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    Danny Vidislavski
    CEO of the Organization for Security and Prosperity in the Middle East and Owner of some other sham consulting firm.
    Here is his promotional video + some lecture he gave:
    There is nothing on his website, but a form asking for one's personal details.

    And Amiram (Ami) Adini, a lawyer from Tel Aviv [no visible connection to Gur Finkelstein]: and
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    Good translation. Thanks.
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  4. 1) This is true, except that she did this as a spokesperson for the church while doing an interview with Sweeney. This was televised and never redacted by the church. It is consistent with all of their other propaganda for psychiatry.
    2) Good point. I should clarify. I did not say that a conspiracy theory involving global bankers was an anti-semitic conspiracy theory, although that would appear to be the connotation.

    Although Hubbard did take a few ideas from Hitler*, he derided him publically in many lectures. My point is that an individual who starts theories of conspiracy about banks and media is sending indicators that they would consider it best if they control banking and media. It is a symptom of a dictatorial mind. I would imagine Israelis would be fairly sensitive about that. But I should have clarified. Point taken.

    * In Bare Faced Messiah he was quoted as saying that Hitler was crazy, but he had some good ideas. This quote was in the context of Hubbard explaining the source some of his management ideas such as the messenger service which was modeled on Hitler's youth.
    I had heard Aaron Saxton mention that privately among Sea Org member the Jewish term was not omitted and the Anti-Semitic nature was made clear. Because it was verbal, and because there were occasional inconsistencies with his story I never knew whether to take it seriously. It wasn't consistent with Hubbard's statements against both Hitler and the Russian communists.
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    I knew it existed, but I never used it before, because I thought that the translation would be rather bad, but in fact it wasn't.
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    And here is something interesting. Somebody by the name of Gil Livne completed many Scientology courses. It's a fairly common name, and I found three persons by this name. All quite interesting.

    Gil Livne number one: the current Head of Council of Shoham, a town where rich people live.


    Gil Livne number 2: Art director:

    Gil Livne number 3: a laywer in one of the biggest law firms in Israel:ליבנה-0

    I'm not sure which one is a Scientologist. Funny stuff. Might be neither.
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    Unofficial Translation,7340,L-3352035,00.html

    Department of Scientology Youth

    By Tal Heruti-Sovar
    14 January 2007

    Who is responsible for the invitation to the reception of Youth for Human Rights, flooding the email boxes of many journalists? The invitation was signed by Don Shaul, 13, from Haifa, who boasts the title of Israeli director of "Youth for Human Rights International, which operates under the auspices of the UN. But a brief investigation reveals: UN shocked. behind the initiative is the lovely Scientology movement.

    "Hello everyone! I Don Shaul, 13, from Haifa, and am the head of the Israeli campaign of Youth for Human Rights. This charming email has recently flooded the e-mail boxes of reporters and media. "People do not believe that I am only 13 and am involved and concerned with human rights and appear and speak in the media. I think children and youth have a major ability to influence and there is nothing surprising about the fact that me and other children care. If we won't take care of children and human rights, who will take care of the future when we grow up?

    In this flow of emails the Haifa boy presents himself as an Israeli representative of a global campaign, and boasts the title of Director of " Youth for International Human Rights - Israel " , which aims to raise awareness of human rights treaty of the United Nations. A few weeks later Shaul sent an email sayig that with the help of the Israeli Center Scientology, on the day of the reception there will be a stand where educational materials will be distributed. Shaul also added his picture in a suit and tie. He invited the recepients of the email to attend the special ball, which will be attended by the public figures, reporters, human rights activists and so on. The even would take place in a hotel on mount Carmel in Haifa at the end of January. Tickets can be bought for the price of 35 shekels directly from the energetic Director.

