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    John Doe
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  3. Demented LRH Member

    Finally the spineless Arab League imposed economic sanctions on Syria. Now there is a possibility of fast disintegration of the Syrian Army who are likely to go unpaid for a long time. Already Army deserters are doing everything they can to protect civilians from Army attacks. Silly French Foreign Minister is afraid of civil war in Syria, but this is the only way to liberate the country from the oppressive Socialist regime (the Baath Party)
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  5. iraniam Member

    Where is the humanity???
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  6. Anonymous Member

    You seem to be confusing police with humans.
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  7. JohnDoe Moderator

    When I saw this picture yesterday I was so upset, but so glad they have been caught on camera and published. (The top one was on the front page of one of our newspapers today).
    The whole thing is shocking beyond words.
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  8. Justice is coming. Patience is all that is required.
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  12. This is a joke. As if they need evidence and need to send observers there. And then, its as if those observers will be allowed to go in the middle of the protests or killings.

    We have to all come to the realization that we need to forget the notion that anyone else (any other government) is going to help
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  13. Demented LRH Member

    Latest news: The Arab League observers have arrived to Damascus. Opposition leaders are asking western countries to impose no-flight zone over Syria.
  14. Demented LRH Member

    News Update from BBC: Arab League observers have arrived to the city of Holms where they were greeted with angry protests and gunfire (Homs is the craddle of Syrian revolution)
  15. lulzgasm Member

    "Hey! We're from the A.L.! We're here to--holy shit! Stop shooting! Stop shooting!"

    Man, if folk in my country greeted DHS agents the same way, I'd be one happy camper.
  16. Anonymous Member

    250 children?

    Meh. US/UK troops directly killed around 25,000 children in Iraq, and that number will continue to increase as the victims inhale the fallout of the atomic weapons, namely depleted uranium shells and the carbonized dust caused.

    Let's not allow anyone to act all hurt and outraged by Syrian troops until we know who sold them their guns.
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  17. Demented LRH Member

    It does not matter who sells the guns. I wish the rebels were having more guns, too, to protect the civilian population.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I'll believe a report from the UN right after they admit responsibity for importing cholera into Haiti.
  19. Anonymous Member

    It's not who sold them the guns that matters. It's who pulled the trigger. Not to mention that some of the children were kidnapped and tortured to death, as CNN reports showed.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    LOL. As if that's going to happen. UN peacekeepers are mostly from poor developing countries, because for them it's a great job. So it appears that the Nepalese peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti. I don't really know if the UN is investigating it. The only self-critical UN report to ever be issued was the one against the actions of the Dutch peacekeepers in Srebrenica, Bosnia.
  21. JohnDoe Moderator

    There is a lot happening in the Middle East Region, and much of it ends up with all the Iran news. The administrators of the site are exceptionally busy, and work very hard, and I was just looking for a way to separate the Middle East news from Iran - it should make it easier to find.
    So whilst this is still in the News & Event section of the Iran Forum, it's an attempt to keep it slightly separate so please post any new news from the rest of the region in this thread - at least in the mean time.

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  22. Thank you, JohnDoe! An excellent development in the Iran Forum!
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  23. iraniam Member

    Thank You my friend. Well Done.
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  24. iraniam Member

    Who Is Observing What, and What Will Happen When They Finish?
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  25. telomere Member

    Both matter.
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  26. Demented LRH Member

    The protestors put the body of a slain boy on the hood of the Arab League observers’ car. The boy was killed by the Army personnel shooting at the civilian crowd. This happened in the city of Homs.
    The Syrian Army desertion rate is increasing; the defectors are fighting the regular Army. It appears that the country is on the brink of civil war, which is good from my perspective -- the regime cannot evolve peacefully, someone must overthrow Bashar Assad.
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  27. Demented LRH Member

    Let's keep this thread on track -- Haiti is not a Middle Eastern country.
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  30. FREEDOM_REY Member

    Hi Anonymous :) I came here because i love u guys and i´m one of millions who just want peace on earth.

    I want to tell you something what comes from my heart:

    Yesterday in Turkey, 35 civilians were killed at the age of 15-20. Apparently they were confused with Pkk fighters, but that can not be because Turkey knows there are many civilians on the border to smuggle the goods in order to live it because there's nothing else.

    Turkish fighter jets have bombed more than one hour the teenagers. For years, Kurds are oppressed and treated like animals. Therefore I beg to you all, HELP U.S please !! :( We were very grateful to you ... peace friends... i love you all and sry for my english its not the best :)
  31. BBC News confirms:

  32. Turkish media:

  33. I've already requested mods split that off into its own thread.
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  34. Demented LRH Member

    The Syrian security forces opened fire at a group of demonstrators in a Damascus suburb. 150 were killed in various cities since the arrival of the Arab League observers. The head of the observer team is a Sudanese General accused of being one of the instigators of atrocities in Darfur region.
  35. iraniam Member

    PKK urges Kurds to rise against Turkish attacks
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  36. iraniam Member

    Will 2012 bring the leaders the world needs?
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  37. FREEDOM_REY Member

    Thx for the links my friends :)
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  38. JohnDoe Moderator

    First of all Freedom_Rey - thanks for posting this, even if it is dreadful to read.

    Getting and keep the news in the public arena is the best thing you and we can do, and in many ways that's what this site does and the greater the awareness of the public, the more pressure is on governments to take action.
    So keep on posting here, and in the mean time this is probably the right thread for it.

    Your English is excellant - so please be confident about what you say - your message is coming over loud and clear.
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  39. Demented LRH Member

    BBC World News reported that the smugglers and PKK insurgents use the same routs to cross the Turkey- Iraq border.

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