Mike Rowe TV Host Talks About Spanky Taylor & Scientology's Tax Exemption!

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. amaX Member

    Mike Rowe (TV Host of Dirty Jobs and Somebody's Gotta Do It) posted on facebook about hiring Spanky Taylor and Scientology's tax exemption.

    Mike goes into quite a bit of detail.

    *I can copy/paste the content of the post if there are any of you without a failbook account.

    **Mods please delete or merge this thread if this has already been posted. I did a search but didn't find it. Thanks.
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  2. FloGold Moderator

    I got tears on my eyes after reading his thoughts on going clear. Not just cuz of how awesome it is but because i am reminded of what they did to Spankies daughter.

    I count the hours till this cult is history.
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  3. anon8109 Member

    nice avatar FloGold
  4. FloGold Moderator

    why thanks
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Mike Rowe
    When I was shooting Dirty Jobs, I hired a woman named Spanky Taylor to help me fulfill requests from viewers and fans. If you ever asked for and received from me an autographed photo, or a signed letter for an Eagle Scout, it was Spanky who licked the stamp and got it in the mail, many thousands of times.

    Anyway, I just finished watching a documentary on HBO in which Spanky appears. That’s her behind me, on my unnecessarily large TV screen. The documentary is called “Going Clear,” and while it’s not exactly an Easter story, it’s most definitely a tale of resurrection and new life. I'm posting this today because I think everyone who has ever been lied to or deceived should watch it.

    Going Clear, among other things, tells the story of Spanky Taylor’s escape from The Church of Scientology. Like all Church employees, Spanky signed a “Billion Year Contract,” and pledged her life to the cause. She was, according to her own account, brainwashed, programmed, and forbidden from leaving the property. When she gave birth, her baby was put in a separate location, so as not to interfere with her Church duties. One day Spanky went to visit her daughter. The baby was malnourished and utterly neglected. She was covered with flies, and her eyes were filled with pus and fused shut. Something finally snapped, and with the help of a friend, Spanky took her child, fled from her captors, and never looked back.

    I knew Spanky’s story when I hired her, so when I watched her tale unfold on my unnecessarily large screen, I was not struck by the details of her personal ordeal, or by the incredible stories of other members who broke free and agreed to come forward. In truth, I’m no longer shocked by people who choose to follow a charlatan, or give away all their money, or forsake their friends and family to seek some greater truth, or drink whatever Kool-Aid is being served. The right to make bad decisions is an important part of being free. And to be clear, (as it were,) I don’t begrudge Scientology’s right to exist, or their right to separate a fool from his or her money in whatever legal means possible. Caveat emptor. But beyond all that, the thing that really chaps my ass is the fact that our government has enabled Scientology to grow into the colossus it's now become.

    In 1993, The IRS granted tax-exempt status to Scientology. This ruling not only saved Scientology many millions of dollars, it gave them status as a worldwide religion, and dramatically increased their power to recruit more members, or customers, if you prefer. That changed everything. The financial facts are beyond dispute - Scientology is a multi-billion dollar business that sells a tangible service called “auditing.” They also create "auditors," for a price. Prior to 1993, an auditing session was no different from a tax-standpoint than a session with a palm-reader, a fortune-teller, a hypnotist, or a Voodoo Priestess. It was a taxable event. That’s no longer the case. Today, The Church of Scientology generates billions of dollars in revenue, and pays no tax at all. Zero.

    Maybe I’m still a little cranky from the check I just wrote to Uncle Sam. Hell, maybe I should write a book and turn mikeroweWORKS into a religion. Or, maybe not. Either way, for all sorts of reasons, “Going Clear” made me angry, and if you're offended by bullies and opportunists who take advantage of people at their most vulnerable, and an IRS that seems both craven and manipulable, it’ll make you angry too. But mostly, "Going Clear" made me very proud of my friend, and others like her. It’s a hell of a thing to realize everything you believe is not what you thought it was. And it’s even harder to confess your mistakes to the world and start over. Paul Haggis, a talented and successful screenwriter comes forward, along with a handful of former members and church officials who endured the kind of threats and intimidation that would keep most people silent. Their courage is impressive.

