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  1. Misinformation

    What if we were to use misinformation to make the Scientologists think we are a even bigger threat then they think.

    For example:
    Spread the word we've completely infiltrated there church
    Use fake codes
    Pretend we're psychically attacking them

    All we'd have to do is talk loudly about these thing somewhere on the internet we know is being watched.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. saerat Member

    Re: Misinformation

    we are being watched and why would we pretend we have fake codes when we have LCE

    D3 2L RR 8A DD
    33 4A A9 JJ 5Q
  3. Re: Misinformation

    It won't work. Spreading misinformation is not workable with an entity such as Anonymous. Faking raids and such will only serve to confuse our own ranks.

    Spreading the word that we've completely infiltrated the church is unnecessary, since we have sources on the inside already that are providing info. They're already distrusting and paranoid towards each other with the whole Knowledge Report-culture.

    Using fake codes is also unnecessary since the OSA has a hard enough job already monitoring the internet. The project is so big and spread out that we don't even need elaborate manouevres like that to keep their manpower occupied.

    Pretending physical attacks is a big NO. It will be used against us, and if even one addlebrained Anonymous takes it serious, it will be public suicide.
  4. Malle Member

    Re: Misinformation

    Why use misinformation, when we've got the most powerful weapon against the "church" of $cientology, the truth?
  5. Re: Misinformation

    Fair enough.
  6. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Misinformation

    He said psychic, not physical. I can't believe I'm actually going to type this, but this might be a useful idea. There is ample evidence that the CoS upper levels are heavily into the idea of psychic phenomena. And yes, Hubbard was involved in some bits of business having to do with "Magickal" things. Getting rid of body thetans is a exorcism of sorts, I guess.

    My point is, there are trappings of mysticism throughout the CoS. If they believe that Anonymous is conducting some kind of "spiritual warfare" against them, it might use up precious time and resources on their part. I do not mean to offend any Anon who do believe in prayer, spells, psychic powers, etc. If that is your piano, then play it. But even Anons who do not believe, like me, we could work together to make the CoS believe we were doing it.

    Can't we mix crystals and tinfoil together?

    And the Corporation of Scientology will never be able to know if we are spoofing or really are sending spirits/angels/whatever to mess with them. If Anonymous are having bad dreams about the CoS, then you KNOW that members are having bad dreams about Anonymous. These are people who are prone to magical thinking, anyway.

    I doubt "psychic" attack would be taken personally by the public scienos, because they are not deeply indoctrinated enough yet to feel threatened by supernatural humbug. It's the ones who are deeply into the lala of the higher levels that we could discomfort. If the OTs have super-powers, then we do too.
  7. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Misinformation

    Uhmm, like public forum!

  8. WMAnon Member

    Re: Misinformation

    "Attack" is not the word we want to use here, and the whole idea is likely to put off any mainstream religious types. "Praying for the safe return of all Scientologists" is much more positive and still might freak out the management.
  9. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Misinformation

    You may have something there. Let the PrayAnons pray for peace and safe return of Scientologists to society. The RitualAnons, the CeremonyAnons, and the OtherAnons do their thing too, within their own conscience.

    I am afraid my point may have been misunderstood. Hubbard spent a lot of time fiddling around with the trappings of black magic, and I am willing to bet money that he "borrowed" some of that to use in the upper levels of Scientology at least as decoration, or possibly more.
  10. WMAnon Member

    Re: Misinformation

    Not knowing which bits (if any) Ronnie happened to sneak in, it's hard to gauge what will bother them. Some ritual/other folks regard prayer and rituals to have an equal effect on the Universe (doesn't matter who you're asking, just that you're making your will known). Others ignore mainstream religious types entirely. It just seems like we run a greater risk of alienating potential allies than freaking out the upper echelon of CoS.
  11. 00anonyMiss00 Member

    Re: Misinformation

  12. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Misinformation

    I have come to agree with you. Randomly throwing spiritual symbolism at them in the hopes of making a psy-ops score is not the best use of time or energy for the body of Anonymous.
  13. Shinizak Member

    Re: Misinformation


    Besides, if we did that, we would be sinking to the same lows as Scientology. The last thing we want is to destroy Scientology only to have anonymous fill the void it left behind.
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