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Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, May 17, 2011.

  1. Sponge Member

    Police: Mobsters planned to blame mosque bomb on far-Right
    Jaffa suspects allegedly hired by lawyer to kill Tel Aviv municipality official, bomb Scientology center; eight suspects, including brothers from two families had already prepared bomb.
    Jerusalem Post, 17th May 2011.

    [Edit: the article has been updated with scientology's respononse. See tikk's post below]

    For reference:
    A previous media report from October 2010 on the Jaffa idle org after it was torched....

    Hmmmm, Ho Hummm
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

  3. Sponge Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Always some sort of serious crime involved wherever these fucking clams set up new orgs...
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    So was this lawyer who represents the Scientology corporations acting on his own against his client's interest, or was he conspiring together with his client?
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  7. tikk Member

    This is receiving a lot of coverage. This article includes Scientology's response.

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Maybe the Scientology company is not involved, but would anyone be surprised if they were? Or would it be more surprising if they were not?
  9. COREarg Member

    ^ If they are not involved, I will have to admit I'm wearing a tinfoil hat right now.

    So, I hope I'm wrong, deep inside my gizzard, because then I will have to admit that they are really that desperate to make "false flag" attacks against themselves either to get insurance money, or to blame on that EVUL SP!
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Sponge Member

    Maybe it's just a consequence of David Miscavige screaming "make it go right" without realising that it might perhaps be taken somewhat differently in Jaffa. lol.
    I'd be interested to hear Israelanons take on this using their local knowledge kungfu.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Nobody injured. Massive problem for Co$ in Israel now. Involvement of bombs - the EXACT same "crime" that Co$ was accusing us of.

    I'm seeing nothing but win and oh exploitable footbullet discharges. The cult can't "handle" this.

    Yofi, as they say in Jaffa. Sweet.
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  13. tikk Member

    At this point there's nothing to suggest that Scientology knew of any of this.

    But they would stand to benefit from a few aspects of the plot to blow up their building. If the plot was carried out as allegedly intended, the Orthodox Jewish community would be blamed, and Scientology would be viewed as a victim of a group that, by their view, had already been persecuting them. Depending on the state of the building, there may also have been benefits to collecting insurance if it were destroyed. Since there appears to be no end to the meat on this story's bones, Scientology's involvement or non-involvement will hopefully come out as the media and prosecutors continue to gorge.
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  14. Miranda Member

    Out of sheer contempt I want to believe CoS is involved but honestly there are so many unsavory people connected to this that who knows? Bombings and blatant murder plots seem more like non-CoS organized crime. It doesn't surprise me in the least that they'd work with a lawyer like Gor, though. My guess is that he probably has bent the law for them, but maybe not this far? Who knows...
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  15. amaX Member

    Disturbing. I hope the investigation is thorough.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Yep, I remember this strange fire news - so the investigation revealed nothing, right?

    Now, what's the probability that a lawyer hired regularly / for serious stuff isn't a Scientologist or at least uses Sci Tech?
  17. tikk Member

    Most of the lawyers used by Scientology are not Scientologists, though the ones who perform the majority of the work are (Moxon, Kobrin, Paquette, Bowles, etc.).
  18. Anonymous Member

    Moxon wouldn't last one shabbat in Tel Aviv/Yafo. He'd be better off sticking to losing petty harassment cases in the States.
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  19. AnonLover Member

    i actually hope scientology was oblivious to this plot, i think its even more funny if they unknowingly hired a ruthless crook for a lawyer who was taking their money & then burning down their building in order to take more of their money all while setting them up to be hated by the orthodox jews.

    thats a whole new kind of lulz!
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  20. xenubarb Member

    Dressing up as Orthodox Jews to shift blame? That doesn't sound like Scientology or anything, right?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Unfortunately, every crook in Israel dresses up as an ultra orthodox to disguise themselves. Palestinian suicide bombers have done that, criminals with an arrest warrant for them hid by pretending to be a orthodox Yeshiva students, sexual pervs pretended to be rabbis to get access to kids and so on. It's like the best halloween outfit ever and it doesn't draw attention on the Israeli streets. Unless they walk in the middle of secular Northern Tel Aviv. Then they get kicked out for proselytizing.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Seems excessive even for them.

