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    From January 9th, 2013? Kinda old news, don'tcha think?
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    it still need to be seen by those who have not seen it. to understand that to be one, we must act and think as one. we must educate. before corruption and false information becomes a problem in anonymous itself.
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    You're way too late. The emphasized text in your quoted statement above has already happened, quite a few times, I'll add.
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    sadly. i know this. the world is heading for global collapse. and we know who are to blame. if we can not stand as one then we are all doomed.
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    no it's not. humanity is in the best shape it's ever been in all its history
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    I am stuck by how much the red arrow in that vid looks like a clown nose.
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    plz, ban the red arrow.... :p
  10. Fishey fishey
  11. I am a new member. thanks for running this. It helps define the avenue I have chosen to explore.
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    I believe this video to be fake, either by a newfag, a troll, or a dangerous government entity :

    I would assume the threat downgrade by McAfee would be a good thing. this independent downgrade from a "respected" company makes organizations like the fbi/nsa look like they are wasting government funds when they go after anonymous. Frankly I believe that the reason that everything is quiet is because people know better then to do something now that it is revealed that the nsa is watching.

    then we have these posts here from "new members" and the anonymous mask, that appear to add legitimacy to the video. this is the wrong site to post such a video. As most of the people here are chanology, or anti rape, and everything else is just the hobby of a few others. If the "hacker" stuff is happening, then it is being organized elsewhere, and if you do not know were that else where is, then you would not be of any help, and its better to stay out of it.

    the best, smartest thing a newfag should do is lurk, oldfags and vets should lurkmoar. If you get chased away because people are abrasive, then that's a good thing, because this is activism, and if you are not dedicated, then you will not like it, and probably get into a lot of trouble. Especially here, because the OSA is watching, and they are DANGEROUS.

    Anyway, the moderators need to dome this thread before one of the newfags get into trouble.
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    True, Especially when the videos THEY MADE THEMSELVES of stalking and harassing the rathburns might end up as evidence against them in texas court. Then the lulz just don't stop. Though LULZCOW might not be an appropriate term, we might have to use a new one, like LULZNADO, or LULZNAMAI, or... maybe even...SUPERLULZNOVA.NO NO NO!!! LULZTHETAN!!!!! QUICK SOMEONE COPYRIGHT/TRADEMARK LULZTHETAN, that will really piss off DM, AND MAKE ALL HIS HAIR FALLOUT!!!

    Hell, we might have to go so far as to say that trillions of years ago, or great forefather lord xenu froze massive amounts of retarded, lulzy, alien souls, flew to earth, dropped them into a volcano, and said: enjoy the lulz my children, for you will take great pleasure in the retarded endeavors of these lulzthetans, for all they can do is moonbat crazy, and stupid failboat lulz.

    For the experienced researcher, the osa is like e^lulz, to a newfag, fuck up, and you might become a named fag, and that would just suck e^creepy cult is digging thru my trash and spreading malicious rumors about me.

    Which is why i hate the video. the gist i got from it is:eek:ld anons should help new anons, but that is dangerous. How do you know that the "old anon" is really an anon, or if the "new anon" is as well?

    Anyway, my friggin name is tinfoilhatter, i am a moonbat, and i approve of this thread, DOME IT.
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    look, the people who run this country, they are regular people just like you and I. now we just have to think as to what we can change from what they have said before to the actual truth and in a way that can convince everyone. this may be hard but as all of us speaks as one voice, and do as one, we can do many things, "none of us are stronger than all of us".
  19. tinfoilhatter Member

    I applaud everyone's energy, and willingness to get involved. But lurk moar.

    1: The problems are surprising complex, and require thought and effort to solve.
    2: People here are not slouches, but some are moonbats, and others are OSA trolls
    2.5: this protest sight is mostly anti $camentology, and many people here are not American, so if you want political change, then you are at the wrong site.

    3: Anonymous is not an organization. Its more like a banner. When you feel that something is wrong with the world, you express your ideas on the new members forum, after lurking a bit, and see if others agree with you. One of the benefits to this sight is the anonymous posting option. I have asked plenty of questions, some stupid, others not so stupid, and received legitimate answers. The anonymous reply option is genius, because people are not afraid to ask questions, or to answer said questions.
    3.5: Because of the nature of the OSA and what they have done in the past, we have to be suspicious of new people that just randomly show up, especially on Thursdays. So if you open an account on a Thursday, post something, then get trolled about a bunch of crazy shit like body thetans and entheta, then you probably should have lurked more.
  20. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "site" -- although it is a sight, sometimes....
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    derp, i lurned te englash n dur pubic skuluz, derp.
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    We need a reboot. The laws and lawyers and police state must be completely wiped clean. Delete criminal records and restart society.
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    hey everybody, i probably posted this in the wrong place but it still needs to be said. im sure all of you have seen what is going on in egypt, more people are getting killed in the protest with supporters of the president Mohammed Morsi(either mohammed or mubarak) being taken down, i saw this in the morning of the day this post was made...should we be doing something about egypt and the people there?
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    Anon's, have you somebody that know spanish to talk with me??
  25. Now. that is completely wrong because if we wiped everything clean. there wouldnt be many many bad people to start wars and everything such as that. ETC
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    Formatting, wiping clean would be much better. But yeah. $cientology critic here, suspicious about the video too. FUCK YOU 0$@!! $uck my c0ck!
    That is all.
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    Hola, has encontrado a la persona con quien hablar? Si lo que necesitas son disponibles :)
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    ABout the Video and this discussion (and many other like this one)
    THE thing that I find very funny is that "X" groups of anonymous when you ask them to come and speak here on the WWP, they laugh in your face and tell you that the WWP is not for them. Then find them here to post their videos (the 90% who break the rules of this community) naturally under the "Anonymous" user, the question is: "in this case, the WWP is a great tool for spam?, Or the WWP now is the place for you? "

    My 2cents:
    I have many examples of users and groups who "operate" on other platforms, that if you try to talk about the WWP them they tell you that WWP is ridiculous (I have tried several times)
    I find it a great lack of respect: why come here to spam videos of op AnonOps (for example) when users of AnonOps when talk about WWP have only words of derision?
  29. tinfoilhatter Member

    the mock wwp, until they realize that this is the place most of the newfags show up to. You have to recruit when people grow up and get jobs and stop playing the anon game.

    But wwp is not for hackers. Its for people that want to do legal, legitimate, social change on important issues.
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    Veracity, veracity. Your name reminds me of someone who used to post here named Tildacity.
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    Veracity reminds me of YourGay
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    How to train 1,000 Cambodian to become a hacker in 1 week time?
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    Don't you wish Anonymous would make up his damn mind??!?
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    ^ sexist
  39. SUP - I'm a hacker.

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