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    I have studied primates for years, I've seen baby macaques chained by the neck and sold for $7 as food in Indonesian animal markets, I've seen unspeakable cruelty to animals in China. It's not funny. The amount of suffering is extraordinary. Should I be embarrassed about educating myself on this issue?

    You're exactly right, a monkey living as a pet has no life of its own and is deprived of the social interaction it needs psychologically, so the monkey goes insane. In that documentary "My Child Is A Monkey" you can see several of those capuchin pets clinging to stuffed animals and rocking back and forth incessantly, which is a major sign of mental trauma. They also do things like pace constantly, and eventually they begin to self-mutilate. If you've ever seen videos of monkeys with their arms or legs wrapped in heavy tape, it's because they're self mutilating.

    In Pete Moss's back catalog of videos, he takes Boo to have his canine teeth removed and to be castrated. Monkey owners do that in the hopes of preventing their monkeys from acting like wild animals, which they are.

    My problem with primate ownership is that 95% of these monkeys are discarded within a year or two, when they go from docile babies to juveniles who become impossible to control. Monkeys bite. That's what they do. It's in their DNA. So the question of whether they'll act out and attack their owners isn't if, it's when.

    The lucky monkeys get placed in sanctuaries, but with so many people discarding monkey pets, most legit sanctuaries have no more space. The less lucky ones are rehomed, getting sold over and over again to new families. The extremely unlucky ones get driven out and dumped in a wooded area, where they will die because they don't know how to fend for themselves. And those with the worst luck end up in labs.

    If you look at these monkey channels on YouTube, the vast majority to silent after a few months and stop uploading videos because the owners realize they're in over their heads and get rid of the monkeys. It's extremely unfair to the animals.

    Regarding conservation, keeping them as pets isn't a viable option. Macaques aren't endangered and are the most adaptable primates on earth next to humans. Capuchins as a whole aren't endangered, although certain types are.

    The problem is, it's impossible to domesticate them. They don't meet any of the criteria, and humans have never successfully domesticated any animal as a pet. Dogs and cats were basically work animals during the domestication process -- dogs helped humans hunt and guarded their camps, and cats were used as mousers when humans developed agriculture and began storing grain.

    However if you're interested in rehabilitation, check out what they're doing in Borneo and Sumatra for orphaned orangutans. It takes about 8 years to rehabilitate an orphan orang and teach them everything they need to know to survive in the wild. There are lots of vids on YouTube showing the process -- the caretakers literally teach these little guys how to climb, how to forage, etc. Most of them come in extremely traumatized after witnessing their mothers being slaughtered by poachers and being kept as pets.

    Anyway, I don't want to come off as preachy so I hope this isn't interpreted that way. It's just that I think a lot of people see these YouTube vids of the adorable baby monkeys and they fall in love...and then when you read the horror stories of what happens to those monkeys, it becomes clear that human homes are bad places for them.

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    Not preachy in the least thank you for sharing.I cant say I have ever wanted a pet monkey. Instinctively I knew that's crazy-town to want wild animals as pets, but I adore them whenever I have encountered them. What you have said is enough to make me aware of the ongoing issues and want to donate to funds for rehabbing/re-homing them, so that's not a bad outcome from your discussions here.
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  3. The Internet Member

    The only wild monkeys in Europe

  4. The Internet. Sigh.
  5. I realize I am a bit late to this discussion, but I can help to clarify much in the case of monkey boo and his owner. I am speaking from first hand experience and knowledge with the both of them. I have refrained from doing this on youtube, where boo's owner lives, for the main reason that he is a vindictive and vengeful person. He has flat out said to me that if he wants to ruin someone's life online, he can easily do so. His son is well versed in computers and technology and has likely shared ways of doing certain things. I have witnessed him doing it recently to the youtuber that owns monkey xander. They were dating and recently split and she posted a video explaining why. He has gotten on that video and lashed out and she has said herself that he is hacking her accounts. I personally do not want to draw his wrath to me, but enough is enough. People need to know the much deception in the world.

    He, his cousin (who has appeared in vids), and boo stayed at my house off and on for 2 years. The deal was that they could stay here and all I required was help around the house and property and for him to kick in on bills. I received very little help and no financial help. I helped him financially to the tune of around 6k, which I will never see. And that sucks, but what sucks about it most is that I am a cancer survivor who became disabled from treatments, which is why I needed help around the house and property. I met him through boo's channel and found out that he lived only 2 hrs from me. I met them in person before letting them move in. Of course, I was in love with boo. I did not date him or the cousin, it was purely a friendship. I haven't dated anyone since becoming disabled because the part of my problems stemming from cancer treatments have rendered me inoperable in regards to sex. Anyway, proof positive that I am not speaking from the stance of a jilted lover or something.

    I am happy to answer any and all questions pertaining to boo, his owner, and boo's care. Like I said, all knowledge is first hand. I'm in the process of moving, so I will check back frequently on this thread, but bear with me if I take a bit to reply.
  6. Truth Speaker Member

    And if anyone has a problem with me exercising my right to free speech only has a problem because they do not want truth to be known. And the truth wouldn't be so detrimental if people who gave their word followed up their word with actions that prove that their word is worthy and able to be trusted. Funny how those things circle around right? Trust, truth, worthy, etc. My point is, the only person that would ever speak out or speak against my right to speak truth, would be the person that used me purely for their gain. Yes, used me. Used me financially, used me materially, used me emotionally (by allowing me to form a very powerful bond with boo) and then disappearing out of my life as soon as the money stopped flowing. I did nothing but support the three of them, in many ways. So I don't think it's wrong for me to feel like and know that I have been used in a multitude of ways. Nor do I feel like I should keep my mouth shut just because someone doesn't want the false reality that they have portrayed to be shattered. The thing is that no one would have anything to worry about if they didn't do people wrong, it's that simple. So, should I incur the wrath of boo's owner and he decides to try to ruin me in any way, I can simply take all the information that I have regarding his true identity and file criminal charges should he attack me in any way.
  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    Truth Speaker I am sorry for your troubles. IMHO you have made a lucky escape. People suck truly, not all but some. We have all come across scumbaggery in life, its simply a matter of quantum of damage. In my experience its always proved best to accept the losses, breathe deeply, move on, and never look back. I wish you hope, good times and health into the future.
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  8. Pete in one of Monkey Bio's vids does say that he had his eyes wide open about Boo. That it is a lifetime commitment. That Pete knew it going in. But was willing to do it. He is very responsible about Boo. It takes a special person to raise and maintain a monkey. I believe that Pete Moss does just that.
  9. Look who’s name you used to get attention to your story
  10. if you are a real American human ..and have the blood of pure American that lived in the united states with ancestors from 1800s.......then you need to know that your blood line and ancestors...were one of the most racist people alive...….your family tree used to sell slaves,,,,,,and now … sit and talk crap about owning monkeys.people who own primates take care of them like babys….and a companion.....please check your blood line first,,,,,,,,if you are related to americans,,,,,who used to have and sell slaves,,,,,,,,honestly I have a neighbor living next to me that his ancestors were extreme racist....owned a slave plantation....and that makes me very nervous knowing,,,,,,my neighbors bloodline was connected to monster americans living here in 1800s and early 1900s...……….

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