Military armoured anti-riot vehicles supplied to Iran from China

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by AMERICAN FOR FREEDOM, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. put alot of motor oil on the road around vehicle... those vehicles are very heavy and if they loose ground at right speed they will sure crush somehere - than is the right time for attack.
  2. I think we all should be really careful about giving advise about fire starting. Handling these materials is very dangerous to untrained people. And, if the security forces catches anyone in possession of these materials, people are in for a world of hurt. There are lots of trained people in Iran who can figure fire starting out for themselves -- and assess the risks.

    As for knowing how to disable tractors and so on. Tractors are not armoured. The anti-riot trucks are armoured.
  3. Hi Bugs, the gas caps will probably have a locking cover. Easy to open with a screwdriver and hammer and a little muscle. If the gas cap needs a key to unlock take the screwdriver and drive into the lock mechanism with the hammer.

    All of my suggestions are for after the vehicle has been abandoned by the drivers and it's relatively safe to sabotage it before firing the interior.
    Granted the security forces will be buzzing around but to really take one of these out for good the engine will have to be ruined so that the only way to get it running again is to replace the motor.

    I still think that leading these trucks to a specific area with some tall buildings and having a bunch of guys on the roof throwing cinder blocks and bricks down on the water cannons trying to bend them is the best bet.

    And yes tractors aren't armored but the engines are both diesels and are sabotaged in the same ways so the "environmentalist" websites will provide many ideas about stopping these types of vehicles for good.

    I also fully agree as to not recommend any type of flammable concoctions as some can become very volatile and harm the persons handling them. The protesters seem very capable of setting stuff on fire.
  4. Coyote-IRAN Member

    If you burn up all that wiring behind the dashboard, that's going to take them out for a while and be very expensive to repair. They have all kinds of fancy little knobs and dials in those cabs. Just burning the seats and steering wheel isn't going to hurt much, but the electronics is another story.
  5. The Chinese community has come alongside the Iranian protesters strong! These photos were posted onto #greensafe by Chinese tweeters this morning:


  6. If that is so, then may I point out that the tires are flammable.

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