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  1. iraniam Member

    US Says Syria's Assad Turns to Iran to Keep Power
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I heard rumors about this.
    Russia is backing Syria to the hilt.
    Hence the russian aircraft carrier off the coast.
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  3. lulzgasm Member

    This could get ugly. Don't be surprised if we see something reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis pop up. At least over in the ME, at any rate.
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  8. Demented LRH Member

    I saw the videos of Syrian rebels holding RPGs (rocket propelled grenade). I do not know much about this weapon. My question is -- can the RPG take out a tank?
  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. iraniam Member

    At Least 12 Dead in Latest Syria Violence
  11. iraniam Member

    Activists: 200 dead in Syria's Homs
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  12. lulzgasm Member

    Took the word right out of my mouth, Anonymous. ;)
  13. lulzgasm Member

    The kill rate of an RPG vs. a tank is roughly 10%, but that was around 20 years ago. I think RPGs have gotten a nice update since then, but not certain on that.
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  14. iraniam Member

    The Dead, Dying, and Injured in Homs, Syria

    After much discussion, we are posting a series of videos from Khalidiya in Homs, where hundreds of people were killed in an overnight attack by regime forces. The images are disturbing, but we believe that some visual idea of the loss of life should be given.
    There are even bloodier videos that we have decided not to publish.
    Dead, dying, and injured men in a make-shift hospital in a mosque in Khalidiya, Homs:
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  15. lillylou Member

    It is a good Idea, also we have the choice to click on the link or not.
    This is reality, this is what war is, what is happening right now at this moment.
    I think these videos should be send to the UN too.
    The make-shift hospital in a mosque (in Khalidiya, Homs) :
    with all the dead, all the dying, and all the wounded almost side by side on the floor is the most difficult to watch (for me).
    They have no medecine (not much), no blood, nothing except wait and see, and hope to stay alive.
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  16. iraniam Member

    Protesters Storm 5 of Syria's Embassies in Europe & Middle East
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  17. Demented LRH Member

    The Russian and Chinese veto.

    "An Arab and Western-backed resolution condemning the violent crackdown in Syria has been vetoed at the UN Security Council by Russia and China.
    The two permanent members of the council rejected the draft resolution despite strong condemnation by US President Barack Obama of the violence.
    The vote came hours after activists accused Syrian security forces of killing at least 55 people at Homs.”
    BBC News 7 hours ago.
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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. iraniam Member

    Outrage Builds Against Russia, China For UN Veto Of Syria Resolution
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  20. Demented LRH Member

    CAIRO — Egyptian authorities have referred 19 Americans and two dozen others to criminal trials, justice ministry officials said Sunday, as part of a politically charged investigation into the foreign financing of nonprofit groups that has shaken the 30-year alliance between the United States and Egypt

    The referral flies in the face of increasingly urgent warnings to Egypt’s military rulers from President Obama, cabinet officials and senior Congressional leaders that the investigation could jeopardize $1.55 billion in expected American aid this year, including $1.3 billion for the military.

    On Saturday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said she warned the Egyptian foreign minister, Mohammed Amr, during a security conference in Munich. “We are very clear that there are problems that arise from this situation that can impact all the rest of our relationship with Egypt,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters there.

    Congress requires that before the aid can be released, the State Department must certify that Egypt is making progress toward democracy, including respecting the independence of the civil society groups under investigation. President Obama has personally told Mr. Tantawi that the investigation represents a failure to meet those criteria.

    In the last two weeks, at least 40 lawmakers have signed letters to Mrs. Clinton and the Egypt’s acting chief executive, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, making the same warning. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, a senior Democratic lawmaker who chairs the panel that controls spending on foreign aid, made the same warning in a speech on the chamber floor on Friday.”
    The New York Times.
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  21. iraniam Member

    Syria Forces Bombard Homs As UN Squabbles
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  22. iraniam Member

    Iran hails Russia, Chinese UN veto on Syria
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  23. Demented LRH Member

    AMMAN/MUNICH/WASHINGTON: Jordanian Islamists on Sunday called on Muslims and Arabs to boycott Russian and Chinese products after the two countries vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning Syria's regime over bloodshed.

