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    The Syrian defector troops and protestors have declared a Damascus suburb, Dooma, a zone that is free from the Assad regime. It is not clear yet whether this is a tactical retreat on part of the Assad regime troops or sign of the regime’s weakness. A Middle East analyst says that is Dooma stays free for the next couple of weeks then it is a clear sign that the regime is cracking under the pressure.
    The Arab League are transferring the Syrian case to the UN Security Council where Russia is certain to use its veto power to block any anti-Syrian government resolution.
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  2. JohnDoe Moderator

    Well I for one will be counting the days to see if they can hold this:)
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  3. iraniam Member

    Syria Activists: 'Terrifying Massacre' In Homs
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  4. JohnDoe Moderator

    And so reminded of reality and what freedom actually costs:(
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  5. iraniam Member

    Syria is Importing Iranian Sniper to Murder Anti - Government Protesters

    [QUOTE](BusinessInsider) Syria is bringing in snipers from Iran and Lebanon to help crush a resistance movement that continues to threaten President Bashar al-Assad’s violent regime, reports The Times (via The Australian).

    Mahmoud Haj Hamad, a senior Syrian government defector, told the newspaper that state security forces were importing the trained marksmen as “military consultants” to murder anti-government protestors, after the sharp-shooters successfully suppressed uprisings in their own countries.

    Hamad, who fled Syria’s treasury department last month, said the reinforcements were being paid through a slush fund that is being topped up with U.S. dollars flown in from Iran — the same stash that state forces use to pay the violent Shabiha gangs that terrorize Syria’s streets.

    The news comes after two days of fighting in Homs, Syria’s third-largest city, left more than 50 people dead and scores more wounded, according to Associated Press (via CBS). The city reportedly suffered a big jump in sectarian kidnappings and slayings, as Assad loyalists fired at residential buildings with guns and mortars.
    Fighting has become so lethal that the U.N. has stopped updating its death toll from Syria’s crackdown, which was last estimated to have cost more 5400 lives, France 24 reports.

    But Hamad said Syria can’t afford to keep the “thousands” of foreign fighters on its payroll, who each earn at least $100 a day.

    “The Syrian economy has collapsed – it won’t last another month,” he told the Times. “In February, I believe it will fall apart. Iran can’t keep giving them money, because their own finances are not that good.”

    Read more:[/QUOTE]
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  6. Demented LRH Member

    “Arab League observers and government officials said on Thursday that a lengthier tour in Harasta, Irbeen and nearby Douma would have been impossible because antigovernment protests had become routine and gunmen, including many allied with the protesters, were attacking the security services with growing strength. “

    The truncated visit also revealed the limitations of the observer mission, as the conflict shifted from frequently deadly confrontations between protesters and the government to clashes between armed groups and security forces“.

    “Many observers said they felt more vulnerable after a recent report by the head of their mission,
    Lt. Gen. Muhammad Ahmed al-Dabi
    , that was perceived, at least by the Syrian government, as casting equal blame on opposition gunmen for the violence in the country. As a result, the observers seemed especially reliant on the government’s security as they traveled on Thursday. They did not meet with any opposition activists, not even one with whom they had scheduled an appointment so that the activist could give the observers a list of people detained by security forces. “

    “Fierce fighting continued on Thursday in Hama, in central Syria, where activists said the bodies of at least 23 men executed by the security forces had been discovered. The report, by the opposition Local Coordination Committees, could not be confirmed. The group posted a video of the bodies of men it said had been found in the Bab Qibli area, including several victims whose hands or feet were bound and who appeared to have bullet wounds to the head. “

    The New York Times, 19 hours ago.
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    ... / ....
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    ... / ....

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    IRG Killer Who Were Arrested in Syria.

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  16. Anonymous Member

    It's grim.
    I heard the Iranians have pumped 6 billion dollars into the Syrian regime to keep it afloat along with advisers/snipers.
    I don't give the regime to much longer.
    With the Free syrian army in partial control of 2 suburbs of Damascus,and the FSR ranks swelling with defectors.
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  17. JohnDoe Moderator

    And I'm pretty certain that will hasten the collapse of the Iranian regime - if they last that long!
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I hope so.
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  19. lillylou Member

    Hope too.
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  20. iraniam Member

    Syrian opposition council accuses Iran of role in bloody crackdown
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  21. lulzgasm Member

    The fall of the Syrian regime will break the IR's back like a twig getting snapped.
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  22. Demented LRH Member

    “The resentments of many young political activists toward the Muslim Brotherhood spilled into a public spat on Friday as some demonstrators who came out to mark the first anniversary of the country’s revolution turned on the group.