    I think rooting through people's trash cans and private confessionals is more their rat-like level.

    This is either way too complex for a simple scilon to run or the crazy Gor guy is yet another loose cannon like Rex Fowler was.

    Be good to know if he were a scilon or not. He was working with the cult for years, so he must have been pressured.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Several points: this whole operation was a rare cooperation between Jews and Arabs. The psycial perpetrators are an Arab family from Jaffa. The guy calling the shots - Gur Finkelstein, a Jewish laywer, working for Scientology.

    The Scientology Jaffa center - already caught fire once in the past.

    Dressing up as ultra orthodox - in fact not exessive at all in Israel. As I said in another post - criminals do it all the time.

    Why would a Scientology lawyer want to bomb a building owned by Scientology? Something is really fishy in here.

    Bombing the Hassan Beck mosque in Jaffa - that's just horrible. This mosque is the symbol of Tel Aviv, it's right there on the beach promenade and we all [Jews and Arabs] love having it there. I'm even more horrified that the physical perpetrators were Arabs, i.e. bombing their own place of worship.
  24. tikk Member

    A few of the articles have suggested that he stood to gain financially by controlling who subsequently received contracting work to rebuild the org elsewhere, probably by receiving kickbacks or other undisclosed favors from those contractors in return. Which makes sense.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I really don't know what happened. But the building is a landmark building in Jaffa. My speculating here, but I think the building, which used to serve the Alhambra theather in Jaffa, was build in Bauhaus style, for which Tel Aviv is famous. All the German refugees that came to Palestine in the thirites, build lots of white Bauhaus buildings, which are protected by UNESCO.
    Maybe Scientology wasn't allowed to knock the building down because it was a landmark building, who knows?
  26. Anonymous Member

    By the way - can people please post anti-Scientology comments after those articles?
    Everybody over there are too busy sarcastically commenting that it's a good thing that Arabs and Jews can work together. So right now the main focus is on the Israeli/Palestinian aspect of it.
    I think it's helpful to draw the attention of the Israel public to Scientology as well.
  27. AnonLover Member

    isnt the investigation referring to the first time? i dont quite follow where a second instance happened.

    and in addition to the lawyer getting a kick back on the construction expense, it also sounds like he brokered the deal for the building when it was first bought. if so, surely he got a real-estate agent type kick back on the property purchase and would stand to get another one if scilons had to buy a new building.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Oh, you're probably right. I guess he was behind the attempt to burn the Scientology building and now he was trying to bomb the mosque.
  29. Anonymous Member

    And here is the Scientology lawyer Gur Finkelstein.
    An article in Hebrew says he was teaching ethics. Must have been Scientology ethics.

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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    More details: Scientology added 1000 square metres to the Org building in Jaffa without a permit. The city hall official issued an demolition order for those 1000 metres.
    Gur Finkelstein sent a criminal gang to assasinate the relevant city hall official. The assasination attempt failed and he was only lightly injured by a stun gun.
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  32. Rheinländer Member

    No, they like other clothes. ^^
  33. Anonymous Member

    And here is a picture of the car of Gur Finkelstein's ex wife's new husband that Finkelstein had bombed. At the time, a three year old was inside the car. The man was badly injured. The girl only lightly.
    We need somebody to find out that Gur Finkelstein was taking Scientology classes. I bet he was. I think everybody employed by Scientology takes at least a few of their classes.
    TheOnlyOne - can you please check it in Israel?
  34. tikk Member

    I love where this story is going. It seems like there's so much left to find out, even if Scientology is ultimately not holding the bag. I think the fact that the physical perpetrators had such a broad agenda, all of which would not necessarily serve Scientology's purposes, argues against Scientology involvement or knowledge (at least to those aspects).

