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    Marie Colvin: Syria regime accused of murder in besieged Homs
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    Fucking hell.
    I saw one of her interviews and the next day she's dead.
  3. Google Maps is a like wiki, any member may edit names and place markers etc.
  4. :(
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I share your distress. Whenever a Journalist is harmed or killed, I am heartbroken.
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  7. Demented LRH Member

    MISRATA, Libya – Four months after the death of Moammar Gadhafi, the people of Misrata were frustrated by stalled reforms. They played a key role in overthrowing the Libyan dictator of 42 years, and were impatient to see the changes they shed blood for.

    Revolutionaries accused the self-appointed city council that came to power early in the uprising of deeply rooted corruption, allegations which the council head denied. They staged a sit-in on the council's steps, got the members to resign and call new elections, which were held on Monday.

    The vote was the first experiment in real democracy anywhere in Libya, and the fact that it happened here only demonstrated the newfound clout of Misrata, Libya's third-largest city, on the national political scene.”
    USA Today
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    Human Rights Organizations Call for Release of Syrian Activist
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    Yes, please!!!!!!!!
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    Wounded journalists in Syria plead for help in YouTube videos
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    Nader Hashemi: World shouldn't stay silent in face of Syrian regime's brutality (Iran Green Voice - English)
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  13. Anonymous Member

    The Syrian gov forces are very stretched.
    On paper the Syrian army has 100's of thousands of men but the mobile forces are quite small.
    The elite Tank division of the republican guard is based in Damascus.It's the last line of defense for the regime.
    Seeing there has been fighting around the northern suburbs of Damascus.
    The 4th Tank division under the presidents brother Mahar was moved north to interdict the Lebanese border.
    The 5th tank Div is guarding the Jordanian border in and around the city of Derra.
    The 90th brigade which is a second class military formation are stationed around Homs.
    The 90ths staging area is just south of Homs,that's where the shelling has been coming from.
    The SFA pulled out some troops to the east of the city and elements of the 90th moved round to try and plug the gap,and to try and interdict the border of Lebanon.
    The other syrian troops around Idlib have been having a very hard time of it.
    Not sure what brigade they are from but there's a lot of defections going on up north.
    All of these formations added together have 45 thousand men.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Russia and Iran are the ones preventing international intervention in Syria. Syria is a long-time ally of Russia, and they want to keep it that way. If the regime is overthrown, Russia worries they may lose an ally and the US will gain a new one.
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  15. (excerpt)
    updated 10:05 PM EST, Thu February 23, 2012

    (CNN) -- The outlook for the underequipped members of the Syrian opposition appeared to brighten Thursday on the eve of a Friends of Syria meeting in Tunisia.

    Diplomatic sources told CNN that a number of Arab nations are supplying arms to the Syrian opposition. The sources wouldn't identify which countries.

    In London, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted the opposition will find willing sources to supply them with munitions to counter the Syrian government onslaught blamed for thousands of deaths since last March.

    "There will be increasingly capable opposition forces," she said Thursday. "They will find somewhere, somehow the means to defend themselves, as well as begin offensive measures and the pressure will build on Russia and China. World opinion is not going to stand idly by."

    Russia and China both vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have condemned the Syrian government for attacking its people.

    Also Thursday, U.S. officials told CNN they are considering providing the opposition with nonlethal aid -- such as secure radio communications and training.
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  16. Demented LRH Member

    “Reporting from Sana, Yemen — The nation of Yemen went to the polls Tuesday in historic balloting that ended the 33-year rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh, culminating one of the longest uprisings of the "Arab Spring."

    The single-candidate presidential election featured Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, who served as Saleh's vice president. He is now posed to assume the reins of power in the Arabian Peninsula's poorest nation.

    Violence marred voting in the south, where a separatist movement opposed the balloting. At least nine people were reported killed nationwide and balloting was halted in some areas.

    But many Yemeni analysts called the vote a success, saying it provided a possible path out of the political crisis that has gripped the nation of 24 million for more than a year. The election was part of a transition plan, worked out by Persian Gulf states, that includes a new constitution and multiparty elections in two years.

    "Elections are the only exit route from the crisis which has buffeted Yemen for the past year," Hadi, Yemen's presumptive new leader, reportedly said after voting.

    Initial reaction from the U.S. and other nations seemed positive.

    "We congratulate the Yemenis for really launching this process, taking ownership of it as a population, and we will stand with them as they take the next steps," Victoria Nuland, U.S. State Department spokeswoman, said in Washington.”

