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Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, May 17, 2011.

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    I didn't quite get what you said - but no, Muslims would never be considered a cult. If a Muslim group is too "politically active", their leader might get indicted for incitement. Only talking here about the Israeli Arabs, i.e. Palestinians that have Israeli citizenship and live in Israel.
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    Just one big shady nightmare this all is.
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    (tries hard not to lol) oh you
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    All - here is a little update on the Jaffa Org story and a Scientology lawyer second only to Moxon, Gur Finkelstein:

    So far a few excerpts of Finkelstein's investigation came to light. He claims that the city-hall official that issued a demolition order (Shota Hovel) was blackmailing Scientology with the demolition order, trying to extort money. In the mean time, the city hall of Tel Aviv <> hasn't decided yet whether to allow the Scientology to open the Jaffa Org at all, as there are many council members who are against it, since it's a dangerous cult and a "missionary" organisation: (sorry, it's all in Hebrew)
    And another bonus to the whole story: Shota Hovel [the city hall official that issue a demolition order for the Jaffa Org], has nephew by the name of Yossi Hen (hard H). Hen was allegedly bribed by Scientology to influence Hovel to allow the construction to continue.
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    Good stuff, Bozuri.
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    Interesting. I can't see Scientology getting a real foothold in Israel any more.

    Which is good.
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    ^^^ I'll translate the last article when I get the moment. It's quite interesting really. Scientologists claim that the Jaffa Org is a "college" or an "institute". The city council members are saying no it's not, it's just a cult. But of course then the really left wing liberals [and I'm a liberal myself] said something about how the multi-cultural Tel Aviv is [Jaffa is part of Tel Aviv municipalitiy] and how discriminatory it is not to allow Scientology to open their Org. An organization leading the battle against the Org is named The Israeli Center of Cult Victims. (just Hebrew) They don't necessarily deal with Scientology, they have plenty of Messianic cults to deal with, but they are very anti-Scientology as well.
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    Tel Aviv municipality will discuss whether to allow the new Scientology center in Jaffa to open

    By Ilan Lior

    Charged debate is expected by the Local Planning and Zoning committee regarding the establishment of the Scientology center in Jaffa. Opponents say: This is a missionary sect.

    A charged debate about the establishment of the Scientology Center in Jaffa is expected tomorrow (Wednesday 15 June 2011) at the meeting of the subcommittee of the Tel Aviv city hall Local Planning and Building unit. The center is expected to open in the building previously occupied by the Alhambra Theater on Jerusalem Avenue. Although the committee will be asked to approve the technical process - a change of a building permit from a theater to a college - but such a change will actually give a green light to open the Scientology center, whose activity is in the center of a controversy.

    The struggle against the establishment of the Scientology center is led by the Israeli Center for Victims of Cults. "Scientology is a missionary cult which uses techniques that lead to serious and severe damage to lives of people all over the world, wrote Rachel Lichtenstein, one of the heads of the anti-cult center. "The request at hand," she added, "is actually an application for a permit to establish a center that will serve as the sect's instrument and recruiting and will empower Scientology to attract a large number of innocent victims into their ranks." The Center for Victims of Cults also added that "This request is in fact a request to establish a center of Scientology, and not to establish a college."

    Deputy mayor of Tel Aviv and a member of the planning committee Asaf Zamir (faction “the city majority"), tends to oppose the request. "Even in a democracy is not all is sacred in the name of freedom of religion. When an authority comes to approve an extraordinary use of a building, it has to take into account all the relevant considerations. As far as I know, the city zoning in the area at question does allow educational and cultural activities, however, I have yet to see a document from the Higher Education Committee that proves that the activity of Scientology in Israeli is in fact “educational activity”. In addition, a geographical consideration also needs to be taken into account and it is not clear that the center in Jaffa is the right place for this sort of the proposed activity.

    Another Planning Board member, Deputy Mayor Meital Lahavi (Meretz fraction), said that there is no reason for the denial. "The building is a public building. The Scientology wish to do with it is for the purposes of the College of Scientology and it seems reasonable. The question of what is legitimate and not who is legitimate. If this building is privately owned, so our intervention in this question is of limited authority," she says. The City of Tel Aviv is a pluralistic city that gives space to all streams. Where if not in Tel Aviv would Scientology set up their house? Until Scientology or another body is registered as a cult, there is no reason not to give them permission." [Translator’s note: in 1987 Scientology was deemed to be a cult in a parliamentary committee].

    The center said that the committee members have no professional reason to reject the request. "If they do not approve the request they sin against the citizens of Tel Aviv - Jaffa. There is no design problem," says Yara Segal, a spokeswoman for the Scientology center. She says, "Scientology is not missionary religion, it's a lifestyle - to help people. Nothing more. Anyone who came to see one of the principles of Scientology the most basic principles of Scientology is to respect every religion."