    "By vetoing the resolution, Russia and China have shown that they are taking part in the killing of Syrian people," Hammam Said, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, said on the group’s website.
    “All Muslims and Arabs should boycott Russian and Chinese products in order to support the Syrian people, who demand freedom and dignity. The vetoes were against all Arabs and Muslims.”

    “The Russian and Chinese veto drew stinging criticism from Arab and Turkish officials on Sunday, and Tunisia's prime minister said that cutting ties with the Syrian regime is the "least that we can do."
    “The very least that we can do is to cut our relations to the Syrian regime," Jebali said. Egypt's foreign minister, Mohammed Amr, signaled frustration that the UN resolution was vetoed following "one of the few instances when the Arab League really came forward and put forward a full plan for a settlement." "Now this human tragedy has to stop," Amr said, adding that Arab League foreign ministers will meet in Cairo next Saturday. "We will evaluate the situation after what happened in the Security Council and hopefully ... we will be successful to achieve a peaceful solution," Amr said”
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  24. lillylou Member

    6,000 people killed
    2,700 people killed for the UN
    it's a big difference : 3,300 people :confused:

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  25. lillylou Member

    Syria's Detention Centres

    "Revealing the Scale and Horror of Assad’s Torture Chambers"
    pdf =>
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  26. iraniam Member

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  27. lillylou Member

    idem done
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  28. iraniam Member

    Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are already intervening in Syria. Why aren't we?
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  29. lillylou Member

    OCT 2011 :

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  30. Demented LRH Member

    Paul Wood is a BBC journalist who is currently in the city of Homs. He says that there are two theories explaining why this town came under ferocious attack by the Syrian Army:

    1. Assad sees the Russian and Chinese UN veto as an invitation to commit more atrocities against the civilian population.

    2. The Syrian Army is disintegrating at a much faster rate than it was predicted. Assad feels that he is running out of time.

    At this point it is hard to tell which theory is more plausible.
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  31. lillylou Member

    Syria - 5 Minutes in Homs 06-02-2012

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  32. Demented LRH Member

    “WASHINGTON — The United States appears to be out of answers on what to do with Syria.
    The Obama administration says it is not considering invading Syria or arming its rebels to remove President Bashar Assad from power. Diplomatic efforts at the U.N. have collapsed. A new, much-touted option of humanitarian assistance for Syria's beleaguered population is a longshot — and would only bandage over the violence instead of stopping it.

    For now, Washington is relying primarily on what it has been doing for the past 11 months in a so-far unsuccessful bid to force Assad's government to end its bloody offensive on opponents: sanctions targeting the Syrian regime and isolating it from the world economy.
    It is also borrowing somewhat from a strategy used in Libya's civil war, assembling a group of like-minded nations, led by Arab governments, to coordinate an international strategy against Assad. The goal is to pressure the Syrian leader into accepting an Arab-proposed plan to transfer power to his vice president and allow for a transition to democracy.

    A senior EU official said Wednesday that the bloc will soon impose harsher sanctions against Syria, possibly including bans on the import of Syrian phosphates, on commercial flights between Syria and Europe, and on financial transactions with the country's central bank. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with EU rules.”
    Associated Press.
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  33. iraniam Member

    Syria: Iran Military Chief Said to Be in ‘War Room’ with Assad
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  34. lillylou Member

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  35. lillylou Member

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  36. Demented LRH Member

    And after seeing this carnage Obama still does not want to supply the Syrian rebels with modern weapons. When he talks about Middle Eastern push for democracy he is so full of hot air.
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  37. lillylou Member

    Note : 2 videos from "Danny in Homs" have been removed from UTub since few hours....:confused:
    (maby he did???)
  38. Anonymous Member

    any mirrors?
  39. iraniam Member

    Syrian Homs Security Crackdown Continues; Germany Expels Diplomats
  40. iraniam Member

    It’s Time to Arm the Syrian Opposition

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