Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

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    Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Daniel's story was posted (by him) recently. It's a doozy. (See below)

    Now he's suing the cult:

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    re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    translation of legal doc?
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    Quick translation of the formal complaint

    The first 5 pages are from a criminal complaint which was dated and filed on Oct. 25, 2010 in Mexico City by Daniel Asse Tawil. The other two pages are dated Nov. 19, 2010 and simply assert that the complaint is true. The essence of the complaint is stated in pages 2 to 4. Here is a quick translation:

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    re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Advice? For starters, steer clear of Marty. You were raped by scientology. Marty = scientology. Think back to when you first got suckedf into this mess. The smiling happy faces promising you all those wins. How the hell is Marty's smiling face any different?
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    Re: Quick translation of the formal complaint

    mnql1, you are a gem. Thread title amended.
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    What a terribly sad story. I hope it will inspire others to come forward--and that Mr. Asse is getting along all right and will wind up getting all and more back for his troubles.
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Wow. That's extreme even by Scientology's standards, isn't it?
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Poor guy, he got screwed every which way.

    For those who think Daniel may be exaggerating, nope, this is actually typical and usual cult behavior of the worst but very common kind. The pressure for MONEYMONEYMONEY on staff is almost intolerable, and they will commit crimes so as to not "lose their eternity" (yes, this is the whip they crack over your head).

    I tried, myself, to get justice for huge wrongs done to me from 1991 to 1997, to no avail, even fully applying LRH policy. The cult has a mafia like attitude towards money, raking it in from victims under threat or criminal pressure but as for remedying injustices they have no morals at all.

    Taking them to criminal or civil Court, if you can, is an excellent payback, as well as getting MEDIA to tell the story too. Daniel, get the Mexican TV and print media interested in your case! it reads like a Telenovello!

    Buena suerte y felicidades por decir lo que pasa.
  10. Smurf Member

    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    So, Daniel filed a complaint in a country run by the drug cartels?? Wonder what his chances are of getting any real justice..
  11. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Maybe good. The cult is anti drugs, supposedly. LOL

    That makes them enemies of the cartels, amongst many others.
  12. LocalSP Member

    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Not to mention a country rife with corruption and bribery.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Sound advice.

    Also sorry for your losses.
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    And you know this how?

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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Oh look, prime examples of americanese ignorance, their usual believe that american media = truth and the utter failure of their "education" system.
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    yeah you stupid asses, it's run by the military which is paid for by the cartels

    see how wrong you are and deserving of the apparent scorn in the anon above me's post?


    back on topic, that's a pretty fucked up story :(
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Been there, saw it in action. Local police having to buy their own uniforms and guns and they don't get paid, gee I wonder how they make money to survive?
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    And based on witnessning something during a short visit you can extrapolate how the entire Mexican government works?

    There were US soldiers in Iraq buying their own body armor. According to your logic, that proves conclusively that the US government is controlled by Al Queda.
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    this is an example of Failed logic ^
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Corruption Perceptions Index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    While the US is ranked as the most corrupt of the major English-speaking nations (at #22), Mexico is wayyyyyyyy down the list (at #98). The data may not be perfect, but it is empirical, and not based on any "short visit extrapolation".
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    There is a huge difference between saying corruption is a big problem in Mexico and saying it is universal and even a bigger difference saying the government is controlled by the drug cartels.

    There are individuals in government who have been corrupted by the drug cartels in Mexico. There are individuals with positions of authority who are corrupted by the drug trade in the United States. Are there more officials corrupted by drugs in Mexico than in the United States? Absolutely. There are also corrupt officials there that are corrupt for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with drugs. I personally know of the mayor of small town who diverted the town's ENTIRE water supply to irrigate his farm.

    But it is also the case there are many, many courageous public officials who risk their lives daily trying to do the right thing. Many die in that struggle. Their courage deserves to be recognized.

    A great thing about Mexico is that it produces fewer drug users per capita and in my opinion fewer assholes per capita than the United States does.

    For whatever motive, a lot of Americans choose to be willfully ignorant of the struggles that are really going on there, picking and choosing news events that support their preconceived notions instead of making the effort to understand the big picture. I suspect you are one of them. So in spite of your statistics, I remain convinced that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.
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    Re: Mexico CoS - Daniel Asse files criminal complaint

    Meanwhile, back in the Asses situation... I'll add my agreement that he should steer clear of Mahty and any others still pushing Hubbard's dreck-tech.

