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  1. Anonymous Member

    I was just doing a search on aspartame to see the reasons why its so bad for people and i did a search on the developers and distributers and what i found out is that the company who created this harmful substance has actually created a vast amount of other destructive substances and are now producing and exporting genetically altered seeds in agriculture, creating growth hormones in livestock and a number of other substances. Just searching a bit through a small bit of information i can see that this company has only full intent of manufacturing deadly chemical substances that we use not only in our world of chemicals, but also in our foodstuff. There have been numerous court cases where they have bullied and use their wealth of money and power to win these cases and continue to manufacture and create. I saw some lab rats with huge tumours and growths which were fed Monsanto's genetically altered corn that is now in production and sold in todays market. Has Anonymous ever looked into this company or does anyone have some good information that is not just the run of the mill internet postings etc. Im curious to see what the full course of dirty deeds this company have committed.
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    OP, don't listen to that closet Scientologist Mercola. He just wants to rile people up.

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Concluding bit from a lengthy review of the scary mice with big tumors paper:

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  4. Sonichu Moderator

    View the video from 6:43-6:57

    Change "Loonie's Vacuum's" to "Monsanto Seeds"

  5. Sonichu Moderator

    Yeah I know I have nothing useful to contribute on this, but this popped in my mind when I saw the write up talk about Tumors on lab Rats.
  6. Anonymous Member

    good link....makes sense.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Really? I figured Sonichu was trying to give me a seizure with those cartoon clips. So over stimulating.

    In my day we had the Looney Tunes, and that was plenty exciting for us, by golly.
  8. Anonymous Member

    As i poured a sweetener into my coffee and i looked to make sure it wasn't aspartame it made me wonder as to why aspartame has that bad name and not the other sweetener i was using. I looked it up...and you know how that thing leads to another on cyber world. Hard to decipher truth from false in this day and age with so much propaganda as i had first heard of the aspartame conflicts years ago on a media broadcast. Guess its just like my old math teach told me once...take care of the big problems and the small ones will take care of themselves.
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    Search youtube for the "Baloney Detection Kit" a nice vid discussing the basics in judging the merit of a claim.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Thanks anon..thought at first You were kicking me in the ass but i did do the youtube search and it was a great vid on choosing realistic non biased research instead of going with the general opinion of the masses. Now all I gotta do is get all these conspiracy theories out of my head and its all good!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Anons can occasionally be helpful, and trolling, and ADHD. Just look at this thread. It's its own microcosm of applying the Baloney Detection Kit. Some people are just fucking with you. Some get bored and latch on to irrelevant parts of the message, while still a small few are actually helpful.

    Use the tools of science, to cut through the chaff, and come to your own conclusions. The rules and methods of science can be applied by anyone. They have no bias. Remember, if someone makes any sort of claim, you should be able to independently verify the claim.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Weird, I have been using "Splenda" as a substitute for sugar for years. Started with my mother who has to use the alternative due to having adult-onset Diabetes. She keeps herself in good health by following a really strict diet, and is very health conscious, so I started to do the same thing, because of that patricular malady in my own family history..
    bla bla bla, and Splenda tastes good. I've assumed it's relatively safe. ??
  13. Anonymous Member

    I have looked all the substitutes up...they are all bad for you so they say. i use sugar anyway...i just ran out and was using my gf's sweetener. its not the aspartame that interests now me though..its the chemical companies who produce these chemicals into our foods etc. growth hormones in livestock...artificial sweeteners in our food. The thing is that these same companies produce insecticides and other chemicals into our world...and when i did the search it was Monsanto that made the headlines. i didn't see any good articles...just bad. I was just wondering what the scoop on them was. Being a large corporation that holds a long history, I'm sure they have their "seedy ventures as a company doesn't as a rule get to be a corporation without crossing lines. When i go shopping with my kids i tell them not to get the organically grown produce as its more expensive but i may change that in the near future...
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Stop being a fag and drink your coffee black with no sugar.