    Going Clear is not a blockbuster. It does have star power though, and more than it’s share of heroes and villains. Some of whom you’ll certainly recognize. Check it out.

    Happy Easter
    April 5
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    Dede Engel Going Clear has been a long time coming. To Spanky Taylor, your bravery and strength was and is inspirational.
    4,199 · April 5 at 7:27pm

    Duane Kebschull Read the book. I applaud you for hiring her. Unfortunately, now that you've spoken out, you'll probably be targeted by Scientology and have any small thing they can find in your past unearthed and twisted against you. I look forward to seeing you school them. Know that you have a multitude of people in your corner who don't need to be brainwashed to believe you are a truly good guy.
    8,239 · April 5 at 9:17pm · Edited
    158 Replies · 32 minutes ago

    Joe Giles Gonna need a signed photo of her. Can you get on that, Mike?
    5,109 · April 5 at 7:29pm
    51 Replies

    Daniel Davis Mike, I knew you were a stand-up guy, but the fact that you would show the courage to bring this to a bigger stage makes me respect you even more. Someone of your stature in the business takes a chance every time they show how they really think. My hat is off to you Sir..
    998 · April 5 at 8:24pm

    Todd Johansson A failed scifi author creates a religion for shits and grins,what could go wrong?
    731 · April 5 at 7:38pm
    26 Replies · about an hour ago

    David Bush Thank you for using your microphone as a tool to stand up for others and to call out injustice. Too often we only hear from the microphones of those who profit from their outrage.
    2,271 · April 5 at 7:26pm
    2 Replies

    Sherrer Brooks Personally, I feel that since these religions want to try to make laws for various states to use, they SHOULD pay taxes.
    2,780 · April 5 at 7:25pm
    111 Replies

    Jerrod Broholm Keep being as awesome as you are, Mike. You really are a national treasure.
    1,031 · April 5 at 7:24pm
    4 Replies

    Diane Barnhart Nestor Thank you Mike for just being you and doing what you do!
    1,743 · April 5 at 7:23pm

    Scott Campbell Thanks for this post, Mike. My wife and I also know Spanky. She's a wonderful person that we are proud to call a friend. Thank you for giving her meaningful employment and for speaking out on behalf of all people who are victimized by charlatans of all stripes - regardless of any negative impact that doing so may have on your life.

    You my brother, are one hell of a man.
    456 · April 5 at 9:50pm · Edited

    Tonia Schneider I love how this has turned into commentary on church bashing in general. How many of you have actually paid attention to how much good churches do out in the world? I'm not talking cults, but regular churches. How many hospitals are run by the Catholic...See More
    1,700 · April 5 at 8:42pm · Edited
    169 Replies · 23 minutes ago

    Ann Waters Personally, I believe ALL churches and religions should be taxed.
    1,501 · April 5 at 7:32pm
    84 Replies · 38 minutes ago

    Howard Clevenger I've read the book, I couldn't put it down. I watched the Doc, they stuffed as much as they could in its 2 hours and yet they barely covered the freakshow that is that "Church" . I felt deeply for Spanky, she got to me emotionally. Please pass along my Regards and well wishes to her.
    I also must say that Going Clear Ironically is the best Travolta film I have seen in decades.
    283 · April 5 at 7:36pm · Edited
    5 Replies

    Susan Cannon If you start MikeRoweWorks religion, I will be first to give up everything I own and join you. In all truth, being President wouldn't be worthy of your intelligence, talent, and drive. But leader of a new world order? Sign me up!!!!!!
    262 · April 5 at 7:27pm
    7 Replies

    Marilyn McCloud Forsyth Scientology is deceitful and evil.
    786 · April 5 at 7:26pm
    36 Replies · 11 hours ago

    Amber Murphy Man, last time I hired a woman named Spanky, things got interesting.
    575 · April 5 at 7:26pm
    25 Replies · 40 minutes ago

