Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Jacob, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Jacob Member

    Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    Was ronery for about an hour, with only having the company of resident Christian inviting me and the rest of you to talk about Jesus and God. Then others arrived with chocolate and bursting fruit. Dancing and talks persisted, and we even got cute college girls to take our pictures. Come back next month ladies! Please?...

    Then the police showed up. Calls were made, and it tuned out there was no permit for the horn, and people were concerned. Were spoken to for about 20 minutes and told to be good, then they went to parking lot to finish "stuff". Thought it was finished until they came right back for another 20 minutes to say that they WERE going to give a ticket. Turned out the people having a party behind us thought we were loud, stopping traffic(?), and "growled at a child". Right... *head desk*

    What did we learn today kids? People are getting bothered, never party in front of a house which is having their own party, and stop "scaring the children". :p

    *sigh* Has it ever occured to people to talk to others before calling the police? Honestly...
  2. Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    Well, that sounded fun up until the sucky parts.

    Did I read that right, they did end up giving a ticket? Who got it and for what? Some noise ordinance or..?
  3. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    Was this in greenfield or milw. the cops in both places suck. Fox 6 did a huge undercover investigation with copwatch or police 4 years ago. very embarrassing to 10 of the districts there (especially West Allis - they are just jagoffs)
  4. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    Is this the same PD that handed one of Jeff Dahmer's victims right back to him?
  5. Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    Until we prove our innocence in some way (hopefully media), the surrounding residents will lie to silence us.
  6. Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    I got the ticket.
    It was for a noise complaint and the mega horn being illegal in the first place, they just gave me an ordinance for the noise though and let me put the mega horn in my car.
    apparently I need a permit for use it for our protest and I don't really feel like getting it just for 2 or 3 hours of use once a month.
    The ticket was for $221.00 and to be paid before the 6th of May.
    not a huge deal but I feel like I took a huge hit for the milwaukee anons....
  7. Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    also: where was everyone else?
  8. Jacob Member

    Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14 '09

    Green beer and Spring Break come to mind as reasons. Whatever.

    In either case, is assistance needed for the paying of fine?

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