Michael Baybak - how much trouble is he really in?

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    From a thread over on ESMB, it appears that Michael Baybak (MB) is not only in trouble with his wife Elizabeth (who has separated from him), but his name has apparently been removed from the IAS magazine.

    That may not seem like a big deal, but it is. From at least one person - who has experienced a similar "name removal" from the IAS magazine - the best guess is that this may be a precursor to an SP declare.

    One has to to why the cult would be so mad at him.

    Mmmm.....Michael is in the business of wonders if some recent advice to the "estate of L. Ron Hubbard" may have gone sour. Very sour. can only speculate about such matters, but you might want to take a look at the article below, especially the last sentence.

    This article below is an oldy but goody. It was published in Time magazine in 2001, Given the recent scuttlebut on Baybak - one of the cult's largest donors - it provides an interresting insight into how he made his money.

    Apparently MB was so mad over the article that he unleashed his legal hounds on Time to retract it. But by 2001, Time had grown another, larger, pair.......and stood their ground. Time settled by printing a subsequent clarification stating that they were not accusing Baybak of illegal activity or of being a “Scientology front.”

    To read the entire article, go to:,9171,156965,00.html


    Sunday, Jun. 24, 2001

    Mining Money in Vancouver

    By Richard Behar

    One source of funds for the Los Angeles-based church is the notorious, self- regulated stock exchange in Vancouver, British Columbia, often called the scam capital of the world. The exchange's 2,300 penny-stock listings account for $4 billion in annual trading. Local journalists and insiders claim the vast majority range from total washouts to outright frauds.

    Two Scientologists who operate there are Kenneth Gerbino and Michael Baybak, 20-year church veterans from Beverly Hills who are major donors to the cult. Gerbino, 45, is a money manager, marketmaker and publisher of a national financial newsletter. He has boasted in Scientology journals that he owes all his stock-picking success to L. Ron Hubbard. That's not saying much: Gerbino's newsletter picks since 1985 have cumulatively returned 24%, while the Dow Jones industrial average has more than doubled. Nevertheless Gerbino's short- term gains can be stupendous. A survey last October found Gerbino to be the only manager who made money in the third quarter of 1990, thanks to gold and other resource stocks. For the first quarter of 1991, Gerbino was dead last.........

    Neither man agreed to be interviewed for this story, yet both threatened legal action through attorneys. "What these guys do is take over companies, hype the stock, sell their shares, and then there's nothing left," says John Campbell, a former securities lawyer who was a director of mining company Athena Gold until Baybak and Gerbino took it over. .........

    The pattern has become familiar. The pair promoted a mining venture called Skylark Resources, whose stock traded at nearly $4 a share in 1987. The outfit soon crashed, and the stock is around 2 cents. NETI Technologies, a software $ company, was trumpeted in the press as "the next Xerox" and in 1984 rose to a market value of $120 million with Baybak's help. The company, which later collapsed, was delisted ..................

    Baybak appeared in 1989 at the helm of Wall Street Ventures, a start-up that announced it owned 35 tons of rare Middle Eastern postage stamps -- worth $100 million -- and was buying the world's largest collection of southern Arabian stamps (worth $350 million). Steven C. Rockefeller Jr. of the oil family and former hockey star Denis Potvin joined the company in top posts, but both say they quit when they realized the stamps were virtually worthless. "The stamps were created by sand-dune nations to exploit collectors," says Michael Laurence, editor of Linn's Stamp News, America's largest stamp journal. After the stock topped $6, it began a steady descent, with Baybak unloading his shares along the way. Today it trades at 18 cents.......
    Athena Gold, the current object of Baybak's and Gerbino's attentions, was founded by entrepreneur William Jordan. He turned to an established Vancouver broker in 1987 to help finance the company, a 4,500-acre mining property near Reno. The broker promised to raise more than $3 million and soon brought Baybak and Gerbino into the deal. Jordan never got most of the money, but the cult members ended up with a good deal of cheap stock and options. Next they elected directors who were friendly to them and set in motion a series of complex maneuvers to block Jordan from voting stock he controlled and to run him out of the company. "I've been an honest policeman all my life and I've seen the worst kinds of crimes, and this ranks high," says former Athena shareholder Thomas Clark, a 20-year veteran of Reno's police force who has teamed up with Jordan to try to get the gold mine back. "They stole this man's property." ...............

    With Baybak as chairman, the two Scientologists and their staffs are promoting Athena, not always accurately. A letter to shareholders with the 1990 annual report claims Placer Dome, one of America's largest gold-mining firms, has committed at least $25.5 million to develop the mine. That's news to Placer Dome. "There is no pre-commitment," says Placer executive Cole McFarland...............

    Baybak's firm represented Western Resource Technologies, a Houston oil-and- gas company, but got the boot in October. Laughs Steven McGuire, president / of Western Resource: "His is a p.r. firm in need of a p.r. firm." But McGuire cannot laugh too freely. Baybak and other Scientologists, including the estate of L. Ron Hubbard, still control huge blocks of his company's stock.

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    Western Resource Technologies... Western World Insurance... hmmm
  3. DeathHamster Member

    They also unperson people when they're going down on criminal charges.

    Any sign of that?
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    Ken Gerbino is a scamming scientologist going back into the late 1970's. Both he and Baybak come across as a couple of corporate psychopaths.
  5. I love hearing stories about how the mighty have fallen. I worked for this asshole back in the 80s. He encouraged his employees to invest in these shady companies and then we lost our money. He’s always been a crook. Send his ass back to Russia.

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