    Elizabeth Anne McKernan That documentary scared the bejesus out of me. I was always curious, but now I am amazed at how this religion is simply a game of power and mind control...
    188 · April 5 at 7:27pm
    11 Replies

    David Lewis The Scientology story is sickening at best. Unfortunately, I also live 10 miles from Clearwater, FL where they've headquartered a lot of stuff.
    185 · April 5 at 7:25pm
    25 Replies

    Gail Bentzinger It's a cult, plain and simple. A cult that's become a big business religion. They have an alien, too, but i forget its name.
    570 · April 5 at 7:25pm
    49 Replies

    Jim Blair Happy Easter Mike. Thanks for doing one of the things you do so well regularly and sharing it with us. Your writing is a gift.
    162 · April 5 at 7:25pm
    2 Replies

    Bob R. Roberts "How to Never Get Invited to Tom Cruise's Birthday Party" -- by Mike Rowe
    137 · April 5 at 9:51pm

    Mike Rinder Thank you Mike Rowe for having the courage to speak out on behalf of Spanky, a wonderful woman I am honored to call a friend. You need not have said a thing. You are a real man.
    139 · April 5 at 9:42pm
    4 Replies

    Elizabeth Poore-Jennings Mike.. this whole thing breaks my heart. And pisses me off. What can we do? How can we fix this? I don't have any good ideas here. But thanks for helping get this story out. I can't even imagine the courage it took Spanky to escape.
    322 · April 5 at 7:27pm
    10 Replies

    Scott Carolyn Mallin Wow...while watching The Ten Commandments, my wife said that people were SO gullible back then...I said...then, now...forever. In a almost 60 years of age...I will be happy that I will be dead in about 40-60 years. God help us all...
    136 · April 5 at 7:26pm
    23 Replies · 8 hours ago

    Jamie Dickhausen Amazing expose on a sinister and psychotic lunatic and his "followers".
    132 · April 5 at 7:25pm

    Patricia Glover 'Religion' is a manmade creation to control people. If we eschewed the 'dogma' and spent our time and money on making this a better, kinder world we would be a whole lot happier and successful.
    275 · April 5 at 7:35pm · Edited
    37 Replies

    Marty Novotney Sells How many tax dollars did the NFL pay last year? Speaking of cults and tax breaks/exemptions.
    108 · April 5 at 7:32pm
    10 Replies · 11 hours ago

    Cathy Gorak Platt I just watched it today also, and my heart broke for Spankys child. But, I was very happy to learn they got out.
    93 · April 5 at 7:27pm
    1 Reply

    Tory Christman Thank you Mike Rowe for standing UP and speaking out, Sharing your story with our dear friend, Spanky Taylor. Hearing her story in the documentary, as the others and now seeing various media persons such as yourself comment on "Going Clear..." has been a dream for many of us. Thank you both and each person who helps expose the abuses of this insidious cult called "The 'church' of Scientology".
    89 · April 5 at 10:30pm · Edited
    2 Replies

    Brittney Havu I'm very happy to see CNN actually advertising for your show this week! Two reminders in 15 minutes! Much deserved
    199 · April 5 at 7:23pm
    1 Reply

    Michelle Hague I was telling my husband about this documentary just yesterday (we've not seen it as of yet) and we were talking about Clearwater, Florida. Frightening doesn't come close!

    Scientology is a cult based on lies, in a book written by a liar (he lied abou...See More
    81 · April 5 at 8:27pm · Edited
    7 Replies

    Christian Brown Happy Easter Mike.

