Montreal - Jan-NO U-ary: The Fuck-it raid

Discussion in 'Canada' started by The Rooster, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. The Rooster Member

    Montreal - Jan-NO U-ary: The Fuck-it raid

    Got to the metro early, met up with Anubis and AwNN, then found out people were already at the fucking park (damn, guys, I was there at 10:40, when the fuck did you get there?). Hopped on a bus, then froze my feet off in the park because snow filled my shoes faster than a virgin on prom night. Had some long-since missed lulz at the park, saw a lot of anons that I haven't seen in months, and then we moved on the org. Froze my feet off, had some epic lulz, then went to the bar for longer than we spent at the org.
    Highlights (oh, I miss having raids with highlights):
    -We all singing Bohemian Rhapsody and making Doggles cower on the ground in fear
    -Chasing Relentless into the alley and dogpiling him.
    -Gangbanging Fro
    -Various humpings thanks to Relentless (I missed that)
    -The 30 minutes spent in McDonalds
    -Caramelldansen (another thing I missed)
    -Relentless humping the org door
    -Antics with the Jesus statue
    -Gaius breakdancing
    -Nancy Grace vs Bill O'Reilly: The Ultimate Showdown (if you weren't there, don't bother)
  2. Consensus Member

    Re: Montreal - Jan-NO U-ary: The Fuck-it raid

    Gosh you guys hump a lot.
    Wanna hang out sometime?
  3. star eht Member

    Re: Montreal - Jan-NO U-ary: The Fuck-it raid

    little ad

    we had a filming crew filming some of as as we were flyering on the corner, and one guy who took one said "ha, i was in it for a year" then started a quick talk about it and of course! the filming focused on him for a bit, said rapidly how he was in for a year, than they sucked a lot of money out of him, and then left.

    music was had on a low level, and cops freaking left us alone about it.
    Anon protesting even in the snow with syberian cold

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