous books' being different. If he addresses "finally" it's the same admission.

    There's also the part about Jason Beghe. You hear Larry mention that Tommy has been making "veiled threats" about suing Larry. Jessica runs with it, and continues the veiled threat that they will sue Larry over the money it will take to shoot a new "Orientation" video.

    There are also the veiled threats of disconnection, refusing to refund Larry's money, and the not-so-veiled attempts at intimidating Larry into future silence by means of all the previous veiled threats.

    Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach are slimy, fraudulent crime syndicate [STRIKE]lawyers[/STRIKE] spokesmen/weasels [[edit: oops]]. Neither of them is a genius, and both are limited to their Ronbot scripts, making them even less intelligent for practical purposes, but they're crafty and rehearsed and trained enough not to walk into obvious traps like those laid in this discussion.

    Still, their obvious evasiveness is obvious, and just as revealing as open threats would be.
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Message from Larry Anderson

    Lawyers? O RLY?

    I wish that were true. The lulz of Tommy in court would be epic!

    "Objection your honor! If this line of questioning about Xenu continues, I'll walk out of this court room!"
  4. grumpus Member

    Re: Message from Larry Anderson

    Thanks for catching that. Oops. I fix.


  5. crockhat Member

    Re: Message from Larry Anderson

    /r/ Disorientation film made with Larry, partial script as follows:

    Larry: You could walk out of this building right now. You could also jump off a bridge...

    (cut to headline about the Scientologist who jumped off a bridge to his death)

    Larry: ... or blow your brains out.

    (cut to headline about Rex Fowler taking a chin bullet)

    Larry: Come to think of it, you could become a scientologist AND do those things. In fact, they probably become more likely.
  6. Shinythings Member

    Re: Message from Larry Anderson


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