    Los Angeles Times.
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  17. Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:51pm EST
    (Reuters) - The first wounded and sick women trapped in the most embattled district of the Syrian city of Homs have been evacuated, and talks were held to evacuate more on Saturday, while pressure mounted on President Bashar al-Assad's government to call a ceasefire and let in humanitarian aid.
    Assad's forces killed 103 people in Syria on Friday in the bombardment of the besieged city of Homs and in attacks on the countryside of Hama and the east and north of the country, the activist group Local Coordination Committees said.
    Most of those killed were civilians, including 14 children and one woman, it said.
    The killings continued the same day that Western and Arab nations meeting in Tunis mounted the biggest diplomatic push in weeks to end Syria's 11-month-old crackdown on the opposition.
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Assad -- and his backers inside Syria and abroad -- that they will be held to account for the crackdown on opponents and what she described as a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.
    Addressing her comments to Russia and China, which vetoed tough action on Syria in the United Nations, she said: "They are setting themselves not only against the Syrian people but also the entire Arab awakening."
    "It's quite distressing to see permanent members of the Security Council using their veto when people are being murdered - women, children, brave young men -- houses are being destroyed. It is just despicable."
    "I am convinced Assad's days are numbered, but I regret that there will be more killing before he goes," she said.
    President Barack Obama, speaking in Washington, said: "It is prime time to stop the killing of Syrian citizens by their own government."
    "All of us seeing the terrible pictures coming out of Syria and Homs recently recognize it is absolutely imperative for the international community to rally in sending a clear message to President Assad that it is time for a transition."
    Diplomatic moves are hamstrung, so far at least, because there is little appetite for military intervention in Syria and attempts to ease Assad out via the United Nations Security Council have been stymied by Russian and Chinese vetoes.
    Beijing and Moscow declined invitations to attend the meeting in Tunisia.
    In a tacit acknowledgement that the scope for pressuring Assad through diplomacy is limited, some of the delegates at the conference -- especially Gulf states long opposed to Assad -- pressed for an international peacekeeping force in Syria and favored arming the Syrian rebels.
    The Syrian opposition, meanwhile, appeared to be taking matters into its own hands, saying it was supplying weapons to rebels inside Syria while Western and other states turned a blind eye.
    Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal led the hawkish camp, saying that arming the Syrian rebels would be "an excellent idea."
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said the Syrian Arab Red Crescent initially brought out seven women and children from the besieged Baba Amro district of Homs and took them to a hospital in elsewhere in the city.
    A further 20 uninjured women and children were evacuated later and taken to "a safe area," ICRC chief spokeswoman Carla Haddad said. Foreign journalists trapped in the area were not among them.
    "It's a first step forward," Haddad told Reuters. "The priority now is evacuating the seriously wounded or sick.
    "We are continuing discussions to resume the operation tomorrow morning."
    With the bombardment of opposition-held neighborhoods in Homs entering its fourth week on Friday, the ICRC has been negotiating with the Syrian government and opposition forces to bring out the sick and wounded from Baba Amro.
    But foreign journalists trapped in Baba Amro, two of them badly wounded, refused to leave the besieged neighborhood without an ICRC and foreign diplomatic presence, and a commitment to a full humanitarian ceasefire, it said.
    Two of the journalists, Edith Bouvier and Paul Conroy, need urgent medical care. The bodies of slain journalists Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik, killed this week, remain in Baba Amro.
    A Syrian Foreign Ministry official, quoted by the state news agency, said attempts to bring the journalists out of the area had been obstructed by opposition groups.
    "Authorities in Homs sent a number of notables of the city and ambulances from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to receive the foreign journalists who had entered Syria illegally," the official said.
    "Despite continuing this effort for several hours with armed groups in Baba Amr, these groups refused to hand over the wounded and the bodies - putting the life of the wounded French woman in danger and hindering the return of the bodies (of the two dead journalists) to their respective countries."
    A French and ICRC plan to get international medical teams in to extract the foreign journalists and tend to the neighborhood's most badly wounded was rejected by the Assad government, activist group Avaaz said.
    With the wounded being taken only as far as a hospital in Homs, it was unlikely men would agree to leave the area for fear of falling into the hands of Syrian security forces.
    "Baba Amro is being hit with 122mm artillery directed at it from surrounding villages. A father and his 14-year-old son were among those killed. They were trying to flee the shelling when shrapnel hit them in the street," resident Mohammad al-Homsi said.
    Activists also said Syrian security forces lined up and shot dead at least 18 people in a village in the central western Hama province. A video uploaded by activists showed people wrapping the bloodied bodies of children and at least four adults. Several had been shot through the head.
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  18. (excerpt) February 23, 2012

    As in Libya, the international community should not act without the approval and the invitation of the countries in the region that are most directly affected by Mr. Assad’s war on his own people. Thus it is up to the Arab League and Turkey to adopt a plan of action. If Russia and China were willing to abstain rather than exercise another massacre-enabling veto, then the Arab League could go back to the United Nations Security Council for approval. If not, then Turkey and the Arab League should act, on their own authority and that of the other 13 members of the Security Council and 137 members of the General Assembly who voted last week to condemn Mr. Assad’s brutality.

