MH files: Letters from a cult insider to the UK government

Discussion in 'UK National Archives' started by Horseradish, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Horseradish Member

    Mr I E J Batchelor sent these two letters to the Minister of Health in June 1968.

    The contents of [at least one of] these letters (and the author) are already on the interwebs, but not the scans, methinks.

    Letter 1, page 1...

    [Document source: MH 164/11]

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  2. Horseradish Member

    The pencil annotation at top right says:

    "I think this man used to be a constituent of mine given to writing pro-Scientology letters. KR" [Kenneth Robinson MP, the minister]
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  3. Horseradish Member

    Page 2 of the first letter...

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  4. Horseradish Member

    The words he uses are "extremely intimidating".
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  5. Horseradish Member

    The annotations on page 2 are not so easy to read.

    I can see the words [top right]

    "told by Susan Mason"
    "[indecipherable] for trivial reason e.g. [indecipherable]"
    "which I saw displayed on the ship"

    [top left]
    "Polish [indecipherable]"
    "a young lad"
  6. Horseradish Member

    Letter 2 is handwritten.

    Here's page 1...

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  7. Horseradish Member

    Page 2...

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  8. Horseradish Member

    Page 3...

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  9. Horseradish Member

    ...and page 4.

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  10. fishypants Moderator

    The part about imprisonment for 3 days without food or water is particularly interesting.

    Kenneth Robinson rings a bell. Spoke in Parliament about/against Scientology? Or put his name to a report?
  11. fishypants Moderator

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  12. Horseradish Member

    An MP, and the minister, so things got sent to him, he published reports etc.
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  13. wolfbane Member


    Love note for mods: can we soon haz a Horseradish dox appreciation subforum, like we do for Martin Ottman dox, so we can keep all the delicious "UK National Archives" dox in one place?
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  14. fishypants Moderator

    Got it. I think it was the libel suit from Scientology against him (mentioned in the other dox you just posted) that was ringing a bell.
  15. Horseradish Member

    Yes, that's him. I have some documents somewhere... :cool:
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  16. Horseradish Member

    I lurrrrve the National Archives. It's like being allowed to go through someone else's drawers, but much more interesting.
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  17. Horseradish Member

    It would probably make sense to have a separate sub-forum, entitled UK National Archives.

    There are quite a few relevant series, not just MEPO and MH. It's a question of getting over there to spend some time taking pix. I've got around 650+ dox now, but expect another thousand or so.
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  18. fishypants Moderator

    I agree. It would be useful to have the National Archives stuff in one place.

  19. Horseradish Member

    Ah, I now have another day this week when I will be over there!
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  20. Pique Member

    Here have some cake while I figure out how to do this subforum thing, there appears to be consensus.

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  21. Horseradish Member

    Documents ordered!
    Including some Home Office ones [HO series]
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  22. hushpuppy Member

    Mods approve, but can't do this :(

    Request has been made to sue - he's not on a lot these days though, so you may need to be patient :eek:
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  23. wolfbane Member

    NP, Sue is always worth waiting for. And thanks!
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  24. Pique Member

    Done. If I missed any threads pls report them.
  25. Horseradish Member

    Thank you!

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