More win for the aussies!

Discussion in 'Media' started by JAFA, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. JAFA Member

    More win for the aussies!

    The aussies just won't quit hoarding all the win today.,23599,23192847-2,00.html

    The news isn't new, but it's on a major source now.

    Companies say "Fuck you we're with Xenu."

    Edited, sorry I got carried away with my thread title.
  2. AnonSoul Member

    wow...if there were any doubt that this guy was a whack job, it was removed while watching the "anti psych" rant that was in the article. Funny how he mentions "the wrath of God" at the end of it.

    I'm curious if anyone from Taiwan can confirm the school system handing out the booklets?
  3. AnonyTsunami Member

    "You can shot yourself in the head."
  4. JAFA Member

    The best part of the article is the very last bit. After discussing the claims of corporations involvement and their denial of same it goes on to mention his other claims about the psychiatrists and leaves the unanswered question in the air. Was that a lie as well.

    Sure they couldn't say it was without some evidence, but it's clear what the author was thinking.
  5. Thanks for posting that! Seeing all the denials in one place is great.

    Link copied and passed.

    MAJOR WIN :twisted:

    NO wonder little Hitler went into hiding.
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