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Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, May 17, 2011.

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    Sorry, I just don't buy that lawyer Finkelstein was hired by scientology without sci doing their research on him. They will throw him under the bus if they are complicit. If they aren't, then they got lucky.

    I hope someone is able to investigate who the other "number of Israeli professionals" were involved in the purchase (and possible other activities, eg, renovations) of the building, at the very least, so that their names can be cleared of wrongdoing, and they can be "enlightened" to the ways of the cult.

    /picks tinfoil out of teeth
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    I think that they [CoS] knew or must have known about his deeds in the Jaffa building. Let's face it - Scientology hires a certain type of laywers who can get the job done. They also don't have the best record of adhering to the building permits.
    Also, even if the Scientology is completely blameless - Israeli public is very suspicious of "religions" operating in their backyards. Scientology being involved in this story even marginally, would draw attention to the cult, which is good news as far as I am concerned.
    The last report against Scientology in Israel, defining it as a cult was issued by the member of the Parliament in 1987. It's time for a new one.
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    Some good background threads:

    New Jaffa Org from September 2010

    Anon Israel raid on the Jaffa Org Nov 2010:

    The scifag vid on the new org is worth watching for info and lulz:

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    Oh, just disgusting. Yack!
    And note the lack of the words "the Church of" in the name of the Center.
  6. What I wan't to know is where was Joel Phillips from "Religious Freedom Watch". Isn't he the expert on stopping terrorist attack on his religion? Huge fail for Joel.

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  7. moarxenu Member

    Very interesting report in French from JSS:

    From Google translation:

    The operation, dubbed "Violet Wreath ", led to the arrest of 11 suspects, including several members of the large Muslim Jaffa Mafias ... The "brain" of the terrorist operation is a well known lawyer Israeli police, Gur Finkelstein, since he has already been arrested twice for attacking the building of the Scientology sect (the building of Jaffa) by having already pass for religious Jews. The police had discovered a plan to blow up the Scientology Center with a huge gas explosion, while many members were inside. To this end, a truck driven by a suicide bomber disguised as Orthodox, would hit the center of Scientology. Gur Finkelstein acting on these Arab families in order to obtain certain business promised by them.
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    From vid: "the building dates fom 1937" - Bauhaus?
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    The French article authors are wrong (or it's the google translation that's wrong). The gaz was pumped into the mosque, not into the Scientology center. The Muslim family of Jaffa involved in the plot was in fact not previously known to the police, though all the suspects did come from the same family. It's Gur Finkelstein's first arrest. I don't think he was planning to blow up Scientologists, there is no mention of that in any of the Israeli media.
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    Yup. Bauhaus. Built by refugees from the Nazi Germany that began arriving in Palestine in 1933. There are tons of those weird looking buildings in Tel Aviv.
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    Some of the nicest architecture in the world if you dig Bauhaus style... certainly the gaudy crappy cult knows nothing about with their candy blue doom castle style. Even Walt Disney had a better eye for building designs.

    Miscavige? LOL stupid little boy has zero artistic merit.
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    So, it appears that Finkelstein is Scientology Israel's version of Moxon.
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    Great news.
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    Jaffa anon here, haven't been here in a while. That explains why the place is still closed. They were planning to open before the end of 2010.
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    I heard that it will open on the very same day as the Super Powers building.
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    Welcome back!

    I am wondering if you can clear something up for me. The reports say that there were two attempts at arson. One took place on October 12, 2010; and it is not clear when the other one was.

    So my question is, Did the cult start rebuilding the building after the arson, or was the org just sitting there burned out for the last seven months?
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    Moar, I'll check it for you. Right now there are conflicting reports. I've read in one of the reports that they wanted to destroy the Scientology building and in order to blame it on the extreme right Jews, they were going to bomb the mosque as a collateral. The whole story is weird. Let me watch the online TV news and see what the reporters are saying.
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    Hey, thanks!
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    And you expected something different?
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    Israel is a very explosive place. So when the fire happened last year, I really did think it was either the ultra orthodox Jews that put the center on fire for proselytizing, or the Muslim residents of Jaffa, who didn't want the cult in their midst. It never occured to me that it was Scientology that burned its own building in order to get better building permits.
    I seriously thought that last year's fire demonstrated how intolerant Israeli population is. I was wrong.
  24. Orson Member

    After very successfully threatening to sue nuns in Italy, Scientology reaches out to Muslims and Jews by using both to burn down it's org in order to build the one they want. /end tinfoil sarcasm
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  25. DeathHamster Member

    CoS should pass out massive qualities of The Way to Happiness. They say that it has done so much to bring peace to the Middle East. It also reduces crime... Oh, wait.
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    oh man, we need a WTH shoop with burning tel aviv org

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    I gotta see the Israeli TV news edition to hear what they are saying about the whole event. Obviously, the Israeli public is not focusing on Scientology, but rather on the fact that bombing an old mosque right in the middle of Tel Aviv beach front would have brought a lot of violence to otherwise peaceful city. Hell, it would have brought violence to the entire region. I just can't believe the whole story, it's mental. On the other hand if this Finkelstein guy was a Scientologist or was acting upon Scientology orders, the cult will be in deep shit. Inciting towards religios violence in Israel is some serious shit. We've got plenty even without the incitement.
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    You're on to something there.

