Missing Persons / Illegal Human Trafficing

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Commander Marcab, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Missing Persons / Illegal Human Trafficing

    Just a thought, with the ever increasing missing person lists in some states;
    How many do we know that were sucked right up into SciOrg and disconnected to never be heard of again?

    Just a thought.

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  2. Anonymite Member

    Re: Missing Persons

    Dude, its a thought I consider every day, and quite frankly, it saddens me. I've mentioned this a couple times on IRC, but i'm thinking my greatest fear is that as we dig further into Scientology, the larger bodycount we're going to find. Some of the stories I've heard of the RPF and work crew mistreatment... people could have DIED. What if we discover bodies of people that were killed? What if, deep down in the bowels of Scientology, there's that hardened group of fanatics who cover this kind of thing up from the rest of the Scientologists?

    Tl; DR:

    Good thought, and I lay awake at night wondering the answer to that question.
  3. Re: Missing Persons

    If people are willing to e-mail me any info they have (or uncover) along these lines, I'd be willing to compile it and start a blog on Blogger for exactly this purpose. I can't do much to contribute to the protests or anything, but I really want to help out Project Chanology, so I'll offer to do this project (and I'll accept any crap the Scilons will toss my way because of it).

    I'd prefer to receive information in this format:

    Name of person(s) missing
    Date person(s) was/were last contacted/seen
    Location person(s) was/were last seen

    But I'll take anything you can provide. A picture of the person(s) would be a welcome addition, as well.

    We will not forgive the Church of Scientology's crimes.
    We will not forget those who have been silenced by the Church of Scientology.
    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    Expect us.
  4. Anonymite Member

    Re: Missing Persons

    i think finding a scientologist database and cross-referencing it to a missing persons search would be the best bet. But that's just me. anyone know any good databases that lists scientologists?
  5. Re: Missing Persons

    There is one that lists who takes courses... but I don't have a link to it.
  6. Anonymite Member

    Re: Missing Persons

    Yeah, if we could get a link to that, and start cross referencing... hey, wait, is there a link to that kind of thing over in the thread saying the clearwater police spokeswoman is a scientologist?
  7. Re: Missing Persons

    I read (at Clambake I believe) that there is a movement underway to investigate the CO$ re human trafficking.

    I say about time. They take people from poor countries join them up in the CO$ and then transport them to the U.S. to work as slaves in the orgs for little to no pay at all. This shit has to stop. I cannot imagine what types of visas they are using, but doing any reading at all on the info sites, makes it more than clear human trafficking is an issue with the CO$. Lord knows what happens to those that die outside of their own countries and their poor familes back home will never know.
  8. Re: Missing Persons

    There was an article earlier for the love I cannot remember what it is...
    They were trying to get some US citizens in GB with and without visas/passports.

    Sadly, once again I do not have the link. :/
  9. Anonymite Member

    Re: Missing Persons

    yeah, see, that? that's the bodycount i'm worried about, the one we have no idea about.
  10. Anon123456 Member

  11. Re: Missing Persons / Illegal Human Trafficing

    Quite honestly there must be visa irregularities, I KNOW there has to be. You have NO IDEA how difficult it is to come to the U.S. legally, how costly it is, ($$$$) and the amount of paperwork involved. Companies sponsoring visa applicants have lawyers SPECIFICALLY for this.

    AND let me say this, I HAVE NO DOUBT that hidden in basements in ORGS around the world and here in the U.S. are people who came to that country on a tourist visa, had their passports taken and NEVER LEFT. Now, that is a case for ICE. TIP LINE ANYONE???

    I am working on getting inside intel on this. I know there must be irregularities.

    (did someone ask Arnie?)
  12. Re: Missing Persons / Illegal Human Trafficing

    Mods please sticky this. It would be a major blow to the Co$ if this pans out.
  13. golddigger Member

  14. anon1957 Member

    Re: Missing Persons / Illegal Human Trafficing

    For an example on VISA "irregularities, see Lawrence Woodcraft's story. Basically, his wife got his kids into the US on a tourist VISA and he was forced to follow (while being coached how to lie to the US consulate in the UK so that he wouldn't lose his kids forever.

    Link to video and print transcript:

    Human trafficking seems to be a very real phenomenon in the Sea Org.

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