Mike Rinder on Tommy Davis: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. OTeleventy Member

    There is definitely something going on. And, it is hearsay, so I can see why people would yank it. Still. Cant be unseen, right?
  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Catch it before it goes away-- apparently they left a backdoor link active

    Right in time to celebrate his holiday themed role in “Born on the 4th of July,” comes asneak peek inside the real Scientology world of Tom Cruise. Tommy Davis and his wife Jessica — who both recently ‘quit’ the church — are sitting on stories “that would shock the world and expose more of the dark underbelly of Dave [Miscavige, Scientology's leader] and Tom Cruise.”
    According to Mike Rinder, the Phil Jackson of Scientology, there was an alleged beat down that Tommy once suffered at the hands of the Top Gun birthday boy. Although Cruise is technically a senior citizen, he’s managed to hold on to his boyish good looks and hot body. His personal life however, has taken a nose dive due to his recent divorce, average movies, separation from Suri, and rumors of his daughter’s split from Scientology.
    Rinder has been labeled a bitter former employee who was removed from his senior post for unlawful misconduct and wants Tommy and his wife to Edward Snowden the Church of Scientology. The couple were not only slaves for the Cruise family, but Davis allegedly fired people for Cruise and his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, then ordered them to be “sec checked” — a form of interrogation where a subject holds an e-meter and is asked a series of personal questions that help the church locate “areas of spiritual distress” — in other words, uncover someone’s inner-most secrets.
    Blowing the whistle, Mike Rinder claims, “Tommy told me he was physically assaulted by Tom (“I deserved it”) who followed in the footsteps of his mentor Dave,” he added. “Tommy was subservient to ‘Mr. Cruise’ as was everyone else in the Sea Org.
    “Tommy had to divorce his wife Nadine because she became persona non grata in the Cruise household. Rinder suggested furthermore that Tommy was also in charge of playing match maker and finding potential wife candidates for the star.
    John Travolta is just glad we’ve stopped talking about his bath house hook ups with random male masseuses, and Will Smith was growing bored with pretending to be in a healthy marriage for the cameras. Who knew all the physical training and face lifts would equip Tom Cruise with the muscle to physically attack his own assistant. The Davis family was simply ousted from the church. Nobody knows the truth, but they tried to blame it on a mysterious illness Jessica had. According to Scientology watcher and investigate journalist Tony Ortega, Davis and his wife have moved to Austin, Texas, where she’s working as a realtor and he as managing director of one of the largest private equity real estate funds in the world. Jessica is not ill.
    Writing about the Davises, Rinder questioned: “Why aren’t Tomica speaking out about the abuses they witnessed or participated in? Perhaps Tomica are frightened by that non-existent “disconnection” policy that Tommy was so adamant about? Or perhaps its just that they are simply too content with their cushy lifestyle to be concerned about the well-being of the ‘little people’ who continue to suffer hardships, injustices and broken families. And those who are still trying to recover from their less than pleasant interactions with Tomica.”
    Rinder knows that exposing Tom Cruise would damage his public image. Scientology doesn’t give you permission to be a jerk, or smack your slaves around. A book written by the Davis family exposing Tom’s weirdness would be Hollywood Gold. Come on, Tommy, we want the truth!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Attorneys work weekends if the client is big enough and the hourly rate is high enough. TC is big enough, and the hourly rate is high enough. I'm sure they were all over this shit. But I do think you are right, they almost certainly had Tommy Davis tell the outlets the he never made the remark.
  5. wolfbane Member

    And if that's true - then that makes Tommy Davis Mike Rinder's bitch.

    2.5/10 - scumbag troll was a successful, but still a scumbag.
  6. OTeleventy Member

    Hmm. Maybe because Gawker and Celebrity Dirty Laundry and whoever really have no dog in the fight and it is really kind of a loose story. Lawyers threaten to sue Gawker or CDL and those reporters turn tail. I would too. Besides, they're just basically aggregators any how.

    But Rinder? Does the CoS really want to go there? He's the one who ostensibly heard the statement. Maybe they recognize he's small time (and in the internet world he is very small time), and they are letting it go rather than starting a lawsuit which would be a can-o-fucking worms. Pure spec on my part, but that's what I think.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Maybe they have, and he told them to fuck off?