    Daniel: GET OUT AND STAY OUT. Become your own person again, not anything that fat, greasy con man or any of his replacement con men want you to be.
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    Update: Daniel says:


    There must be a paper shortage in Mexico.
  24. xenubarb Member

    Yeah...ignorance. Do go on...
  25. mnql1 Member

    Because WWP imposes a 10,000-character limit per single post, this post is divided into 2 parts.

    This is a translation from Spanish of an expanded criminal complaint filed by Daniel Asse Tawil on Jan. 21, 2011 in Mexico City. Daniel Asse Tawil's initial criminal complaint was filed on Oct. 25, 2010 and was translated here:

    A passage of legal language identifying the complainant and certifying that he is telling the truth has been omitted at the beginning.

    For readability, this translation has been divided into sentences and paragraphs and is typed in mixed case. The Spanish text has the form of a single paragraph spanning five single-spaced pages, all in upper case. A scan of each page of the source document is available at the links below:

    Page 1:
    Page 2:
    Page 3:
    Page 4:
    Page 5:

    Statement by Complainant DANIEL ASSE TAWIL

    January 21, 2011, 3:00 P.M.

    I appear voluntarily to inquire about the status of the investigation, to provide additional information that may assist the investigation, as well as to answer any questions that this authority may have. I also wish to clarify some of the points in the initial statement that I submitted in writing and in which I stated that, on the date of the events, at approximately 6 P.M. on May 10, 2009, I was at the Mexico City airport, returning from Florida, U.S.A., where I took a course in Scientology, which is recognized as a church in other parts of the world, but in Mexico is only an apparently not-for-profit civil association.

    I was surprised to be met by my now ex-wife, SUHAD LATIFE ORO CHEHIN and MR. ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA. The latter said that I was "coming at a bad time" from Florida and he wouldn't even permit me to greet my then wife with a kiss. When I told them that I felt very tired from the trip and that I would rather go home with my wife, ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA told me in a commanding tone that I had to accompany them to the offices where he worked as Senior Case Supervisor of the "IFAD" organization, which is an organization or church of personal development and which I now know is actually a sect or a dangerous cult that breaks apart families and wipes out people's entire savings through fraud, pressure tactics and threats of all kinds, and corrupt actions. It is even known that abuses have been perpetrated against minors, as can be corroborated on the internet by the existence of international publications about these and other cases concerning Scientology or Dianetics.

    I wish to explain that, because at that time I was still a member of this organization, which imposes rules or norms, so to speak, that require obedience to a person of a certain rank, this is why I decided to accompany my wife and this individual. However, it was also without a doubt because of the threats of receiving "one of the maximum penalties" that this organization practices, namely expulsion from the Church with total repudiation by its members and being declared a "suppressive" person, that is to say, a person who is damaging and destructive to its purposes. This is what made decide to accompany them.

    We rode in my own SUV, a red 2009 Dodge Journey. I don't recall the licence plate number. It was in this vehicle that my wife went to the airport, as I had left the SUV at home during my trip so that my wife could use it. I drove while ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA sat in the front passenger seat and my wife sat in the rear. During the drive, I asked them for what reason they were acting in such a way and ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA would only say that he would tell me what this was all about when we arrived at the office.

    When we arrived at 76 Río Lerma Street in the Cuauhtémoc burrough, it must have been about 6:30 P.M. I wish to add that I already knew this location because I had been there to pay for "therapy services" for my wife. The three of us left the vehicle and they led me into a building with a coffee-colored metallic door.

    Inside was MR. JOSÉ LUIS DURÁN, who, in the Dianetics organization, is Executive Director. I was immediately taken into a room that I had entered on only one occasion prior to these events. The room had a wooden door and the interior contained a table-type desk. In a corner was a person whose name I later learned is OLIVER GONZÁLEZ "N". He had a threatening attitude and seemed to be watching me. They indicated I should sit on a chair in front of the desk. On the other side of the desk, my wife, SUHAD LATIFE ORO CHEHIN, sat on one chair and ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA sat on another chair.

    The room was completely closed and had no windows. The walls seemed to be covered with dark-colored fabric materials and padding. I recall that the room was at one time supposed to be converted into a sound-proof projection room because of the organization or church's activities, but it was afterward used as the office of MR. JOSÉ LUIS DURÁN and MR. ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA. I remember that there was a lamp on the ceiling that gave off a very intense and discomforting light. All of this threw me into confusion for a while.

