Mike Rinder is trying to locate a Commenter who used the handle Ideal SP

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by COS and NOI News, May 19, 2021.

  1. Mike Rinder is trying to locate a Commenter who used the handle Ideal SP.

    Here is Mike's request:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    I’m trying to locate a Commenter who used the handle Ideal SP, who posted some information about Cincinnati Org in February 2020.

    If anyone can help me get in touch I would be most appreciative.

    This is the comment I am specifically interested in:

    Taking staff from other Orgs? That is SOP in Scientology.

    Scientologists steal – money, people, money, did I say money, and more money via unscrupulous, deceptive and manipulative means. Any other for profit corporation disguised as a Non Profit would be shut down and the money returned to the victims. The slaves compensated. But not when they wear a religious cloak. In fact, Cincinnati Ideal Org ED, Jeanie Sonenfild, has legacy of stealing people and stealing money. Covertly, of course.

    Ahhh…. the laws of karma grind slowly. But they do grind.


    Word in from Cincinnati Ideal Org Staffers: Long time, married several time, bat shit crazy, kool aid guzzling Scientologist, Jeanie Sonenfild, OTVIII and Executive Director of the Ideal Org located in Kentucky, is in the RPF AGAIN along with her son Connor Sonenfild. Anyone have any more info on her and her son? Please report here.

    Their crimes according to the ex Staffer from Cincinnati: manipulating and deceiving the Ohio and Kentucky Scientologists into putting huge sums of money on credit cards and then not paying them off. Not sure why Scientology sees that as a crime. Bankruptcy is a level of humanitarian achievement for all Scientologists across the globe. That condition is SOP. Not sure why she is in the Scientology prison system? What is the REAL Scientological reason? Probably could not keep her stats up any longer – she bankrupted everyone.

    L Ron Hubbard policy does say hands off the guy with the high stats. So that is why Scientologists turn criminal over years and nothing is done to them. But if people write up KR’s on you and your ethics folder gets thick – eventually karma will kick your ass and it appears it has kicked that foul mouth heartless, cold, manipulative, deceptive criminal; Jeanie Sonenfild.

    Meanwhile, back in Kentucky, her 2-D, David Sonenfild, is (allegedly) Home Alone, with Stage 4 Cancer. Any have an update?

    Years of sacrifice and dedicated loyalty has these Scientologists getting the grand prize of Scientology that everyone eventually gets if they stay in long enough: Discard without sorrow after being used to commit crimes of bankrupting each other and getting others to work for free and the only thing they are achieving is to line David Miscavige’s foreign bank accounts with enough money to Keep Scientology Working so Miscavige can live his lavish dictator lifestyle.

    No justice are the perceived sweet benefits of the religious cloak for David Miscavige and his minions. They may be immune from the Laws of the Land but not from the Laws of Karma

    Thank you dear god of ” Doing Something About It”

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *


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