Minneapolis, MN

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by LilDebbie, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. LilDebbie Member

    Minneapolis, MN

    First, the fail:

    [strike]ohaithere[/strike] Someone neglected to bring the signs so we had to rely on flyer tech to get us through the day. A few people brought individual signs, but it was not sufficient.

    Now for the win:

    When we got there, the $cilons had deployed curtain tech by taping large sheets of paper to the windows. Fortunately, they didn't put it up all the way which allowed us to enturbulate through the two foot gap at the top. As per usual, there was music and dancing and cake and also a snowball fight. The $cilons called the cops when a stray snowball hit their window. We received a very stern talking to and were asked to stop our childish game and stick to our usual shenanigans.

    Aggro, it wasn't the same without you. Cali Anons, prepare thy selves for the epic win that is Angry Guy.
  2. King Nerd Member

    Re: Minneapolis, MN

    AG wasn't there? I thought you fags were jumping at the chance to go pick him up.
  3. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Minneapolis, MN

    he left this morning at 6. apparently he got his entheta on down in colorado on his way west.
  4. King Nerd Member

    Re: Minneapolis, MN

    That fucker trolled deep then.

    Lol @ him getting everyone to think he was going to be there.
  5. SovietShark Member

    Re: Minneapolis, MN

    Yay, he is gone!
  6. King Nerd Member

    Re: Minneapolis, MN

  7. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Minneapolis, MN

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!

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