    The protesters, who accuse the popular Islamists of being too accommodating of the military leaders who replaced the ousted president, Hosni Mubarak, surrounded a stage set up by the Brotherhood, jeering and in some cases hurling plastic bottles.

    Although the exchange lasted only about a half-hour and was hardly representative of national opinion, some Brotherhood members appeared shocked by the vehemence of the verbal assaults. At one point, protesters who have grumbled privately for weeks that the Brotherhood had made its peace with the military rulers chanted, “You sold out the revolution.

    Adding to the tumult, opponents of another autocratic leader, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, stormed into that country’s embassy a few blocks from the demonstration and caused some damage. Many Egyptian pro-democracy advocates and Syrians in Cairo believe that Mr. Assad should be overthrown as part of the Arab Spring revolts.

    The hostility toward the Brotherhood appeared to reflect the Islamist group’s transition from outlawed opposition to part of the political establishment, as well as the frustration of pro-democracy advocates who accuse the military of thwarting revolutionary change.

    The dispute broke out around sunset Friday as thousands of people in several anniversary marches converged on the capital’s Tahrir Square, where the Muslim Brotherhood had erected a giant stage.
    The marchers were determined to use the anniversary to call for the military council leading the country to exit power immediately. But the members of the Brotherhood, which dominates the newly elected Parliament, came to the square in an attempt to keep the anniversary demonstration upbeat. The Brotherhood has endorsed the generals’ timetable for a handover of power by the end of June.
    When the marchers reached the square, some vented at the Brotherhood, both for its approval of the military’s timetable and for the acoustic domination of its stage.”
    The New York Times
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  23. Demented LRH Member

    “There are not many world capitals today where President
    Bashar al-Assad
    of Syria can count on unstinting support. But diplomats who passed through Moscow this week hoping to secure Russia’s help in forcing him from power were met with cold refusal.

    The United Nations estimates that more than 5,400 people have been killed in Syria since the uprising began in March, and among the countries that have called for Mr. Assad to step down are the United States, Turkey and Jordan, as well as the members of the European Union and the Arab League. But Russia remains a staunch defender, providing Damascus with a political lifeline as well as arms and ammunition.

    Moscow entrenched itself as Mr. Assad’s political bulwark on Friday, declaring that it would, with China, oppose a Security Council resolution calling on Mr. Assad to step down. A deputy foreign minister, Gennadi Gatilov, told the Interfax news agency that the resolution was “doomed to failure” unless the demand for Mr. Assad’s ouster was dropped and a call for opposition forces to renounce violence was included.
    Another deputy foreign minister, Sergei A. Ryabkov, rejected Western criticism of continuing arm shipments to Mr. Assad’s government, including a freshly inked $550 million contract for fighter planes.
    “I do not understand why we should justify ourselves for that, constantly blush, turn pale, be damp with sweat,” Mr. Ryabkov told the radio station Ekho Moskvy on Thursday. “We are acting within our rights.

    Russia has staked out this position for a variety of reasons that have little to do with the specifics of Syria’s political crisis, chief among them weapons exports, domestic politics and resentment over the Libyan campaign. It reflects a shift that has taken place as Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin prepares to return to the presidency, deeply distrustful of the West’s intentions both in Russia and in the Middle East. He has accused the United States of orchestrating uprisings in both regions.”
    The New York Times
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  24. JohnDoe Moderator

    Thanks for that article about Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood Demented LRH - I hadn't seen it before. Just hoping it will make the MB think carefully how they proceed to keep the people's support.
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  25. Demented LRH Member

    BBC World News interviewed a Middle Eastern expert (his first name is Farouq, he is a professor at Washington University). He said that for a military action against the Assad regime to become a possibility, the Arab League must ask for the intervention. In this case even Russia will be hard pressed to go along because they do not want to diminish their influence on Middle Eastern countries.
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  26. Demented LRH Member

    This information comes from a Syrian website. It explains why Syria and Russia became close allies.