    Maybe they haven't because they know he would tell them to fuck off?

    The dynamic with Rinder vs. COS is the same as the dynamic of Rathbun vs. COS -- i.e., do they really want to put Rinder in a position where he has nothing to lose? If they bankrupt him, destroy his family, threaten the well-being of his child with a HUGE lawsuit, how might he react? If Debbie Cook could make them back down with what she knows, what could Rinder do?

    People here keep wanting Rinder and Rathbun to tell all they know. They won't. To the extent they care about their wives, and in Rinder's case his child and step-child, they can't. What they know is their insurance policy. I'm not excusing them. I'm just saying what is.

    If nobody sues Rinder and the post remains up, you know why.
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  8. Can't siphon blood from a fucking stone, but sure can try.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Clearly, Miscavige doesn't want RR on the stand. But wouldn't that be luverly!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Just don't use your fangs, jes' sayin'....
  11. wolfbane Member

    Oops. ^^That was a bit harsh. Drunk posting, FTW.
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  12. I feel that Mike Rinder is actually working for the Church as articles about Cruise are being removed from websites yet Mike Rinder’s blog still had the article on Tommy and Cruise. Somehow I feel that this is evidence enough (combined with many other things) that he is part of some agenda from the cult as he is never being attacked legally. I really feel the same about Marty Rathbun - as he has never been attacked really by the cult so the suspicions that Marty and Mike are in cahoots to gather the fence-sitters so OSA knows who they are is growing on me today.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    It's noon in California. Hai.
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  14. Drunken posting always gets a like, it's what this place was built on
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  15. Random guy Member

    Considering the damage the two of them has done to the cult image, essentially getting the snowball rolling on the violent nature of David Miscavige, any plan they might be working under would be very, very stupid. While the cults brain department is understaffed and overworked, they can't be that stupid. What possible benefit could the two of them bring to the cult that would be worth the damage from The Truth Rundown" story?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Take over the cult and its billions? That sounds like a good agenda to me.
  17. Random guy Member

    Sure, but that would not be "actually working for the Church" as ex-Indie was suggesting, rather the opposite. I'm believe as much as the next man that M&M would like their hand on the molah, but I can't really see any scenario where they would be able to pull that off.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Not to invite stoning, but osaosaosa
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  19. Just for the record, Anonymous knocked David Miscavige on his ass long before Rathbun and Rinder jumped on the pile after he was down. They've certainly helped but only to the point that benefits their own agenda (Hubbard-Good, Miscavige-Bad).

    Don't give them all the credit they'd like to claim.
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  20. This what happens when you let feelings guide your thinking rather than relying on proven facts and logic; you go full retard.
  21. Anonymous Member

    The M&M Show turned up AFTER the violence had already been covered in the St Pete's Truth Rundown - while they supplemented the information already provided, they added nothing new. The idea that they got the "snowball rolling" on Miscavige's violence is simply not true.
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  22. Random guy Member

  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Random guy Member

    Oh, you're one of those.

    Actually, Rathbun admitted he dealt out some beatings himself. It really helps making the story believable since he incriminates himself. I really suggest reading Tobin and Childs' story. And now Rinder is dragging fuel to the fire by implicating Cruise.

    If M&M's account was wrong, Scobee would have all the chance in the world to set the record straight in her "Abuse at the top" (recommended btw), but she didn't. So either Scobee is lying, or M&M actually gave a fairly accurate version of the story. Are you claiming Scobee and DeVocht were lying?

    Like most, i would love for M&M to be a lot more forthright, but claiming "they only added confusion" only make your anti-M&M undies show.
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  25. amaX Member

    I'm one of those, too.

