Minister Farrakhan... and Colonel Daffy Gadhafi?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Budd, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Budd Member

    Warning to America: Stay out of Libya

    There is trouble that is going on in Libya and in the Middle East. I don’t know what’s going on in Libya because I haven’t been there in a while, but Brother Muammar Gadhafi has always been my friend. People tell me that I should distance myself from my brother, but understand: I am not a punktified Negro.

    The last time I sat with my brother, Colonel Muammar Gadhafi, I told him, “Brother Gadhafi, America will never forgive you for what you’ve done. And they’ll come among you only to destroy you and the Revolution that you’ve brought into being.” He patted me on my leg as if to say, “I know, Brother.” He didn’t say a word, he just patted my leg. (ed. "No homo.") He didn’t have a problem until he let them in. I was in Iraq three days before the bombs fell in 1991, and there were Muslim Sunni mosques, Shia mosques; there were Christian churches and Jewish temples and synagogues, and even under Saddam Hussein there was peace among them. But when America went in under the guise that he had “weapons of mass destruction,” did they find any? No! So what was “Operation Shock and Awe” about?


    President Obama, if you allow the Zionists to push you to mount a military offensive against Gadhafi, and you go in and kill him and kill his sons, as the United States government did with Saddam Hussein and his sons, I am warning you: This is a Libyan problem.
    Let the Libyans solve their problem among themselves.

    Uh, Minister Farrakhan, I think the Libyans are already solving their problem.

    This guy is nuts!
  2. Anonymous Member

    I love the way Amerikkkans can find things wrong in all the places they aren't, but not where they live.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Got the whole world looking after that, Sir.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    That's Mr Anti-Amerikkkan to you.
  6. Triumph Member

    Louis Farrakhan..has received financial backing from Old-Daffy..a couple million dollars total...

    the Libyan leader was going to give a promised "Billion Dollars" to Farrakhan and the NOI...the state department stepped in and squashed that deal....

    there was Jeff Fort of the El Rukns with ties to Louis Farrakhan and the NOI (El Rukns were a vicious Chicago street gang)who went to Libya to get money from G-Daffy
    Fort and the El-Rukns were convicted in 1987 for conspiring to carry out domestic terrorism for Gadhafi.

    I think El-Rukns got nailed with wire taps

    around that time Louis Farrakhan praised Fort and his gang...and had some El Rukns as guests at a Saviour's Day...I think it was at the same event they had a live satellite
    speech from GaDaffy...he praised the alliance..made a claim Farrakhan and the NOI provides him with "a breach to enter into this fortress (USA) and confront it."
    and for blacks in the Military to desert and join GaDaffys forces...

    the El Rukns were raided by the FBI..'before they could get their money...the Feds did find a stash of heavy duty weaponry anti-tank weapons

    Farrakhan and His Ministers went to Libya for multiple events... on many occasions

    at one point in the mid 90's Louie received a "Gadhafi Human Rights Award", which came with a $250,000 prize

    and a few Ministers went there for reported military training....and other ah hem... conferences,,,


    Farrakhan and some of his emissaries might not want info of those many meetings ...becoming known...

    or possibly money that exchanged hands and moved through various offshore accounts

    Louies concern may well be what the government discovers some of what they were up to...when the regime collapses

    Heres the History Channel Gangland story on the El-Rukns
  7. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I don't think Farrakhan is someone I can take too seriously. Just lump him in the crazy categories of Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin Dada, and Slobodan Milošević. Only he's not cool enough to run a country and kill whitey.
  8. Budd Member

    Crazy, but dangerous. Maybe HE's not cool enough to run a country and kill whitey, but think of the thousands of brainwashed NOI who follow his every word.
    This is indeed scary.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Hes willing to be judge,jury and executioner
  10. Anonymous Member

    one of Farrakhan former top Ministers and ex-black panther leader
    Khalid Muhammad
    (God Damnit I said kill we em all) @7:40
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Budd Member

    HOW does he get away with hate speech like this? If a white person said this - even one time - he would be in jail PRONTO!

    EDIT after watching the whole clip: Oops, my bad. He was talking black-on-black violence. That must be what makes it OK.
  13. Budd Member

    WIKIPEDIA: Nation of Islam
    "The NOI teaches that the Earth and Moon were once the same, and that the Earth is over 76 trillion years old.[15] The entire land mass on the Earth was called "Asia". This was, Elijah Muhammad claims, long before Adam."

    He's as crazy as LRH!
  14. Budd Member

    As an evangelical Christian, I must admit that I don't understand Ezekiel's prophetical picture of the "wheels within wheels" but evidently Minister Farrakhan does:

    WIKIPEDIA - Nation of Islam:
    The Mother Plane and Ezekiel's Wheel
    Elijah Muhammad taught his followers about a Mother Plane or Wheel, a UFO that was seen and described in the visions of the prophet Ezekiel in the "Book of Ezekiel", in the Hebrew Bible.

    "Now as I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl. And the four had the same likeness, their appearance and construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel. When they went, they went in any of their four directions without turning as they went. And their rims were tall and awesome, and the rims of all four were full of eyes all around."
    Book of Ezekiel Chapter 1:15–18, Bible, English Standard Version
    Louis Farrakhan, commenting on his teacher's description said the following:

    "The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us of a giant Mother Plane that is made like the universe, spheres within spheres. White people call them unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ezekiel, in the Old Testament, saw a wheel that looked like a cloud by day but a pillar of fire by night. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that that wheel was built on the island of Nippon, which is now called Japan, by some of the Original scientists. It took $15 billion in gold at that time to build it. It is made of the toughest steel. America does not yet know the composition of the steel used to make an instrument like it. It is a circular plane, and the Bible says that it never makes turns. Because of its circular nature it can stop and travel in all directions at speeds of thousands of miles per hour. He said there are 1,500 small wheels in this Mother Wheel, which is a half mile by a half mile [800 m by 800 m]. This Mother Wheel is like a small human-built planet. Each one of these small planes carry three bombs.

    "The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said these planes were used to set up mountains on the earth. The Qur'an says it like this: We have raised mountains on the earth lest it convulse with you. How do you raise a mountain, and what is the purpose of a mountain? Have you ever tried to balance a tire? You use weights to keep the tire balanced. That's how the earth is balanced, with mountain ranges. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that we have a type of bomb that, when it strikes the earth a drill on it is timed to go into the earth and explode at the height that you wish the mountain to be. If you wish to take the mountain up a mile [1.6 km], you time the drill to go a mile in and then explode. The bombs these planes have are timed to go one mile down and bring up a mountain one mile high, but it will destroy everything within a 50-square-mile [130 km²] radius. The white man writes in his above top secret memos of the UFOs. He sees them around his military installations like they are spying.

    "That Mother Wheel is a dreadful-looking thing. White folks are making movies now to make these planes look like fiction, but it is based on something real. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that Mother Plane is so powerful that with sound reverberating in the atmosphere, just with a sound, she can crumble buildings."
    —Minister Louis Farrakhan, The Divine Destruction of America: Can She Avert It?[23]
  15. Herro Member

    Using "Amerikkka" is the same as using "$cientology"- it's a handy way to know that you are worthless and nothing you say is worth paying attention to.
  16. Anonymous Member

    That's how I feel when I read posts here made under the name "Herro".

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