Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by praline, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. praline Member

    I just noticed this operation as I joined to read up on Scientology.

    I have a 13 year old daughter and she was playing minecraft 6 months ago. Yes, I did explain to her all of those safety rules but .. well.. she is 13 =/

    I went to check up on her activity and saw people asking her personal questions ~ such as her chest size and blah blah blah. Of course being 13 she was flirting right back.

    After she lost her computer for this (shock and awe parenting) my older son, who is in college, snooped around on her laptop. He said there are a lot of perverts on minecraft because that is where all the kids go.

    She had more then a few "lets meet up" messages. Of course I went mama bananas on her after seeing that and any and all online gaming was yanked. As it was 6 months ago I can't give you an exact channel but both of my sons said it was common knowledge the perverts like to "hang out" there.

    I am not computer savy (though I am savy enough to toss a laptop in the trash from a naughty teenage girl) and don't know how to do all of that fancy computer work stuff.
    I did want to mention it in case there are those who enjoy online games and minecraft in general. I am not sure if they can even be "caught" with screen names and all.
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  2. rof Member

    Welcome to our doofiness.

    All you can do is try to be smarter than her about shit so please don't tell yourself you are old or stupid.
  3. praline Member

    Oh I'm not. I handled it very well. I won't mince words ~ she was flirting right back with these people and she got into trouble for it and lost privileges.

    I wanted to mention it in case someone on here plays minecraft. They can keep an eye out for the creeps. I guess creeps could be in any online game geared towards kids but minecraft seems to be the most popular.
  4. nightfire Member

    This is why you only let kids on PRIVATE servers. Public servers are like sending your teen to the middle of a huge city where everyone wears a mask, and the pervs know where the masked kids like to hang out.

    When you let the child back online make sure you are in control of what servers they are on and know who owns and operates the servers. Make sure they have rules and are able to deal with creeps. I would be shocked if the pervs hadn't sent her dick pics yet... or other porn.
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  5. rof Member

    Playing minecraft is like driving a car.

    You can't control anything when they are doing it.
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  6. System Member

    hey there are child friendly servers out there with mods on it 24/7 here check this link out
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  7. fishypants Moderator

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  8. praline Member

    We do. Though not currently I play games. I play with my 2 boys (20 and 17) and we have a blast. We played Dead Island for 6 months!
    Dumb game but not in co-ed. Gotta love a game where you can shoot a gas can your son is carrying and blow him and gas can up :D we spent more time shooting, hitting, running over each other then killing zombies. Great family bonding! We also were very proficient at training zombies on each other :D

    Long ago I realized if I was going to stay in touch with my boys I was going to need to play video games. When Skyrim came out I was getting phone call and text from my boys' friends as they knew I would have figured out the part they were stuck at HA HA

    Minecraft doesn't thrill me. Every parent slips up and this was mine. I should have watched closer. She no longer has internet in her room and the WI FI's password is changed regularly.
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