    BTW, Monsanto is really not a nice company, and they do deserve to be boycotted over their GMO seeds.
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  15. Honigdachs Member

    What is the significant relation to internet freedom of information?
  16. muldrake Member

    Not to defend the kooks or the aspartame conspiracy theories, but "studies manufactured by the food cartel" doesn't really make me think "wow I should just mindlessly believe this." Artificial sweeteners are basically what they are because they're indigestible. It's unlikely they're all that good for you.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    If you can't digest something it goes out in your poop.
  18. Some1Inside Member

    Just thought I'd stop in and leave some intellectually indecent indignities . May your pea sized brains be appeased by these tidbits of nit-wittedness.

  19. Anonymous Member

    You forgot to account for our small attention spans. No one here is going to sit and watch an hour and 49 long minute video.
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  20. father Member

    WTF this thread was supposed to be about? Aspartame?
    How the F does it have *anything* to do with Scientology? (or anything else, for that matter)
  21. Anonymous Member

    These children want more GMO foods, due to better crop yields, fewer pesticides, less starving.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I guess it has to do with aspartame maybe?
  23. father Member

    That's MEAN (to post it in response to someone who doesn't even realize that they CAN HELP)
  24. Anonymous Member

    Pretty much all food is genetically modified at this point, either through selective breeding or insertion of genes into plants. But molecules don't remember where they came from. And they taste the same, GMO or not.

    Beware people who want you to worship a feeling of what is natural. That's a beautiful meme that spreads easily, but can serve as a kind of cognitive trojan horse that opens the door to dangerous political movements.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    It doesn't, that's why it's in the Freedom of Information section of the forum.
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  26. father Member

    Ok. Letssee..... Alaska belongs to Russia!!!!! that stupid Ekaterina II sold it to someone in the USA for nothing!
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  27. Some1Inside Member

    Ahh yes thanks be to ye for the reminding of me. Alas, more time I shall not rob, but if only one sees what I see then I shall have done my job.
  28. father Member

    Aspartame is evil. Aspartame is the one of evilest things that desteoys us (and our brains).
    So, we must avoid anything containing aspartame 'cause if we don't we are gonna die, die fast. - LOL!
    That's the conception of a Scientologist.

    I'd suggest you watch what you eat. - Eat food that's not been "processed". - Natural food is good. - The Mother Nature tells you so, not me.
  29. mongrel Member

    The best reason to avoid eating aspartame is because it tastes like ass. Actually, ass tastes better. I would lick my girlfriend's freshly washed ass all day rather than eat aspartame. It's some seriously nasty tasting stuff. I don't understand how anyone enjoys the flavor.

    Lol, just kidding. I don't have a girlfriend.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I don't like the way any of the artificial sweeteners taste. Splenda is a little better than aspartame maybe. But if it's a really hot day and I'm gonna drink a lot, I'd rather have the zero calorie stuff.
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  33. SonOfDevil Member

    I want to infiltrate this shit corporation
  34. Anonymous Member

    Many years ago, I participated in the actual taste surveys on aspartame.

    Nearly all respondents found it tasted far better in very small quantities combined with sugar. Tastewise, that's the mix that works. Dieters don't want any sugar, though, so they put up with it.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Our bodies don't deal with processed sugars the best. Fructose is natural sugars from fruits, and there is a new sweetener called "Stevia", which is a natural sugar (but processed as well).

    Monsanto doesn't do much testing because "the food itself isn't changed". For the most part they put pesticide compounds in the genetic code so the plant is resistant to the spray (mostly round up). There have been some studies that find round up in people blood (google yourself), and the fact Monsanto is sue happy is why they're hated.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. even table sugar is made from gmo beets look into that ive been buying pure cane sugar for my coffee ....the gov wants us dead putting gmo soy in infant formula the list is endless fuck Monsanto and our gov letting this happen
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Cane sugar is grown using massive amount of chemicals that Monsanto usually provides to the agro. industry.......... Monsanto=DuPont
  40. i buy organic cane sugar

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