    She further added that "there is a very small extreme minority trying to falsify stories about people who are only trying to do good for thte society. There are those who try to describe Scientology as a cult or similar. This is completely untrue. On the contrary - Scientology is one of the most transparent things not only in Israel, but in the whole world. All of Scientology goals are positive goals, such as - such as anti-drug activities and anti- violence activities, civil rights, empowerment of the individual and national crisis management ".

    The original request to change the permit was signed by Advocate Gur Finkelstein, who represented the center of Scientology. Finkelstein was arrested last month and accused of a series of serious offenses, including attempted murder, tampering with aggravated intent, an attempt to injury with serious intent, damage with explosives, arson, conspiracy and theft and assault at aggravating circumstances. According to the indictment against him, Finkelstein stood behind the assassination attempts against Shota Hovel, the Director of the Tel Aviv Municipality's supervision. Also, Finkelstein was responsible for the attempted arson of the structure of the new Scientology center.
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  10. Sponge Member

    Lawyer suspected of hiring hit man to kill witness
    Messy business.
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  11. xenubarb Member

    And there is the key point right there. Are they accredited by any body outside the front groups they form to accredit their own schools? Nar, nar, they are not. However, they've been quite successful to date with their assertions and fake certificates. It's about fucking time someone scrutinized them to determine they actually are what they claim. It's lulzy and I am liking it.

    Bozuri, thanks for taking the time to translate for us! Extra internets for you!
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  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice how they change what they say according to the audience.
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  13. Sponge Member

    ...and more.....

    Attorney suspected of ordering killings rearrested
    Gor Finkelstein faces new charges of ordering the killing of a state witness to prevent him from testifying.

    Very messy business.
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  14. Triumph Member

    the Gorster is a fine "piece of work".....Nice Catch there Scientology ... you know how to pick em....

    trying to exact revenge from behind bars....he must enjoy the valet service and fine cuisine inside the joint.. hes begging to stay behind bars for a long time
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    my goodness. what a mess.
  16. Anonymous Member

    I love that "prominent lawyer". The more shit he does, the more attention Scientology would get, even if he acted completely on his own.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I think this story should be reported in far wider circles, now that we have an excellent translation.

    After all, the cult accuses Anonymous of bomb threats (when there are none at all, that's not how Anonymous rolls) so it would be good to have it public knowledge that Scientology means bombs and attempted murder in Israel.
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    Bozuri, Israeli television did a good show about Scientology a few years ago, focusing especially on a guy named Illan.
    I think there is a link to it in the Simon Wisenthal thread if you may need or want it.
  19. Anonymous Member

    You could pass it onto Danielle at the Jewish Journal in LA, for starters.
  20. Anonymous Member

    We already sent her this report during the Wiesenthal saga. The report in question was done by Yair Lapid and this guy Ilan committed suicide after Scientology didn't let him see a psychiatrist. Ironically, his last day on earth he spent in a company of the head of the Israeli CCHR. She took him on some trip. He hung himself after he came home from the trip. Her name is Ela Shner.
    Anyway, that Finkelstein is such a loose canon that he will keep attention on Scientology for a long time. There is already talk about not letting the Jaffa Org open EVER. We can only hope it works out this way.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Finkelstein got a makeover:
  22. Triumph Member

    the Jerusalem Journal
    Attorney suspected of ordering killings rearrested

    a rehash of the above article by Sir Sponge Esq

    Scientology isn't gonna like this bit of Info..
    the ebil psyches have corrupted him
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    Something is telling me that Finkelstein is manic-depressive. He was probably having manic episodes when he ordered all those assasinations.
  24. AnonLover Member

    Skimming thru the thread and i thought that was Robert Downey Jr. at first.

    Good news is Scientology can help him with that.
  25. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ LOL on both points.
  26. Anonymous Member

    May be they already did by telling him there is no such thing as manic-depression so don't take medicine for something the psychs made up.
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  27. Sponge Member

    Gur Finkelstein charged with obstruction of justice
    Jerusalem Post 28th July 2011
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    ...and more detail....

    Attorney charged for hiring hit on state witness
    Finkelstein was already jailed for failed bombing, arson attempts, when he sought to hire undercover policeman, off state witness in his case
    Jerusalem Post 28th July 2011
  29. xenubarb Member

    Sheesh, what a dumb fuck!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Too bad the guard is so short, or this'd already have been a Miscavige shoop ;P
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    Shit, August 18th's not far off!

    Australia! Do you know where Janice Eastgate Meyer is?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Well... YEAH!

    Obviously he is connected to some heavy-duty SPs to be roller-coastering like that!
  33. Anonymous Member

    You can shoop Miscavige into any prisoner's pic.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but it wouldn't look right!
    Needz taller guard
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  35. Triumph Member
    Attorney and his father charged with attempting to off witness, ex-wife
    By Ofra Edelman
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  36. Herro Member

    Except there's no evidence that Scientology is behind this. Or are you into the whole "acceptable truths" thing?
  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

    oh snap

    "dox or GTFO", Israeli-style
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  38. xenubarb Member

    Not behind it. He tried to have their building blowed up. Hardly behavior expected of a Scientologist, is it? They lub them sum buildings!

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