Montreal, Canada, June 19 2009

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by shades, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. shades Member

    A peaceful and well organized demonstration was held in Montreal.





    More photos here

    All of the protest shots are free to use for the cause.
  2. Thanks for the support

    Thanks for the support ! We all need your support in Iran ! please let the world know what's going on in Iran ! We all doing our best with nothing ! Thanks again.
  3. Junius Member

    Nice job to the montreal protestors. I wish I could be there.
  4. Sorry

    Sorry but this demonstration doesn't seem that good. Montreal is full of Iranians students who recently came from Iran and took money from regime to make their studies. And as we see in your pictures, you used the Islamic Republic flag, instead of a green flag or a empty neutral one. But in other city in Canada or USA noone used that awefull flag. Even Mr Moussavi or his fellows never used this flag on demonstration. It's just Ahmadinejad's men who are using this flag today.

    Shame on you !
  5. in term of liberty and openness/equality: Montreal is science fiction for iranians...

    I'm from montreal, I worked with a few iranians... Most didn't move here to study but because the opportunity they were seeking were not in Iran!

    I would somehow agree with you about students using funds from iran education system to leave. It's called brain drain, canadians, with our mostly free education system, have some issue with it.

    Some peoples trained here, for basically free, leave for the USA to make more money! The brain drain work both ways, so we don't care that much, there is some balance...

    There is a lot of good reasons to leave Iran that overcome any brain drain guilt someone could experience! I guess a lot of iranian were/are tired of waiting for a regime change. Thing are bound to change someday, but when! We got a glimpse lately! awesome!

    And BTW there's a lot of old folks in the pics!
  6. yeah about the graphic quality

    granted, I forgot to acknowledge your point about the flag they were using. As we like it or not, IMAGE is important in demonstrations!
  7. Quoted for TRUTH!

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