    As heart-warming initiative as this initiative is, the intriguing email did not reveal who is behind this new youth who appeared out of nowhere, who is financing the event, and how Shaul received the email addresses of journalists whom he invited. A short conversation with Shaul revealed that the event is supported by Scientology and the United Nations. The hotel hosting the event is donating its share for the event, and additional sponsor is an NGO the Human Rights Protector [CCHR in Hebrew] (an organization that investigates and exposes human rights violations by psychiatrists, founded - by the global Scientology movement).
    NO! Shaul exclaimed when asked the innocent question whether the Israeli branch of "Youth for Human Rights" that he leads is part of Scientology. "We are a completely independent body. The organization was established abroad, and we are the local branch. We're just one of several organizations which receive donations from them, but nothing to do with them at all.

    The international site of Youth for Human rights says that it was formed- lo and behold, by the Scientologists. A deeper search of the website, there was no mention of a UN-sponsored activity.

    "We give service to thousands of children, but activists around 20 children," said Shaul when asked how many members there are in, adding that the absence of a club they gather in members' homes. Until the reception will be registered as a non-profit organization," he promised. When we pressed him, wondering how can a child age 13 to fund the registration fee, Shaul explained that "parents are helping us with money, and some adult will register the organization". United Nations, he insisted, gives the young movement information and financing, as the global youth movement Scientology center in Israel, "but we are a separate organization. I know what it is Scientology that is enough for me, there is one girl whose family Scientology but others do not. Subject of Scientology does not matter - I know we do good. What could be wrong active for human rights? ".

    - Do you receive assistance from an adult?
    - Yes, Eli Haim.

    Endless lies were spread about us.

    After failed attempts to reach Eli Haim on the phone number provided by Shaul, we went to the Mount Caramel hotel to see if they support the move and why. Hotel director Misha Blumenfeld checked the contract with the authorized party, confirmed that the even will take place and that he is indeed taking "very little money. "If I hear about distressed youth who wants to help the community, I'll be nice to reduce the price", he explained."They came here and explained that they are an organization that works for human rights and we were glad to help. Later in the conversation it became clear that the event was coordinated with the hotel's events organizer, who gave us the phone number of the organizers.

    When we called the number, the phone was answered by the Scientology center in Tel - Aviv. "Is Eli Haim there?", we asked, and the polite voice the other replied, "Eli Haim is not here now. " Although the latter never returned messages left for him, but many phone calls yielded the Amir Levy, director of the Center for Special Affairs Scientology Israeli, who was very anxious about her movement's image and "endless lies were circulated.

    What's the connection between Scientology and the youth movement? The Organization" Youth for Human Rights" is an international ogranization and Shaul is responsible for its Israeli branch. The international organization was established by an educator Mrs. Mary Shuttleworth, to teach children and youth about their human rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promulgated by the UN.
    The religion of Scientology is active in promoting human rights and rights of children for past four decades.

    "Scientology is active in promoting religion and human rights since its inception, "continues Levy. "In the seventies, for example, Scientologists have revealed the brutal abuse of black South Africans by psychiatrist. Even today, Israel and the world, Scientologists are involved in exposing the abuse and exploitation - by psychiatry, and abuse of law and human rights by governments. The purpose of the current campaigns in which it supports She deal with the challenge posed by the modern world, especially in light of the September 11 events, the situation in East - East and so on. Our message is that the solution is not to hide or pass draconian laws, but to teach people and governments about the importance of human rights. "

    - Who finances the activites of the youth organization?
    - You'll have to ask Don and his mother.
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    1) A single individual out of a group of tens of thousands ignoring known facts is no reason to condemn the rest of that group.
    2) Why are you automatically assuming that a conspiracy theory involving YFHR is an anti scientology conspiracy theory?
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    Official translation (probably):
    Other stuff:
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    Thanks this is totally the official translation. There was another article in a different newspaper [in Hebrew], published 6 months later, called :

    The Poster boy of Scientology Strikes again:

    13 year old Don Shaul continues to operate, despite earlier revelations that his organisation operates as a Scientology front group. This time Shaul even asserted that the Prime Minister and the Ministers were supporting him.