    Scientology has great plans to stop the animosity in Israel between Muslims and Jews. Train all Jews to be lawyers and all Muslims to be thugs, then they will have a common goal and work together for peace.
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    Let them take their standard Godwin attack to a new level (of stupidity)!
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    If there was a conspiracy between Scientology officials and Finkelstein, the most hopeful place to look would be Finkelstein's text messages, emails, etc. But investigators may not necessarily care about anyone beyond Finkelstein. It may be noteworthy that he was arrested a few weeks ago; meaning that the investigation may be over so far as the police are concerned. If this is the case, Scientology's involvement could still become an issue if Finkelstein makes their involvement his defense (which seems unlikely, but as you've said, this is a pretty weird story).
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    Strange to me that Scientology has not thrown this lawyer under a bus yet. Maybe Gor Finkelstein (aka Gur Finkelstein) has some dirt on Scientology.
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    Karma = $cientology not knowing the level of crazy that Finkelstein reached, and then Finkelstein trying to use $cientology as his defense.
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    So here is what Israeli Channel 2 news edition reported

    WARNING: Bad transcription and translation

    TV presenter in the studio: Gur Finkelstein, the official representative of the Cult of Scientology in Israel [the word cult used by her] is suspected of operating a gang of thugs. The gang was responsible for putting a bomb under a car that caused an injury to two people. And now we turn to our representative Azri Amram, who stands outside the Scientology Center in Jaffa.

    Azri Amram: Yes Dalia, as you've stated earlier, the new Scientology Center, which is still under renovation, is one of the centeral places, towards which Finkelstein's violence was directed. I have to state - we're dealing with numerous cases in the last year and a half in which Finkelstein and his people targeted this building. When it comes to the Scientology building, we're talking about two individual/separate cases. The last one took place on 11 February 2011, at which point Finkelstein and his gang tried to bomb the building with a truck full of expolsives. They stole a car from Holon [a suburb of Tel Aviv], put a garbage construction bin on it, and inside it 300 kilograms of explosives and gasoline. Luckily, the truck burned down completely in front of the Scientology building, but the building itself was not harmed. What was the intent behind Finkelstein's actions? He was responsible for the building on behalf of Scientology and he continued to get money for each month that the building is under contruction and renovation. Each contractor that subsequenty worked in the building paid him a bribe.

    Azri Amram: In May 2010 a bomb was put in a car of Shota Hovel. Hovel is a city hall inspector under whose remit falls the Scientology building in Jaffa. Hovel personally visited the Scientology building in the past, and issued an injunction against the continuation of the contruction of the building. The building is very fancy, about 1000 square metres. It appears that as a result of this visit and the injunction, Finkelstein with the help of his gang made an attempt on Hovel's life with a bomb. Three weeks later, the same gang attacked Hovel in front of the city hall, trying to stab him and then attack him with a stun gun. Hovel fought back and was only lightly injured.

    Although the story was only allowed for publication today, several court hearings related to Finkelstein already took place. During the hearings Finkelstein admited to some things, but denied involvement in others.

    The whole story began when a person was caught with an explosive device by the police. During his investigation he agreed to become a witness for the state and gave evidence against Finkelstein. The perpetrators all belonged to the Jaffa same family. One of them even worked in the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem, where he checked personal details about Shota Hovel.
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    And here is Channel 10 [the entire news edition, I don't know how to download it and cut it].
    The relevant part starts at around 8:30 minutes:


    The Arab family [Bakher or Bakhar] planned to assassinate a sheik who worked at the Hasan Bek mosque in Jaffa because of the financial conflict between them. Then they planned to conceal the hit by making it look like a crime committed by the extreme right wing that was taking vengeance for the earlier massacre of the Fogel Family from the Itamar settlement. One of the Bakher family members became a witness for the state and was code named A.A. A.A. was the one who told the police a story about the Tel Aviv lawyer Gur Finkelstein who uses a gang of assassins.

    Finkelstein did his studies in Europe [according to his lawyer]. The lawyer said that Finkelstein denies the allegations against him.

    Reporter's voice: Finkelstein represents the Scientology Center in Israel. A.A. told the police that Finkelstein instructed his gang to harm the general inspector for construction in Tel Aviv, a person named Shota Hovel.
    The reporter then interviewed Hovel. Hovel initially refused to give a statement to the journalist and then he said that initially the police suspected him of planting the bomb in his own car, for which he himself was investigated.

    Reporter's voice: Hovel issued an injunction to destroy part of the building of the cult [word used in the report]. Hovel was attacked twice - once a bomb was placed under his car and a second time he was attacked with a stun gun/taizer. For the second attack, the Finkelstein gang dressed up in police uniforms for the occassion.

    A.A. stated that Finkelstein ordered the Bakher family to set on fire and bomb the Scientology center [the report suggests that it was done more than once, but doesn't give details].
    Reporter: The police was confused. However, A.A. explained that each time that the Scientology building was damaged, a new contractor was hired. Each new contractor gave Finkelstein a big bonus [for being hired].

    Second report [in the same edition]
    Finkelstein put a bomb under the car of Daniel Cohen, his ex wives's current partner. Cohen was harmed and so was his little daughter. Finkelstein was trying to get custody of his 11 year old son. At the time, Finkelstein's name came up during the investigation, however the police could not believe that a successful lawyer could be involved in such a crime.
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    Thank you Bozuri, your a gem! and you were right earlier on - two separate incidents on the scilon building, the fire last year and the failed garbage bin bomb this year.

    curiouser and curiouser. i cant wait until this gets clarified...
    my tinfoil says what was done to scam scientology out of money or use scientology to scam contractors out of bribes was by far the lesser of Finkelstein's offenses... i'm betting he fessed up to that suff, but denied the car bombings and shi-
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    I think the more accurate definition of the scientology organization is "terrorist cult". You are what you do.
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