    My wife then told me she wanted a divorce, which surprised me completely. At this point, I understood that the suspicions I had about ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA might be true, to the effect that he was going out with my wife or having some type of relationship with her. When I asked my wife what was the motive for her decision, ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA immediately silenced me, striking the desk to scare me. He yelled at me not to dare get up from the chair and, whenever I tried to do so, just by reflex, MR. OLIVER GONZÁLEZ "N" would seize me by the back of the upper arms to seat me by force. ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA also did this, and he constantly intimidated me and threatened me with harm to my person.

    All of them, including my wife, were telling me that I had to sign a document or agreement in which I accept that my wife is to receive ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS in a so-called divorce agreement. After holding me incommunicado for nearly ten hours, it was ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA who handwrote the document or agreement that I have already shown to authorities and which I had to sign.

    I recall that I walked out of that place by myself. ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA told me that I could leave, because he had things to do. I climbed into my SUV at about 4 A.M. on May 11, 2009. While I was driving home, some patrol officers noticed that I was disoriented. I told them I had forgotten my house keys and I asked how to return to Río Lerma Street. They led me up to the location where I had been held.

    I knocked at the door and JOSÉ LUIS DURÁN opened the door a little and told me I wasn't supposed to be there. When I told him that I didn't have my house keys and that my wife probably had them, he told me I couldn't go in and he called ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA, who told me that the keys were on my car key ring. When I told him I didn't know how to return home, he told JOSÉ LUIS to check if he could find me a nearby hotel, but it was better for me to leave. ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA also said to me that he would help me get my wife and my money back, but that I had to do everything he would tell me.

    I wish to state in addition that I went back the next day with ELISA CASTILLO. She told me she would see what she could do to help me, but that she wasn't promising anything. She is the Ethics Officher for Mexico and Latin America in this organization. She also told me that I had to divorce my wife as quickly as possible.

    I also remember that, on the same morning, ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA told me to lend him THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS for a special donation; that he would give me back THREE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND PESOS in a week; that this was part of my amends for getting back my wife; that I had to do everything he would tell me; that it would be good to give him the X-Trail SUV that looked like a 2008 model, which I had already sold and which belonged to my business; that, if I gave it to him with a bow on the steering wheel, he would tell me how to get back my wife, but that he could not tell me where my wife was currently living. I decided not to do it.

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  26. mnql1 Member

    Part 2

    Statement by Complainant DANIEL ASSE TAWIL

    January 21, 2011, 3:00 P.M.

    On the night of May 14, 2009, MR. ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA again obliged me to go to 76 Río Lerma Street, because this was necessary to be able to get back my wife and not be declared suppressive. Once again, I was confined for four hours in that room with them yelling at me and demanding that I tell them my crimes. Then MR. CARLOS DE LLANO arrived. Acting in collusion with ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA and FABIÁN MORA (nationality: Costa Rican), he began to yell at me because I was refusing to give them the money. They informed me that I am responsible for having caused the collapse of IFAD's statistics, that I had to leave the premises, and that I was not going to take up any more of their time with the matter of my wife and the money. FABIÁN MORA said he didn't care if I ended up in the street as a derelict, smeared with my own feces, and that if I said anything to anyone about what happened concerning my wife and the money, they would issue a non-enturbulation order and then declare me suppressive and apply to me the maximum penalty that can be given to a Scientologist. He told me to go straight home and that, if I again step into any organization in Mexico, they would not hesitate to carry out these threats.

    That same night, as I was leaving, ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA called out to me to frighten me a bit more, saying, "Big trouble for you if anyone finds out about this problem, because I'm going to declare you suppressive." I felt panic and I told him he could come get the money he was demanding in exchange for getting back my wife and the money. ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA came to my house early in the morning to demand checks. I gave him one and he demanded another one for a larger contribution, but I refused and he replied that he couldn't do anything for me and that I had already lost my wife and my money. I demanded that he hand me back the check. He gave it to me, I tore it up, and he left, threatening me.