    At first glance the story of Don Saul, child activist, seems like a dream of every Polish [Jewish] mother: a young boy 13 years old who aspires to a better world, establishing a human rights organization, organizes activities throughout the country to promote the subject discuss with the media. But investigation of Walla! News discovered six months ago a little different truth - the truth of "religion" Scientology. Despite the confusion created by the story earlier this year, Don Shaul, recently issued a further statement to the press, which he calls the public to Sheinkin garden compound in Tel Aviv today, for the launch of the new campaign Scientology center support organizations.

    For those thad didn't follow, here is the recap of chaper 1 of the story: Six months ago, newspapers began receving numerous messages on behalf of an organization called "Youth for Human Rights." Signed on them - a young boy 13 years old named Don Paul, who identified himself as CEO of the organization in Israel. Messsages themselves called to raise public awareness about the Convention of Human Rights, apparently a welcome initiative, but behind that by exposure, was the sect Scientology - Method " self-improvement, founded in the U.S. in the fifties, by author Ron Hubbard and secrets are references to the arrival of the aliens to Earth.

    Even if you ignore it, Scientology has a number of controversial principles, one of the most famous of which is the negation of psychiatry and public battle against it. Inter-ministerial committee report to examine the subject of cults in Israel ruled Scientology is a cult, describing the methods through which the organization draws members and exploits them.

    Among the activities will take place at the event today: signing petitions, distribution of leaflets showing of videos that were prepared especially for the event. Also, the message indicates that the event received the blessing of Prime Minister, Office of the Chairman of the opposition, the Ministry of Education as well as the education minister's blessing.

    However, Education Ministry said in response to the message, that "after review of the ministry did not we gave a statement of support for the event, and we completely oppose the Scientology center activity. " Education Minister's office, said that "we have not received an official request for the event, but we did receive a
    request in April 2007 which did not contain any reference to the involvement of the organization with Scientology." The source added that an inquiry would take place as to why the endorsement of the Ministry of Education was advertised on invitations, without the permission of the Ministry.
    Chairman's Office of opposition MK Benjamin Netanyahu, said in response that the declaration of support for the event "never happened. We do not have anything to talk about. "

    In a conversation with Haaretz News, Don Shaul explained: "People do not know their rights and we want to increase the awareness of this issue", he declares, "The activity is sponsored by the UN, UNICEF and the Center Scientology, and takes place in 51 states."

    The question of the relationship between activity and Scientology Shaul explains: "Scientology center supports all kinds of campaigns for human rights, but we ourselves are not Scientologists. We are pleased about the relationship with them, they are 'good guys' and they are working for human rights." Despite this statement, following the call of Saul himself noted that he studied Scientology center in Tel Aviv, and that school there were "fun and helped me succeed in life," he said.

    Ayelet Kedem, from the Cult Crisis center is not surprised by the story: "It is clear that the minor can not act on his own and that someone is behind it, "she says, and determines that "in a country such as Israel with its harsh realities, it's natural that people are looking to learn about themselves, and thus Israel constitutes a convinient arena for Scientology's operation.

    In response to questioning of those who claim that he was "a puppet of the Scientology center," says Saul, "they do not realize that a child can do these things. I understand them, because they have no hope in life", he attacks and continues: "Ultimately I do not need defensive because I do holy work that promotes the importance of human rights. "

    Asked whether the organization he heads is about more issues, said Don that they have a fight against psychiatric and psychological organizations. These "make people fall through and go deep with their medications," he explains, noting that "although we submitted a bill about 'abuse of psychiatric care, not long ago." The struggle of psychiatry as stated, is one of the major battles of Scientology

    According to Kedem from the Cult Crisis networ, "People are looking for escapism and find it in the form of different sects, while Scientology is the biggest sect. " According to Kedem "Scientology uses social situations, especially in distressed areas, by using stories which obscure the real intent. " Finally, she added that "the use of a child for this activity even more infuriating. "