    The power of the Syrian protesters over the past 11 months has arisen from their determination to face down bullets with chants, signs and their own bodies. The international community can draw on the power of nonviolence and create zones of peace in what are now zones of death. The Syrians have the ability to make that happen; the rest of the world must give them the means to do it.
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  19. Demented LRH Member

    Saudi Arabia is doing the right thing.

    “Syria lashed out at Saudi Arabia on Saturday, a day after the kingdom's foreign minister backed the idea of arming the rebels fighting President Bashar Assad's regime, accusing Riyadh of becoming "a partner" in the bloodshed in Syria.

    The International Committee of Red Cross said it had failed Saturday to gain access to the besieged neighborhood of Baba Amr in the city of Homs for a second day to evacuate more wounded civilians, including at least two foreign journalists who were wounded in government shelling on Wednesday”
    USA Today

    “Representatives of more than 50 countries Friday called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to allow a cease-fire in his brutal crackdown on dissenters and step down, but Syrian activists say more forcefulness is needed.
    Asking Assad to step down, hand power over to his deputy, calling for reforms, we continue to ask what is there to force him to do any on these things? Nothing," said Abdul Omar, a Syrian activist based in Britain.
    "There is no language of force, there are no teeth behind the words they are uttering. Sanctions?" Omar asked. Assad "won't become hungry, let's put it that way."
    USA Today
  20. JohnDoe Moderator

    Isn't it unbelievable that in this day and age, with all the technology available to us (available to Russia & China too!) that such brutal clamp downs can happen - even with the world watching. It's not happening behind closed doors, we cannot claim ignorance of the events and yet it continues.
    How can this be?
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  21. Seems to me to be a case of incorrect priorities.

    Those of money + power trumping human rights.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    I wish i knew.
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  23. iraniam Member

    Why Nobody Will Help the Syrian People
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  24. Demented LRH Member

    LONDON — Here are some home truths about Syria. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Nobody can put this genie back in a bottle. This is the mother of all proxy fights. The remorseless Assad regime is finished, when it dies being the only question.

    Nations get to freedom from tyranny by different routes. When Communism fell, some glided from the Soviet empire into the West as others agonized. Yugoslavia — a beautiful idea that never worked — is one of several nations being invoked as possible exemplars of Syria’s bloody fate; others include Lebanon and Iraq.

    The ingredients are familiar: Syria is a multiethnic state ruled with an iron fist by one minority — the quasi-Shiite Alawites — and including Christian, Druze and other minorities that between them compose about a quarter of the population. The majority is Sunni. When the iron fist comes off in countries like this, liberty is more readily seen as getting free of each other than uniting in the give-and-take of a new liberal order.
    So it has proved for a year now in the Syria of Bashar al-Assad who, taking a leaf from his father’s book, has attempted to suppress through mass slaughter the quest of a broad uprising to be free of the family stranglehold. Assad is a doctor by training! No doctor ever trampled so brazenly on the Hippocratic Oath.
    The Assads are a mafia, a minority (the family) within a minority (the Alawites) within a minority (the Mukhabarat secret police). They co-opted others — notably the Sunni merchant class — through imposed stability, but in essence, like every tyrant dislodged in the Arab Spring, they have ruled a nation as if it was their personal fiefdom, a plaything to be passed from father to son for the benefit of cousins and cronies.

    Vladimir Putin, fearful of Russian Springs in his own neighborhood, has with signature cynicism opted to defend an old ally against U.S. demands that Assad go, an objective not pursued with any coherence until now by the Obama administration. Israel knows Assad, who helps arm Hezbollah but is a predictable and largely passive enemy. It does not know what may lie beyond a security state whose habits it can predict. “
    New York Times
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  25. Demented LRH Member

    Dozens of people are reported to have died in continuing unrest across Syria, as the king of neighbouring Jordan urged President Assad to stand down.

    In one incident, more than 30 troops were killed in clashes with suspected army defectors in a southern town near the Jordan border, activists say.