    The following day, ELISA CASTILLO spoke to me by telephone, threatening me and ordering me to return to 31 Puebla Street to speak with Derek Faust (who is Commanding Officer for Latin America), because if I didn't, they would apply the maximum penalty in Scientology to me. So out of fear of retaliation, I went to see Derek Faust, who told me that if I continued behaving this way - he said it in English: "YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOURSELF A BULLET IF YOU DON'T BEHAVE." At the same time he said this, he pulled out a badge from his shirt to flash it in front of my face with an air of power and let me know that I was speaking with the Commanding Officer or most important person over there. He also asked me what I preferred, my wife or my money, meaning that I had to say one of the two. I asked him why I had to make such a choice and he told me there were few persons in this organization whose permission he had to ask for. He said that I had to go immediately to study the ethics course and that he would see what he could do for me. So I had to go to Chapultepec to take this course. He also asked me to pardon ELISA CASTILLO's attitude.

    The following day, I was surprised to receive another call from ZOZER demanding with threats that I again return to Río Lerma Street. I decided to go, only to be confined once again and face more pressure. He threatened me, saying that if I don't give the money, he would personally see to it that I would not be welcome in any Scientology organization in the world. When I wanted to leave that place, ZOZER prevented me, obliging me to return to the organization, and he detained me two hours with more yelling and threats. When I told him I wanted to rest, he told me I could only go to my home and that, if I were to go to the INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE DIANÉTICA (ITD), he would see to it that I get a suppressive person declare.

    I went home to rest, but in the evening, I decided to approach the ITD to clear up the matter. There, I spoke with MR. ALEJANDRO YEFFAL, who prepared a written report about what was happening to me. However, MARCO TORRES had already been informed about this and he appeared at the ITD to stop me and oblige me to return to Río Lerma Street with ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA. ZOZER scolded me for having gone to the ITD and he obliged me to go to 31 Puebla Street, where I had to listen to MR. CARLOS DE LLANO speak to me about influenza in Mexico, indoctrinating me and saying that influenza was the fault of the psychiatrists and the laboratories of Mexico and that, if I did not give the money and return to Florida to finish my studies, I would be an irresponsible Scientologist, because I wasn't helping the planet. ELISA CASTILLO demanded my credit card, because it was my duty to donate books, and she charged an amount to my credit card, telling me that this would help a lot, in my situation, to become able to get back my wife and do justice with my money. This was done with the participation of ELISA CASTILLO in collusion with ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA and MR. CARLOS DE LLANO.

    The next day, MR. ALEJANDRO JANZEN (nationality: foreign) came to my home and he informed me discreetly that my wife did indeed join ZOZER LEONARDO and that the money they withdrew from my accounts and from my house ended up as a donation to the coffers of the Church of Scientology for the construction and renovation of the new building located at Juárez Avenue and Balderas, in front of the Alameda Central park, and that, if I wanted justice, I had to take an airplane to Florida that same evening to file a report in Florida. I was unable to obtain any justice and, on the contrary, a non-enturbulation order was issued against me and I was obliged to return to Mexico now to meet with MARIANO PEDERSOLI.

    This individual threatened me by saying that my wife had the permission of the Church to sue me and that she had been instructed to file a complaint to CONDUSEF [National Commission for the Protection of Users of Financial Services] trying to accuse me and the president of the credit union called FICEIN of theft and dispossession. I was obliged to sign a copy of this document during the deprivation of my liberty that I reported in my initial statement. This document was filed by my now ex-wife. MARIANO PEDERSOLI told me that I had better leave the money with the Church and not go looking for it any more, because my wife would sue me and take more money from me, and that I had better find a good and expensive lawyer, because I would be pitting the Church of Scientology against myself. He too confined me in another organization to coerce me and get me to accept a quick divorce. He bullied me repeatedly about this. He later told me that, if I want justice, I had to call NANCY ZAMBRANO (nationality: Venezuelan), who is the Director of Inspections and Reports in Latin America. She had me come in yet again and told me not to ask for the money back, otherwise I would be expelled from the organization.

    I was referred to lawyer FRANCISCA SAUCEDO, who pressed me to notarize the document or agreement that ZOZER LEONARDO JIMÉNEZ SANTANA had made me sign in the early hours of May 11, 2009. She too, by extortion, now publicly and before a notary, forced me to sign a document under threats of not being able to talk about everything that happened with my wife and with the Church and that, if I ever did, I would be subject to fines of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS for every person that finds out about my life and my situation with the Church and my wife.

    During my quest for justice, I was also approached by MARCO MACIAS. He told me with a series of profanities that, if I was going after money, I could go fuck my mother.