    Now please run for President. It's perhaps the Most Dirty Job but the one that most needs to be done correctly.
    75 · April 5 at 9:20pm
    6 Replies

    Cindi Collett Lance She went from hell to heaven thanks to you Mike. Happy Easter!!
    71 · April 5 at 7:28pm

    Michael Finley Saw it and was a real eye opener Mike. Thanks for sharing!
    73 · April 5 at 7:23pm

    Jael Komac Religion is the biggest business out there. They should all be taxed.
    65 · April 5 at 7:49pm
    7 Replies

    Jon Marshall Sounds like how the LDS Church runs things. Scare tactics, fear, my way or highway, billion dollar tax free entity
    66 · April 5 at 7:42pm
    15 Replies · 11 hours ago

    Tina Coffey Helwig After watching the documentary I will never see another Tom Cruise movie. He is a crazy nut. John Travolta is cray cray as well.
    62 · April 5 at 7:59pm
    7 Replies · about an hour ago

    Sheldon Schipper I think you are p!ssing off a lot of powerful people Mike. I think you are on the right track! I love your posts and love your shows. Way to go Mike!
    60 · April 5 at 7:34pm
    1 Reply

    Gena Hersh Connelly I think Spanky and the others who were profiled were incredibly brave to tell their stories. It's easy to mock and ridicule, harder to show empathy in a story like this. That Scientology is afforded a tax-exempt status is nothing short of criminal. Thanks, Mike, for giving Spanky a chance and for her shout-out.
    59 · April 5 at 8:31pm · Edited
    2 Replies

    Janey Grove Price Great documentary on the horror and criminality of Scientology!
    56 · April 5 at 7:24pm

    Jenifer Brown Schrag I would gladly vote to give up tax exempt status for my own church if it meant the scientologists had to give it up as well.
    54 · April 5 at 7:50pm
    3 Replies

    Diana Goodman Scientology is not a religion. It is a cult. Should not be tax exempt.
    50 · April 5 at 7:31pm
    1 Reply

    Tina Polaschek Thomas In recently watched a documentary on Scientology. It was terrifying! Thank God she was able to get away. Scary as Hell!!
    49 · April 5 at 7:28pm

    Wendy Wheatley I've worked with Spanky and she's one helleva gal. I had no idea what she endured and this breaks my heart. Thanks for sharing and thanks for getting the message out.
    47 · April 5 at 7:35pm

    Matthew Klein I agree wholeheartedly. We may think differently on one thing though, I believe that ALL religious institutions should be taxed. Religions of any type should not benefit from any government help. Look at the ridiculous mega churches, the owners of which are just as rich as the church of Scientology.
    45 · April 5 at 7:46pm

    Natalie Horton-Downer Mike, I am one of almost 3 thousand who will respond to your post. So, a needle in the hay stack. Just the same I wanted to reply. I also watched this documentary and felt bad for the people still being abused. Yes, they choose to be there but th...See More
    45 · April 5 at 7:39pm · Edited

    Alan Millhone Happy Easter Sir.
    He is Risen.
    43 · April 5 at 7:30pm
    4 Replies

    Marty Collins Mike I too watched this today and share your opinions. Cash is king and can influence even government officials.
    43 · April 5 at 7:26pm
    1 Reply

    Jill Koehler I have to say, I abhor all religions, across the board, but if you decided to make Mikeroweworks a religion, well, I would sign up without hesitation. Just saying....
    37 · April 5 at 7:33pm
    5 Replies

    Jessica Gerwig Bowman David Miscavige looks like the wealthy evil villain in any movie ever.
    36 · April 5 at 7:29pm
    2 Replies
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  6. FloGold Moderator

    I still cant believe this is happening.
    For the oldfags that know who i am and where i'm from, the story of my Chanology cell, and what they did to my dear friends then you will know the personal grudge i have with these assholes.
    The day the card Miscavige and his top brass off to jail or the revoke the tax exempt status, will be the day i walk up to the front door not just the sidewalk across the street from the org and tell them everything that is wrong with them.

    The end is nigh,mofos!!!!
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  7. furball Member

    Nice! Mike Rowe, David Letterman, Saturday Night Live,... the hits just keep on coming.

    Scientology, I believe you are a full effect.
  8. RightOn Member

    Don't forget Tosh.0!
    He did a scathing bit on them last night
  9. furball Member

    thx. added to my list of things to watch

    so much hilarity

    oh my sides!

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