Montreal — 9 mai / May 9th

Discussion in 'Canada' started by N. Ron Rubber, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. N. Ron Rubber Member

    Montreal — 9 mai / May 9th

    Quelques infos sur notre prochaine manifestation:

    C'est le samedi 9 mai 2009, au coin de Papineau et Rachel.

    Un rassemblement a lieu à 11am, et le départ de notre marche vers le commerce de la scientologie (au coin de Papineau et Mont-Royal) est à midi.

    Pour plus d'infos:
    Anonymous Montreal

    * * *

    Some infos on our next protest:

    It's on Saturday May 9th, on the corner of Papineau and Rachel.

    We meet up starting at 11am, and we walk to Scientology business on the corner of Papineau and Mont-Royal at noon.

    For more info:
    Anonymous Montreal
  2. N. Ron Rubber Member

    Re: Montreal — 9 mai / May 9th

  3. AnonymousTR Member

    Re: Montreal — 9 mai / May 9th

    PROTIP for Anonymous Montreal:

    When you are running a forum (referring to yours, not this one I am posting on), please do make sure that if you require your admins to activate new accounts that:

    -Your admin checks his emails from time to time.
    -Your admin's email address is actually correct.

    I tried registering onto your forums and waited for my account to be activated and never got any reply from your admins besides an automated message from the board telling me you guys would activate the account. Today, I got an automated message saying my registration process expired because my account never got activated.

    I tried using the mail address at the top of your forum to contact your admin and it bounced back, stating the recipient does not exist. Maybe your email account has been deleted/banned for some reason or simply contains a typo?

    I really want to come from Trois-Rivieres and join you on May 9th, some of my friends do too. Unfortunately, your forum seems to be actually closed to newcomers and unless you make the appropriate corrections, it will remain so.

    I am certain this was not done on purpose and that will be fixed as soon as this comes to your attention.

    Thanks for your time,

  4. shawnfeyurden Member

    Re: Montreal — 9 mai / May 9th

    I don't agree. It took less than 48 hours to register, for me.

    But, yes, there is one email adress that is closed, or full, coz it bumped for me too.

    I'll bring two friends on saturday.
    Everyone with a mask, and pickets.
  5. puck35 Member

    Re: Montreal — 9 mai / May 9th

    Luckily my membership was approved the day I registered so that I could break the CCHR@Concordia story right away.

    Anyway, the Concordia raid has whet my appetite for more, so I'll probably be there Saturday.
  6. HellRazor Member

    Re: Montreal — 9 mai / May 9th

    I had trouble registering for the Mtl forum too. :(
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