    You posted a link to a previous thread re an October 2010 fire in this building; it seems like that would naturally fit into this story somehow. Did that investigation ever result in any arrests?
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    I got it wrong initially. I thought Finkelstein was trying to bomb the Scientology Org again. Aparently, we was now arrested for the attempt to burn the Scientology building in 2010. I explained above that the Org added 1000 square metres to the building without a permit and the city hall wanted to demolish it. So Scientology [or Finklestein on his own], went with a plan B, deciding to burn the building all together and then get permits to build a bigger building.
    He sounds like a really nasty dude. Bombing his ex-wive's husband, trying to bomb a mosque, trying to assasinate a city hall official who issued a demolition order agains the Jaffa Org.
    I don't care what Scientology knew or didn't know, but he was a central figure to them, because they even bothered making a statement saying that they believe he is innocent. Shows that they are worried.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    He can't be all that bad, he's got such a cute sad face.

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  38. tikk Member

    I think their worry is related to their own culpability, which would come from being implicated as knowing what Finklestein was up to, and possibly having helped him. It's certainly more damning if they did know, but yeah--they wind up looking suspicious because people will reasonably think that they did know, given Scientology's track record. There's also a harebrained, almost comedic keystone cops aspect to this story more suggestive of how the GO operated than how OSA operates today, but nevertheless reminiscent of Scientology.
  39. AnonLover Member

    Thanks, the google translate on this aint that bad... this is what i get from the stories linked to so far:

    Finkelstein helped scilons get a landmark building for Jaffa [Ideal?] org, and renos were underway and included a new addition to the building built without a permit. That caused a shit storm and city official ordered the addition demolished. Finkelstein tried and failed to take out the city official over the demolition order, and realized his cut of the construction costs wasnt getting paid if the work wasnt finished. So Finkelstein tried to torch the whole place in order to line up a new building deal for scilon jaffa org.

    meanwhile, Finkelstein had all these other (separate?) devious plots brewing w/ the ex-wife + new husband, and the mosque.

    lol @ cult... sounds like they hired someone that took "make it go it right" deadly serious. how fitting.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    (ROUGH!) Translation:
    Attorney Tel Aviv suspect in two assassination attempts, assault and arson

    By: Kobi Mandell and Ayala Hananel, Walla! News
    Tuesday, 17 May 2011, 12:00
    Mr. Gore Finkelstein suspect in a series of violent crimes. Among other things, he is suspected of trying to kill his ex-wife's boyfriend, and tried to electrocute a senior Tel Aviv Municipality worker, and tried to blow up a building in Jaffa.

    Gore Finkelstein, a resident of Tel Aviv, is a suspect who led a gang of seven people suspected of two attempted murders committed by laying bombs and arson, causing grievous bodily harm and other violent crimes,we can now report.

    Among others, police suspect that Finkelstein tried to kill her ex-wife's boyfriend, and tried to eliminate the Planning and Building Committee Chairman Tel Aviv municipality.
    Tel Aviv/Yafo City Magistrate's Court extended the detention of all suspects, apparently the day after an indictment against them will be submitted to the District Court in the city.

    Investigation into the affair began last November, after an explosive device was placed under the car of Daniel Cohen, a resident of Haifa.
    The blast severely injured Cohen who underwent surgery at Rambam Hospital in the city.
    His four-year-old daughter, who was standing next to him during the incident, suffered from shock.
    According to police investigators, the charge was powerful and included screws:
    "They surely knew that vehicle was used to carry a child. The device was targeted to hit Cohen", said the police after the incident.
    After the incident, from the investigation team under the command of Commander Chief Superintendent Paul Ym"ar was nominated Shmuel Tamir Bronze Superintendent, to investigate the incident under the cover of secrecy.
    In advanced stages of the investigation, police arrived to the conclusion that the carbomb was designed to eliminate the Daniel Cohen and to communicate a message of intimidation, while ignoring the fact that the little daughter was with him in the car. The investigation continues and is managed in collaboration with researchers at Ym"ar District.

    In recent months police have focused on Border Ym"ar Tel Aviv under the direction of Commander Shlomi Michael into an assassination investigation.
    Gore Finkelstein is sepearated from Bat, who's current partner is Daniel Cohen.
    Finkelstein's law firm is very familiar to the Tel Aviv area, a large law firm which also serves a Scientology center in the city.
    Also, capital assets have been accumulated by Finkelstein in long course of his work.