    I wish to mention that the persons I have been referring to are of foreign nationality. It appears that they do not have legal work permits in this country and that there may be irregularities concerning their stay in this country.

    All of these things that have happened to me were done in collusion and through manipulation by executives of the Church of Scientology in Mexico for profit and to extract money unlawfully for their own purposes.

    I wish to include the following documents as exhibits:
    - a boarding pass for departure to Florida dated February 14, 2009;
    - another boarding pass for my arrival in Mexico City dated May 10, 2009;
    - an I-94 immigration form that shows my entry into the United States and my obligation to return to Mexico no later than on May 13, 2009;
    - Maxcom call records showing 36 inbound and outbound telephone calls made on different days during my absence involving the cell phone and home phone of ZOZER LEONARDO;
    - a signed statement or original document by MR. CESAR VELAZCO that talks about the illicit acts of sexual abuse that the Dianetics organization committed against his daughter;
    - the original marriage certificate that shows I was married under separation of property;
    - three simple copies of reports in English signed by ZOZER LEONARDO that show his involvement in the extortions;
    - a copy of a list of persons who, apparently illegally, work for Scientology at 31 Puebla Street;
    - two sheets with adresses of YouTube videos of international reports exposing Scientology's abuses worldwide.

    I fear for my life and I hold them responsible for anything that might happen to me.

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  27. Anonymous Member

    so far two complaints submitted to the police
    is there any sign of of interest?
    or action?
  28. AnonLover Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Here is a photo of Scientologist Zózer Jiménez, who, according to Daniel Asse Tawil, extorted money from Daniel Asse and forced him to agree to divorce his wife.


    This snapshot is taken from a YouTube video about a new &quot;medical spa&quot; and &quot;life betterment center&quot; at the Posada Tlaltenango Hotel in Cuernavaca, Mexico that offers Scientology seminars and purification. The website for the Posada Tlaltenango Hotel and Spa does not mention Scientology.

    Inaguracion Centro de Mejoramiento de la vida by Scientology
    en Hotel Spa Posada Tlaltenango

    Zózer Leonardo Jiménez Santana's Scientology service completions are listed under the names Zózer Jiménez, Zózer Jiménez Santana, and Zózer Jiménez S.
  30. The Wrong Guy Member


    6 hours ago near Mexico City, Distrito Federal

    I come to you because of a letter that I'm getting today, from the Church of Scientology/OSA.

    I think it is their attempt at revenge for my suing Scientology, last year.

    I sued them for extortion and kidnapping, as they put me in a room for 12 hours until I signed a paper saying I agreed to divorce, money, settlement, etc. Now, a year later, I get this saying they are suing me for extortion.

    The person charging me is the president of the Church of Scientology and has an important place, in Mexico.

    If you search the Internet for Alma Rosa Lugo Anzaldo you will see that this is someone is very involved there. I do not know her personally, nor have I ever met her. The charges claimed, fyi, are totally false.

    I ask in the most respectful manner for your help in exposing this false accusation.

    This just came to my house today, yet it says I was supposed to be in court Oct 11th.

    Today is the first time I've heard of this, Oct. 17th.

    In Mexico just stating this false statement is considered perjury.

    I would greatly appreciate your help. Hopefully with your help we can expose this on the Net.

    I am also totally willing to do any interviews to expose this abusive Cult and their harassment of myself and others.

    If you can help in any way with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    If you can, please either call me or I can call you.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    Daniel Asse
    Nextel 91183527
    Iusacell. 5519564185
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  31. Anonymous Member

    The goal of this lawsuit is not to win, but to harass.
  32. Random guy Member

    He needs to lawyer up I'm afraid.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Or use the traditional Mexican method of revenge via cartel.

    I'm sure there are some big families that would not be happy knowing about Narconon and cult anti-drug operations.
  34. 112 Escritores defraudados. Esta edtiorial nada tiene que ver con la Editorial Porrua original. No cumplen los contratos. NO SE DEJEN ENGAÑAR, NO PUBLIQUEN CON ELLOS.

    Zozer es peligroso, ex miembro de cienciología, secuestrador, mentiroso y prepotente. Elige a sus víctimas. Amenaza de muerte a los escritores que exigen el cumplimiento de contrato.

    Secuestro &
  35. AnonLover Member

    I have asked Daniel Asse on FB for an update on how his court cases played out.

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