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    500.000 Palestinian refugees in Syria alone,on top of the 1.2 million displaced people.
    It's a humanitarian nightmare.
    Iran have just called for a cease fire,and called for talks between party's for an election.
    Bit late for that,Iran knows the Assad government is finished.
  2. iraniam Member

    Assad prepares to ‘fight to his last bullet’ in Alawite hometown: report
  3. iraniam Member

    Syrian fighters capture Aleppo infantry base in latest blow to the Assad regime
  4. iraniam Member

    Assad ordered murder of civilians, defected colonel tells Al Arabiya
  5. iraniam Member

    Syrian rebels cut off Bashar al-Assad’s escape route
  6. iraniam Member

    Iran cautiously mulls break up with Syria’s Assad
  7. iraniam Member

    Syrian opposition rejects Iran’s plan as desperate attempt to save Assad
  8. iraniam Member

    Assad regime fired more scud-type missiles in Syria: NATO
  9. iraniam Member

    US and Russia back bid to find end to Syrian war
  10. Anonymous Member

    No way a mass murderer is allowed to stay in power.
  11. iraniam Member

    In Syria's Aleppo, 'We're starving. I can bear it but what about my children?'
  12. iraniam Member

    Christians jingle grieving bells across war-torn Syria
  13. iraniam Member

    Syria: Journalists’ hell on earth for 2012

  14. iraniam Member

    At least 90 killed in air strike on rebel held Syrian town
  15. iraniam Member

    At least 300 killed in regime airstrike near Syrian bakery

  16. iraniam Member

    Bread shortage tells story of Syrian suffering
  17. iraniam Member

    Top Syrian Official Defects

  18. iraniam Member

    Aleppo’s attorney-general defects, denounces Syrian regime’s ‘crimes’
  19. iraniam Member

    Syria envoy Brahimi calls for political change to end conflict
  20. iraniam Member

    Moscow says there is no joint Russia-U.S. plan on Syria
  21. iraniam Member

    Syria’s once frightening caves today’s only safety hide
  22. iraniam Member

    Russia invites Syrian Opposition to talks
  23. iraniam Member

    Iran and the fate of Assad
  24. iraniam Member

    At least 150 charred corpses found in Homs: activists
  25. iraniam Member

    Syrian death toll climbs to nearly 400 as violence flares
  26. iraniam Member

    Syria grimly enters 2013 as tortured corpses found in Damascus
  27. iraniam Member

    Syrian soldiers, general defect to Turkey amid fighting
  28. iraniam Member

    Syria Execution Video Shows Stabbing And Stoning Blamed On Assad Militia (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

  29. iraniam Member

    U.N. raises Syria death toll to 60,000
  30. Jesus..60.000 estimate on killed.
    The last press estimates have been 44.000.
    These figures don't include missing and wounded.
    And the worst is there is no end to the war in sight.
    The U.N envoy has stated that in 2013 the casualty figure could rise to 100.000.
    Worse if disease takes hold due to infrastructure collapse.
    Already seeing medicine in very short supply in areas not affected by fighting.
    The Russians of course are still supporting Assad.
    Russians are manning the more advanced anti aircraft batteries for Assad.
    Sad to say It's stalemate..again.
  31. iraniam Member

    Pakistan's Malala Discharged From British Hospital

  32. iraniam Member

    U.S. patriot missile troops arrive in Turkey as Syria war worsens
  33. iraniam Member

    U.S. ‘alarmed’ by Assad’s firing of Iranian-made precision missiles
  34. iraniam Member

    Syria’s Assad rejects dialogue with ‘puppet’ opposition
  35. I was wondering what Assad was going to say.
    Sad that its nothing new,the same old Assad rhetoric.
  36. iraniam Member

    Assad’s opponents dismiss his ‘peace plan’ with scorn
  37. iraniam Member

    US: Assad's Plan 'Detached from Reality'
  38. iraniam Member

    U.S. considering most-wanted Syria playing cards: report

  39. YouSeeNothing Member

    Continues at link:

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