Miscavige adds 27 pages to the Ethics Repair List to cave people in

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    NOTE: There are those of you who will think that the title of this post should be "Miscavige adds 27 pages to the Ethics Repair List to FURTHER cave people in." Point taken.

    But the point of posting the following may be this. If a 26 page "Ethics Repair List" is abusive and detrimental, what harm might a 43 page "Ethics Repair List" accomplish?

    Some might, yet again, rail at Rinder. Fine. That does not necessarily mean one should ignore the information leaked on his site.

    Mike: Superpower Step One – The Ethics Repair List

    Original Ethics Repair LIst

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Wait, what?

    Isn't changing or adding to Hubbard's writings considered a high crime by homo novis?
    How could David Miscavige be allowed to do this?
    it's one thing to change around a few semi-colons, but it's another thing entirely to create documents that Hubbard never approved of.
  3. Anonymous Member

    My guess is that DM may not see the need to explain anything. People know better than to challenge anything DM does on the grounds of KSW. If DM is challenged, the person will be sec checked and FRPDed to oblivion.

    If DM does feel the need to explain this, the story will be that it is "lost tech" DM miraculously found. Yeah, it is stupid after this length of time but, again, who is going to challenge that explanation?

    Then again, this might contribute to a few more Indies in the future.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Just how much power does Miscavige hold? What would it take for an internal revolt against him to succeed? Just how much "squirreling" are the sea org prepared to accept before they mutiny?

  5. Random guy Member

    As long as Miscavige is Chairman of the board of RTC, and RTC holds all the copyrights to everything, he's secure. The poor cultists have been drilled to believe that the processes must be allowed to run it's course. Thus, only getting the board to replace the chairman (not likely, most of the board is blown) or change the role of RTC (not likely as long as Miscavige is chairman), will enable a takeover. The beauty of the current system is that Miscavige will take the whole cult with him as he falls. Someone might eventually be able to wrestle power from him, but by then there will be nothing to take over.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    SOMEONE needs to make decals for 40k tao, or space marines. We need more macrabian guard forces on the internet, to mindfuck the osa when they do google searches. MOAR ENTHETA!!!!!! They mock the rest of the worlds religions, lets mock them(some moar)!!!
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  7. jensting Member

    A take-over now? While David "he is NOT insane!" Miscavige is busy handling lawsuits?
    Inconceivable! Really!!
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  8. I'd be mildly curious to see what was added, though I can kinda guess...

    "322. Have you ever had critical thoughts about an IAS Registrar?"

    "387. Have you ever wondered where Shelley is?"

    "420. Are your doubts valid?"

    "555. Are you a fan of the music of Randy Newman?"
  9. DeathHamster Member

    Theoretically the Church of Spiritual Technology could yank the copyrights from RTC, but that's not likely to happen. (The undated letters of resignation gimmick seems pretty juvenile. I wouldn't bet on it standing up against a good lawyer. And using them would disclose that Miscavige runs the whole show.)

    I doubt anyone in the CST is likely to grow a spine or balls in the near future.
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  10. True, but I think more to the point:
    1. The Special Directors of CST are non-scientologists (so don't care about KSW #1).
    2. They're getting paid exceedingly well for their trouble (so don't care so long as the money flows).
  11. Correction: 'might just have easily been.
  12. anonamus Member

    True or not, DM is doing a wonderful job screwing up ElRon's fraudlent "tech" even more.
    David Miscavige. Professional scientologybuster since 1986.
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  13. anonamus Member

    This Hubbard words struck me as yet another example of how ElRon thought of himself as a fucking GOD.
    And Rinder quotes it, without even questioning how a simple human named Lafayette Ron Hubbard could possibly declare another human "forgiven, and cleared of these sins of the past and free of them. "
    I know catholic priests do forgive, but in christianity, only God can set one free.
    MR, you suck as much as Miscavige, just in a differet way. You swallow all Hubbard's crap without questioning if it's valid or reasonable.
    Kool Aid drinker.
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  14. So much for Ksw1being achieved,no alterations in the tech etc etc
    And marty does leak good stuff, but he's still a cunt
  15. Anonymous Member

    LOL at treating a comment from Rinder's blog as gospel.
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  16. Quentinanon Member

    And Rinder practices disconnection. He refuses to speak with Anons or those who object to scientology.
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  17. Terril Member

    Its not a case of LRH thinking he is a God. Its that any auditor running this is empowered to give forgiveness.
    As a beginning newbie auditor I had to read it drill it and do it running quad ruds. And at the end give
    forgiveness. Its the only time I had a girl smile at me through her tears. She was overjoyed.

    When you mock and ridicule DM and the CO$ as brilliantly as Mike Rinder you may award yourself a gold star. :)
  18. Ohai, Scientologist.

    Anyone is empowered to forgive what others do to them, and each one of us is empowered to forgive themselves. We don't need a guru telling us how and whom to forgive.

    This whole business of empowerment of audtiors to forgive is redundant
    (isn't an auditor already considered a pastoral counselor?)
    and most... Catholic, actually.

    Also, your "faith" is a bait-and-switch scam, even when given away for free.
  19. anonamus Member

    Dox or GTFO.
    We have loads and loads of dox on the opposite.
    L. Ron Hubbard: Lord of scam and fraud.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    As always, Mike Rinder is presenting yet another twisted perspective on L Ron Hubbard. This extract could well have been about the time L Ron Hubbard was testing out his "Messiah Project", the one that got Nancy Many into so much trouble. So, yeah, crazy L Ron Hubbard was crazy, but sometimes crazy like a fox. Note how L Ron Hubbard is actually asking for people to provide details of their and other's crimes . . . its got much less to do with offering forgiveness as it has to do with gathering information and, in the process, identifying "enemies" and those within his flock who might show a natural flair for snooping and telling tales. Its a new variation of the old "survey" tactic.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    That's just fucking sick.

    And you let her go on thinking that you had the ability to forgive her (probably for doing something most humans do which Ron loved to capitalize on) and probably felt a little god-like yourself for having 'forgiven' her for some shit that probably wasn't any big deal in real life.

    You are a nasty piece of work, sir.
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  22. tinfoilhatter Member

    WOW!!! These people literally think that they have god like powers!!! Satanists need to protest these guys, because lrh copied a lot from Allister Crowley, and the fact that these scilons are fucking it up soooo bad, makes satanism look bad(or worse depending on your religion) just by being associated with them.
  23. Enturbuleak Member

    I forgive you for being a cultie.
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