    The researchers said the motive for the murder attempt was Finkelstein's desire to gain custody of the 11-year-old son who is in custody of the ex-wife, who is, as stated, the partner of Daniel Cohen. According to investigators, Finkelstein has developed over the years a strong hatred against Cohen.

    According to police, after being arrested, Finkelstein denied any connection to the bomb plot on Cohen.
    Together with six other suspects he was arrested, most of the other defendents were employed at various jobs in his office.
    According to police, after the rest of the suspects admitted their suspicions, said Mr. Finkelstein in his interrogation that he was squeezed by other suspects and that they have committed acts intended to intimidate him.
    According to police, evidence indicates that Finkelstein organised the hit while the rest of the suspects were used as intermediaries.

    Among the suspects arrested, are in Ramsey Baker, who was suspected of trying to murder Cohen, and Adalah Baker who along with the other man put a device into his luggage.

    Suspicions rose after further investigation against Finkelstein.
    The researchers/detectives said more experiments were used to harm Cohen: In one case he was attacked in the stairwell and there was an attempt to stab him, another time he received a threatening phone call designed to determine the identity of the car, and was warned people going to hurt him with water pistols filled with acid.
    According to police, in one case, an attempt was made to hurt him when he arrived in Tel Aviv with the son of Mr. Finkelstein to bring him to his father.
    In addition, Finkelstein is suspected of planning to kill his ex-wife, too. Following the disclosure of suspicion, the police secure the woman named banned.

    But the suspicions do not end here.
    Investigation teams under the command of Commander Yoram Ohayon together with researchers in Ym"ar Tel - Aviv, discovered that during their work, further attempts to cause serious bodily harm, arson and other events took place in the south than in Tel Aviv.
    It is suspected that the suspects hired by Finkelstein also intended to hit the top of Planning and Building Committee, Tel Aviv Municipality.
    An investigation revealed that during May last year suspects carried out an attempt to murder the captain by an explosive device was activated in his car when he visited in Holon.
    According to police, Finkelstein wanted to get the captain after it (Planning and Building Committee) issued a demolition order on the structure of the Scientology building in Jaffa after a planning deviation was discovered there.

    This assassination attempt failed, according to police, but two weeks later two of the suspects, dressed up as cops, "arrested" the captain in his car near the municipal offices in Tel Aviv.
    It is suspected that the captain when he opened his window to talk with them, he was (attacked with a taizer??).
    He began to struggle with them, but fell and remained lying there.

    Finkelstein is accused by the police of several attempts of arson.
    According to police, the investigation revealed that Finkelstein is also Executive legal representative in the Scientology group, and was responsible on their behalf to purchase a building in Jaffa which was supposed to serve as the team's World Church.
    However, after the order was issued to demolish the building, Finkelstein found out that he would not get the money if he do not finish the renovation, so, allegedly, he decided to burn a mosque.
    He is suspected of trying to ignite and blow up the building on three separate occasions, dress up as another religious practice, in order for the police to think that this is a religious act.

    Police said all the suspects in the case of India for alleged offenses tied to the Attorney Finkelstein affair.
    A senior police told Walla! News, because it is one of the complex affairs investigated Evim"ar Beach: "In the end, with serious work and determination, we come to the reporter charges against those involved. prevented a criminal attack continued here, with all the characteristics of using sophisticated explosives. "

    Finkelstein's attorneys, lawyers and Avi Avi Himi Vanish, said that they "reject the allegations.
    The investigation was conducted in the dark under a strict and they say to this day they have not yet received the investigation material.
    They say that sunlight is the best purifier and we are confident that now the news blackout has been lifted and evidence able to be brought into the light, they can prove that the police invented the story, captured a normative conception and its relationship to the person, valued and successful, for crimes he did not commit. "

    Attorney Zion Amir, the Planning Department captain's lawyer, told Walla! News: "I'm glad the police cleaned up the client from allegations published in the media after the assault and burying the trunk under his vehicle, that the captain had gray market funds or related to 'Mafia' of some sort.
    Today it emerged that he is completely innocent that is dedicated and honest public servant and that the harm that was committed against the role of work in light fitting"
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