    Scientology center representative in Israel Amir Levy said: "Among other activities, Scientology is engaged in promoting the human rights, actively involved in exposing cases where governments took advantage of the law and violated human rights. " He added that the connection's between activities of Don Saul is done largely because "we support youth, their activity meets our criteria. " In response to claims of Ayelet Kedem, Amir Levy said that "Mrs. Kedem herself disguises her relations with Orthodox bodies that persecute us. "
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    Thanks Bozuri for all your hard work and digging.
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    it would be interesting to find this kid nowadays. He is 17 now and posted some videos online, but they are completely unrelated to scientlogy. They are just silly videos of his sister or girlfriend [not clear]. I hope some journalist finds him and asks him what was this all about when he was 13 and who put him up to this whole Scientology shit.
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    The UN sponsorship is crap:
    - They managed to get a meeting once in New York, years ago.
    - They manged to get meetings twice in Geneva: in 2008 (then were denied in 2009) and in 2010 (as invited by members states - Haiti and another one - but not the UN).
    - YFHR were removed from online UN library when people mentioned them (2008 ?).

    I am sure the UNICEF is crap too. But the scientology support is true.
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    Well, the articles are from 2007 and 2008. In any case, YFHR in Israel lied about everything else as well - they didn't have the endorsement of the Education Ministry, they didn't have the endorsement of the opposition. It's really sickening using a 13 year old kid like that.
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    Is Mr/Ms Halpert still in Parliament?

    Regardless, he/she will be an influential and educated potential ally.
  17. TinyDancer Member

    We need to understand HOW they won.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Looks kind of like Robert Downey Jr...when he's looking forward to prison buttsecks for the latest fuck up.
  19. TinyDancer Member

    Bozuri, you are a real gem. Thanks from me too.

    Is there any chance you could identify the Inter-ministerial committee report online? (If it's public.)
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    I have no idea who this Halpert is, need to check. The thing is - it's the ultra orthodox that chase Scientology, thinking that they proselytize. Myself being an atheist, I am not a friend of the ultra orthox, whom I regard as a cult as well. Most of them even practise disconnection if their kids leave religion or even hold symbolic funerals for such kids.
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    The report is public and I have it. It was called the Miriam Glazer-Taasa report. Unfortunately, it's from 1987. It was not a report about Scientology per se, but it dealt with cults. But somehow very quickly it focused on Scientology. I'm going to have to make it electronicaly searchable and translate it.
    Glaze -Taase:

    I am hoping that maybe after the recent Gur Finkelstein thing there will be another investigation. However here are some things people need to understand about the Israeli politics:
    The country is vastly secular, though all those secular people identify themselves as Jews. They pick and chose how to follow Judaism or if to follow at all. I'd say that the seculars are about 70 percent of the Jewish population and Tel Aviv is definitely their capital. Most Tel Aviv residents oppose bitterly the ultra- orthodox [and so do I]. So while opposing the ultra orthodox, the seculars endorse every new religion: many travel to India to ashrams, some convert to budhism and scientology sort of fills in this niche. There is a giant war between the seculars of Tel Aviv and thte religios of Jerusalem. It's not chance that Scientology has no presence in Jerusalem and is largely focused on Tel Aviv.
    So while the best bet of getting the members of the parliament investigate scientology would be contacting the ultra-orthodox, there is a giant war between the secular and religios Israelis, and I fear that Scientology would ride on this wave of presenting themselves as the friends of seculars, whom those evil ultra-orthodox persecute.
    Personally, I'd try and get somebody from the non-religious parties to deal with Scientology.
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    I'll look up the judgement and let you know.
  23. Anonymous Member

    And here is a link to the guideline 3.7-4 of the Israeli Ministry of Education entitled "Prohibition of use of "The Way to Happiness" Book.

    A "Non-profit Organisation for the Thriving and Security in the Middle East" distributes books called "The Way to Happiness", written by L. Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology. We would like to bring to the attention of school principles and teachers that this book and the accompanying materials thereto, such as work books and posters, are not authorised by the Ministry of Education. Thus, schools are prohibited from purchasing these books or receiving them gratis for the use at schools.
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  24. Scatman Member

    Right, on the basis of not operating in the public interest, criminal activities, fraud, etc.
  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Is it an either/or situation?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Hmm...hard to say.