    “Russia’s parliament has ratified an intergovernmental agreement to write off nearly three quarters of Syria’s roughly USD 14.5bn debt from the Soviet era.
    The State Duma, Russia’s lower house, registered its approval for the 2005 deal and a 2007 supplement in a 401 in favour to 40 against vote on June 6. According to the agreement, Russia will write off 73 percent of the debt. The remaining USD 3.6bn will be paid via a one-off USD 1.5bn convertible currency payment, while USD 2.1bn will be paid off in Syrian pounds over a 10-year period. The funds are expected to be used in a number of joint projects between the two countries in the oil, gas, water and industry sectors.
    Syria’s debt to Russia accrued as a result of Soviet arms deliveries to Damascus. Russia has written off large portions of Soviet-era debts owed by several Middle Eastern nations, much of it for military equipment, as it has moved to bolster relations with governments in the region in recent years.”
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  27. Demented LRH Member

    “Yemen crisis: Is al-Qaeda gaining ground?

    In the last few days, militants linked to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) have stormed a town less than 100 miles (160km) south of the capital, Sanaa.
    They kidnapped soldiers, looted weapons, bust open the prison and reportedly raised the black flag of their movement over the citadel in Radaa, in the province of al-Baida.
    It comes on the back of apparent gains in territory made in the last year by AQAP in the southern province of Abyan where parts of the provincial capital, Zinjibar, have been flattened in fighting between Islamist militants and government troops.
    Should the world be worried? After all, Yemen already has so many problems that appear to dwarf this latest development.

    Multiple crises
    There is a paralysis of power at the top with the outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh still negotiating the terms of his departure, his supporters demanding his immunity from prosecution, and his opponents demanding that he and his relatives relinquish power and face trial.
    "There are so many problems," says Walid al-Rawshan from Yemen's embassy in London. "Al-Qaeda is only one of them".
    But counter-terrorism analysts are deeply worried about AQAP's opportunistic success in taking advantage of the ongoing chaos and confusion in Yemen to take ground, seize weapons and win recruits.
    Its master bombmaker, Ibrahim al-Asiri, is still at large.
    One of several Saudi militants to sneak across the border, Asiri is believed to have designed sophisticated bombs concealed in the wearer's underpants, such as the one carried by the Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on a flight bound for Detroit in 2009, and devices disguised in printer ink toner cartridges placed on cargo flights bound for the US. ?
    BBC News.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The fighting has been intense.
    Over 100 civilians killed in the Damascus alone.
  30. lulzgasm Member

    The Syrian rebels need to employ guerrilla tactics...and prepare for a long campaign. They might want to start arming and training any citizens willing to fight with them, too. When outgunned, hit and run.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    It's what they have been doing for a while.
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  32. lillylou Member

    Fake ???
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    .... / ....
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    ... / ....

    .... / .... more
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    While an important part of the world is watching on tv / net 'the uk suprem court live : M. Assenge's proces' ":rolleyes:
    US sends US Army troups to Middle East.:(
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    “A Turkish Foreign Ministry official said that a Russian ship thought to be carrying a cargo of munitions reached Syria on Thursday, in defiance of a European Union embargo, after stopping to refuel in Cyprus and receiving what the Turks said was inadequate scrutiny there.

    “The Cypriot officials not only falsely included Turkey as the vessel’s destination, which seems to be originally Syria, but also failed in examining the vessel thoroughly to see whether it carried arms as speculated,” said the official, who spoke on the condition that he not be named because of his diplomatic status.

    Cypriot officials had categorized the cargo of the ship, the Chariot, as “dangerous” in a written statement on Wednesday, and said the ship had stopped at Limassol, Cyprus, on Tuesday because of poor weather and a need to refuel.

    The statement said that the officials received confirmation from the operator of the vessel, Westberg Limited of St. Petersburg, Russia, that it would not continue on to its originally intended destinations, Turkey and Syria.
    But the Turkish Foreign Ministry said the ship arrived at the Syrian port of Tartus early on Thursday, without stopping anywhere in Turkey.”
    The New York Times.
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