Montreal Mask Law Will Be Moot - Free Xenu Public Education

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Intelligence, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Intelligence Member

    On advice from one Montreal government entity, the wearing of Masks during a protest where there is three or more protesters is possible without being fined if it is a Religious practice of doing so.

    Montreal bans wearing masks at protests


    A formal complaint was sent to the Quebec Human Rights Commission requesting an inquiry that
    this Anti-Mask law violated intrinsic rights and freedoms designed to ensure his protection and development.


    chapter C-12

    WHEREAS every human being possesses intrinsic rights and freedoms designed to ensure his protection and development;

    Whereas all human beings are equal in worth and dignity, and are entitled to equal protection of the law;

    Whereas respect for the dignity of human beings, equality of women and men, and recognition of their rights and freedoms constitute the foundation of justice, liberty and peace;

    Whereas the rights and freedoms of the human person are inseparable from the rights and freedoms of others and from the common well-being;

    Whereas it is expedient to solemnly declare the fundamental human rights and freedoms in a Charter, so that they may be guaranteed by the collective will and better protected against any violation;

    Therefore, Her Majesty, with the advice and consent of the National Assembly of Québec, enacts as follows:

    1. Every human being has a right to life, and to personal security, inviolability and freedom.

    He also possesses juridical personality.

    1975, c. 6, s. 1; 1982, c. 61, s. 1.
    The Human Rights Commission failed to respond or investigate complaint.

    Therefore, an application to Revenue Canada for Charitable status as a Religion is the ONLY
    alternative to protest in Montreal while wearing a Mask.

    Application to Revenue Canada will be sent next week with attached governing documents for the Registration of:

    Free Xenu Public Education

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  2. TorontosRoot Member

    Holy shit. I think this is the best thing since... 2008 in June! :D
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Me hazz been a wee bit busy over the past several months with other pressing matters, but NOW, this will be done ASAP. I've registered a Charity with Revenue Canada in the past, and it's an easy and fast process if all the I's and T's are dotted and crossed - LOL :rolleyes:
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  4. Random guy Member

    Wow! Can I contribute to your charity? who's the benefactors (apart from the obvious), stray cats?
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  5. Intelligence Member

    LOL - nope, no benefactors, and NO donations required or needed.

    Mmmm ... perhaps 'stray cats' and every cat? I LOVE CATS. :p

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  6. lulzRus Member

    This idiotic law was voted because of the college tuition protests, which happened because the liberal government of the time was made out of cynical corrupted idiots who wanted to get their criminal asses reelected with a divide and conquer approach. The old fags here reelected them a few days ago even though there is a very high probability their campain was financed in great part with money from the italian mafia. People are fucking retards.

    Mayor Tremblay BTW left in disgrace, escaping criminal accusations by pretending to be an incompetent moron who had no idea what was going on in his own office. His temporary replacement, mayor Applebaum, was actually arrested by UPAC on charges of corruption. The actual mayor, Denis Coderre, is an ex-federal minister who quit the federal liberal party when his gang lost the leadership to Trudeau. He's a twitter fiend who thinks he's a bigshot.
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  7. eddieVroom Member

    About 15 years ago, I was advocating organizing as ministries or missions as there are special rights and protections that go with it. It places one's activities in opposing Scientology under the umbrella of sectarian squabbles, and at the time Scientology was seeking to exploit new hate crimes legislation. That's basically how they went after Keith Henson.
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  8. lulzRus Member

    Also, to anyone planning a protest in any city of Quebec :

    Be careful and plan strategically. It is not only wearing a mask that has been made illegal, but also any unannounced protest which consists of 50 or more people :,_2012)

    The "punitive" sections of this law have been repealed by Parti Québécois, but the government that initially put it on the books has recently been reelected with a majority, which means they can do whatever they want.They are not showing any sign of leniency.

    During the student protests, the law was somewhat circumvented by organising the protests in several small groups of less than 50 people, starting from different points.
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  9. tinfoilhatter Member

    how about: Cult education? or Human rights abuses education?
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  10. TruthBeT0ld Member

    This shows you just how "Free" the country really is....
  11. PTS Member

    It isn't Canada, it's Quebec. Big big difference.
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  12. TruthBeT0ld Member

    There are quiet a few states in the US that do not allow us to wear masks. Thinking out loud
  13. PTS Member

    Bill C-309, the federal law prohibiting wearing masks during a riot or unlawful assembly, is not and never was intended to enhance peace or public order. Its intent is to create a chilling effect for anyone who would dare to show up at a rally or protest whilst wearing a disguise. In this regard it is identical to the Montreal bylaw. All it would take to charge someone under the law is for them to be standing at the sidelines when a riot breaks out at what was intended to be a peaceful rally. Violators are liable to ten years imprisonment. Canadians have plenty of evidence that various law enforcement agencies have used agents provocateurs in order to provoke violence at peaceful demonstrations. We've seen them at work in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. It takes very little imagination to foresee a corrupt government using this law as a hammer against groups it dislikes.

    C-309 has not yet faced a Charter challenge, something that is necessary and inevitable. It curtails freedom of expression and it remains to be seen whether or not this legislation can withstand scrutiny by the Supreme Court of Canada. Any law that infringes on our civil liberties must be held to the test of absolute necessity. This has not happened yet. Like so many other laws enacted by the Harper Conservatives it pays little heed to fundamental principles of justice and instead only serves political expediency, the Conservative voter base. It does not serve Canadians.

    To the extent that Anons in Montreal find a way to circumvent these outrageous assaults on freedom of expression, I salute them.
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  14. lulzRus Member

    This was actually used as a justification to enact bill 78 when our "Liberal" government (don't let the name fool you, until recently this party was headed by the former chief of our provincial conservative party, which does not exist anymore) voted it in against the objections of Barreau du Québec and human rights movement.

    Every other city in north america does it -> the US. Same for the proposed 80% increase in college tuition -> the US does it ! Ours are lower than the rest of Canada ! We demand that our students be crushed under debt like american students. We even have our homegrown drooling retards who want to implement a version of NCLB.

    It seems even we poutine-lovers are bent on imitating the worse aspects of the US.
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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    Hey, not nice to disregard anyone with a mental or physical disability. That's just ignorant.
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  16. HellRazor Member

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  17. HellRazor Member

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  18. TorontosRoot Member

    I think he is.
    And he's spending money as if it's his own.
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