    There is a lot of antagonism towards the ultra-orthodox in Israel, who believe it or not often act worse than Scientologists [don't work, live off welfare, don't serve in the army, block our roads on Saturdays, tell us what to do, riot when we keep parking lots open on Saturdays and so on]. So for example, when in Tel Aviv, the ultra-orthodox tried to close down the Scientology kindergarten called Pepe, the liberals were quickly to jump in and say that the ultra-orthodox are being ignorant and racists towards other religions.
    When the anti-cult society accused Scientology of using this 13 year old kid to promote Scientology within the framework of Youth for Human Rights, Scientology's response said that the anti-cult movement concealed ties to the ultra-orthodox.

    On a personal level - my dislike of the ultra-orthodox is so high, that I refuse to work with them on anything. And I suspect that's why liberal parties defend Scientology, without even knowing what it is, just out of spite to the ultra orthodox. Welcome to the crazy politics of Israel. And that's even before the conflict with Palestinians.
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  27. TinyDancer Member

    Thanks, Bozuri. Your insights are very valuable.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    How would the Ultra-Orthodox take a message sent to them stating: "Regarding Scientology, please stop helping. -Love, Anonymous"
  29. Anonymous Member

    Hahaha. They have no idea who anynymous are. They don't allow computers or television at home.
    But I made it sound real bad- there are lots of different kids of religious Jews, some of them are nothing like the ultra-orthodox, so I'll take their help.
  30. AnonLover Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Bozuri, i just accidentally stumbled on this thread and i just wanted to say, nice work on this one. thanks.
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    "The authors recommend defining a cult as a group that converges around one person or idea and adopts thoughtand behavior-controlling methods. Cults, they said, encourage emotional dependency, loyalty, obedience and subordination to the leader. The leader is a person who takes advantage of the members to promote the cult’s goals and causes emotional damage and physical, economic and social detachment from other members of the cult, their relatives and the surrounding community.

    In addition to creating legislation and defining cult activity in Israel, the report also recommends increasing public awareness of the phenomenon and even holding workshops for teens so they understand the dangers of becoming involved."

    Nowhere To Run, Nowhere to Hide To, Baby (DM)

    Damn, if the Middle East can get it right, last but not least ... how about the United
    States of America?
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    The religious parties in Israel will probably gut this legislation so that it cannot be used against ultra-orthodox cults.
  36. AnonLover Member

    I was hoping to hear Bozi's take on this same sort of drift. but yeah, gotta wonder.
  37. Anonymous Member

    very interesting it will be, indeed.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Actually not at all. The ultra -orthodox are never defined as cults [even though they totally are]. That's the priviledge of living in a Jewish state. Somehow, if a group is big enough - it's not a cult. The ultra orthodox are always against all the new religions [bahais, budhists, ashram-lovers, scientology and so on]. So I don't see them opposing the law. They'll probably support it.
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    Given, lol.
    The problem is that in Israel many people get what is called the Messiah syndrom or the Jerusalem syndrom. They arrive in what they consider to be a holly land and all of a sudden they discover that they are either Moses, or Jesus, or some other prophet. So there are lots of idiotic groups like that. The Victims' of Cults Support association lists several of those: The cult of Messiah Jehoram Ben Shimol, The God's Loop, Messianic cult of Nir Ben Artzi [Son of the Land], Guru David Har Zion [Mount Zion]; Messiah Arkadi [that one is hilarious, because obviously the guy is Russian], David Goldner - the Voice of God and so on. There are also several Hari Krishnas and yoga style cults.

    I bet the ultra-orthodox will be more than happy to close all of those down, because they take the Jews away from their real work - to follow 613 commandments obligatory on the Jews.
  40. Herro Member

    Inb4 cult = politically active islamic groups.

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