    King Abdullah became the first Arab leader to openly urge Mr Assad to quit.

    He told the BBC that if he were in Mr Assad's position, he would start talks to ensure an orderly transition.
    "I would step down and make sure whoever comes behind me has the ability to change the status quo that we're seeing," King Abdullah stated in an exclusive interview with BBC World News television.
    He said: "If Bashar [al-Assad] has the interest of his country [at heart] he would step down, but he would also create an ability to reach out and start a new phase of Syrian political life.

    Angered by the king's comments, about 100 Bashar supporters rallied outside the Jordanian embassy in Damascus late on Monday.

    Three protesters scaled the embassy fence and took down the Jordanian flag, Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Kayed was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.
    The spokesman added that no-one injured during the incident.

    Many Arab leaders have condemned the crackdown on months of protests in Syria, and the Arab League voted on Saturday to suspend Syria's membership.”
    BBC News
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  26. iraniam Member

    Iranian Quds Force Among Dead In Syria
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  28. Anonymous Member

    It seems that Homs is nearly if not all under syrian gov control.
    There are reports of house to house searches.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I know it's shit,but they could not have held out.
    The fourth tank division surrounded homs commanded by the presidents very bloodthirsty brother.
    This was taken not long ago.
    The gov troops found a 1.5 mile long tunnel that the FSA had been using to smuggle stuff in and out of Homs.
    It was blown up.
    My next guess is they will try to secure Homs and then move north to Idlib.
    Idlib is an Fsa strong hold.
    If it gets to much they will just cross the border into turkey.
    It's not over yet.
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  30. Demented LRH Member

    Putin still does not get it,

    “Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Russia is concerned about the "growing threat" of an attack on Iran over its nuclear programme, warning that the consequences would be "truly catastrophic".

    In an article on foreign policy for publication on Monday, six days before a March 4 presidential election he is almost certain to win, Putin also warned Western and Arab nations against military intervention in Syria.
    "I very much hope the United States and other countries ... do not try to set a military scenario in motion in Syria without sanction from the U.N. Security Council," Putin said, according to a transcript.

    On Iran, he said that "the growing threat of a military strike on this country alarms Russia, no doubt. If this occurs, the consequences will be truly catastrophic. It is impossible to imagine their real scale.

    Huffington Post
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  31. Updated: Thursday, March 1, 7:03 PM

    BEIRUT —Syrian government forces overran an opposition stronghold in the central city of Homs on Thursday, raising concerns about the safety of the civilians still trapped there and exposing the limitations of the fledgling armed resistance movement that has sprung up to confront the Syrian regime in recent months.

    Opposition activists in Homs said troops were moving through the Bab Amr neighborhood detaining all males older than 15 , even as world powers at the United Nations issued a nonbinding Security Council resolution calling for immediate humanitarian access to the stricken area
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  32. lillylou Member

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  33. lillylou Member

    :( BAD BAD BAD NEWS... seems - since few hours- to be no more contacts with Baba Amr.... The resistance could not do much against the ARMY...
    waiting :( information to be confirmed.
  34. Demented LRH Member

    There is a way to finish suffering in Syria in a matter of days, but the western countries are not willing to use it. The solution is simple -- an attack on Syrian compound hosting Bashar Assad and his evil brother would end the brutalities incurred on the innocent Syrian population. Bashar and his brother must be eliminated to end the Syrian ordeal.

    What infuriates me most is that Obama says that we, the Americans, are not in a business of killing foreign leaders. But he is a damn liar -- this tactics was used in Libya when NATO forces were hunting for Kadafi. The tactics failed because Kadafi knew that he is on the target list, so he was changing his locations constantly. But one of his sons died in a NATO attack because he was stupid enough to stay in his father’s compound.

    Bashar is not in hiding because he thinks that he will not come under attack, so he is an easy target. He deserves to be killed, especially because his death is certain to stop human catastrophe in Syria.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    The Fsa fighters managed to pull out.
    Of the 100,000 people who live in the Babr Ali district most of the residents left before the fighting got to bad.
    But there has been fighting all over syria in the past couple of days it's been hard keeping up.
    The red crescent is in Homs now which is good news.
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  36. lillylou Member

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  37. lillylou Member

    The Syran's Constitution don't include the resignation of the President in post.
    So yes there is only 1 single way now for Bachar Assad : death.

    War is war. But what he did in Syrian's hospitals.
    refusing even the Red Cross for the Syrian"s civil population,
    :) Hope Hope Hope.
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  38. lillylou Member

    below pages 19-20

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  39. lillylou Member
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