    Dealing some beatings is one thing. Coming clean about all the illegal scilon activities they are privy to is another. The Rinderburns could deal this cult a mighty blow and they don't do it. That's why The One of Those Brigade exists.
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  26. Random guy Member

    I'm not disagreeing with you on that (a certain McPherson case springs to mind), I was disagreeing with OP's statement that the two only added confusion to the Truth Rundown series. Credit where credit's due.
  27. amaX Member

    I agree with the OP. They only added to the confusing part of this clusterfuck that is scientology because the average person isn't going to delve into what the Rinderburns are really all about. In fact, most people reading the TR series might walk away thinking these two guys have been very forthcoming with what they know. And we know that ain't the Truth of the Rundown.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Credit for what, exactly? Muddying the waters, obfuscating on the cause, organising a cone of silence over the real crimes while the statute of limitations ticks over . . .
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  29. Random guy Member

    For contributing to the Truth Rundown. If you actually read the thread, this would be fairly obvious.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Oh, right, credit for the M&M Show coming to the party late and adding confusion. Gotchya.

  31. Mike Rinder followed LRH policy and brutalized many Scientogists as the head of the Office of Special Affairs. He lied on demand as the chief spokesperson to cover up the very crimes he participated in and covered up for years

    It was only after the he and Rathbun were abused themselves did the two of them speak up at all and then only to lay all of the abuses of L. Ron Hubbard's brutal scam (by LRH policy) on David Miscavige.

    As long as they continue to promote their Miscavige bad-Hubbard good bullshit agenda for their own personal benefit, they should be held accountable and exposed for the cowards they are, imho.

    In the video below the two of them are victims of an OSA operation they used to order, oversee and cover up while in power in Scientology. Granted they are editied by Scientology but they still show the penchant for violence and retribution these Independent Hubbard worshippers exhibit. They choose to promote Hubbard's dangerous, abusive scam for their own personal benefit, it's a total disgrace........

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  32. Anonymous Member

    I had not seen that vid before. It's so fascinating to me... these people who all barely know each other trying their damndest to mindfuck each other, like it really matters. John Allender left his family, his business, his sad little mission back in San Jose for weeks just to make himself look like an idiot in Marty's cul de sac. And it worked, to a point. They really did get under Marty's skin. Why do you think he didn't call the police, and just keep on calling the police every day? That's what I would do. That, or just call all my friends and neighbors, put out some lawn chairs and a cooler of beers, and sit and laugh at the stupid fuckers.
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  33. Random guy Member

    Could you kindly point me to where in the Truth Rundown article the M&M they add confusion, and where that confusion has been poited out by the others involved (Scobee, DeVocht), you know, dox? or are you just sprouting your opinion?

    Look, M&M have things to answer for (AmaX provided a short list), but let them answer for the things they have done wrong, rather than the (few) things they have done right.
  34. Asheera Member

    1) Marty knows the drill, and was aware that if he got the police involved they would have changed tactics - giving Marty another headache to worry about.
    2) The SB was really stupid, and Marty recognised a golden PR opportunity which he exploited well (you do have to give him credit for that).
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Rathbun is stuck in his Scilon mind-fuck whereby he cannot call the police or otherwise involve wog authorities because he is "responsible" for bringing about his own "conditions" (ie, "Responsibility is the ability and willingness to assume the status of full source and cause for all efforts and counter-efforts on all dynamics." <-- Capter 19, APA, which is the Hubturd philisophical basis for "you pulled it in"). Involving the authorities presents a quandary in that there is a likely chance the protagonist Scilon will lose control of the situation and, thus, be put at "Effect" of the actions taken by the authorities, ie, he would be unable to "maintain his position in space" (aka, "power"). Far better to apply the tech and, for example, exploit the situation by playing the victim card and leveraging media exposure with Rathbun painted as the sturdy "warrior". Such is the value of Scientology Tech that it took 99 days before the Squirrel Busters were "defeated" - a wog would have had the situation sorted in less than a week.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Lurk moar
  37. Random guy Member

    So I take it you have nothing to back it up then? OK.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    lurk moar (definition):

    1) Please review and carefully consider the preceding public record to build a useful context for interpreting current events;
    2) I have no fucking idea how to prove what I just ranted about, so fuck you because I'm now embarrassed.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Hey, you're the one who credited the M&M Show with getting the "snowball rolling".
  40. Random guy Member

    I'm also the one that said I may be off on that, but reading the actual article, M&M, particularly Rathbun, are the ones providing most of the meat. It looks very much to me they were the main sources. I have no special knowledge beyond what Tobin and Childs published, if you do, please go on and post it.

    I'm still waiting for where in that article they added confusion, with dox please.

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