More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by dontmakemeangry, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    I know it doesn't matter very much but CrazyDelaney (I don't know why I'm referring to myself in the third person.) is pretty damn pissed hearing about this.

    This is totally unacceptable.
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    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    All Google comes up with for "American Rights Counsel" is pages on anon forums asking wtf "American Rights Counsel" is.

    Even spelling it properly only brings up one entry - Response: The Seattle Pacific University Magazine

    LESLIE ERB ’37 died December 24, 2004, at the age of 91. Born in Idaho, Leslie married Alma Gorely in 1937 following graduation from SPC. After graduation, they moved to Eugene, Oregon, where they remained. Leslie sold insurance, worked on the railroad and served as pastor at several churches over the years. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and traveling. He was an SPU Fellow since 1984 and a founder of the American Rights Council. Predeceased by his wife, Leslie is survived by a son and daughter, and three grandchildren.

    He's been dead for nearly 4 years... and I can't find any mention of the organisation anyway.

    There is mention of the Native American Rights Council but they don't seem to be anything to do with this crap.

    I wonder if the "LLC" thing is so when we, or Youtube, get hold of Anon and sue the shit out of him, there won't be much we can do?

    Question... isn't there something about 'wire fraud' via the internet, making it a federal matter instead of just a local thing? Rusty on US laws sorry.
  5. Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    Good to see you on EO.. I am currently making many many sock puppets on YT.. they will be up and running and give the fucking muppets a run 4der$
  6. Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    American Rights Counsel smells of Scilon front to me. Bad spelling + nothing on google says it all...
  7. ArchAnon Member

    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    We are working on it, yes. :D
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    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology


    yer right tho
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    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    NERD RAGE!!!!!

    this really won't end well. they really are pulling this shit in. they'll never get it...

    question : is it a new fail tactic by OSA or it's Oshaper on a one man mission?
  11. iaxiloll Member

    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    It is in no way shape or form a one man mission. But Asshaper is right in the middle of it.
  12. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    So can someone get in criminal trouble for knowingly premeditating to make fraudulent copyright claims to silence critics? Cause one of my videos was removed by a claim by "Dr. Oliver Schaper" and another by "The Schaper Company". THEN I started getting claims from Media House and American Rights Councel.
  13. Peter Schilte Member

    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    If there's some bright people over at YouTube, they should compare the IP-addresses of all DMCA complaints related to the video's and accounts accused the last twelve hours. Don't forget: Here a crime was committed! They should press charges against an unknown person, subsequently demand the name and address information from the ISP based on this charge.
    Then file a civil law suit against the perp and charge him for damages.
    YouTube really should do this, to prevent copy cats (or the CULT) to do the same in the future.
  14. Lorelei Member

    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    May I make a suggestion?

    If this sort of thing happens again, we should post the accounts and videos AS IF THEY WERE FUNCTIONAL into a separate thread. When they come back up again, it is a quick and easy way to use the links to comment / add friends / rate up the videos and keep tabs on videos that apparently are effective at really pissing off Scientards.

    I know we have a "share your YouTubes" thread already, but due to the constant ingenuity and creativity and documentation efforts of Anonymous, it is HUGE (and yes, full of win) and videos or channels that have been challenged fraudulently can get lost in the thread.

    Again, I'm suggesting a new kind of YouTube thread where Anons and allies who have been raided by OSA or Scitards can get focused Anon LAZORS and attention, to mitigate the downtime and hassle caused by fraudulent challenges, and so Anon can check and see who is back up and who is not merely by clicking each shared link / video embed. A video that is down displays a message when clicked. If you use the FireFox plug-in Cool Iris, you can mouse over channel links and poke around to see if channels are restored without navigating away from the parent thread tab, too.

    If you think this idea sucks, then disregard, cocks, etc., but I figured it couldn't hurt to throw the idea out there and let it sink or swim on its own merit (or lack thereof). Y/N?
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    Re: More Youtube fraud by the Cult of Scientology

    Good ideas all, with one addition: there are a few name-fags with accounts (like me) who are willing to file DMCA counter-claims. This is either going to scare them off, which means that videos will stay up there, or they're going to attempt to take down those videos as well, which will trigger the counter-claims and get us back up sooner. We need a list of Anons other than myself who 1) are name-fagged, 2) have JewTube accounts, and 3) are willing to file counter-claims.

    When we go Code Mauve again, start funneling the downed videos to those Anons. This can be done in any number of ways. If there's still active ling to the video, tell that to the Anon. You can e-mail a copy in FLV format, for speed and size. Or you can ask the Anon for the account name and password so you can upload it yourself. During Operation Ollie, I gave my account name and password out to a number of Anons, who were able to upload their videos to the account.

    If it's the latter option, keep it quiet. Do not give the info out to anyone, not even another Anon. Only the account owner should give out that info for security's sake. This is because those accounts, in addition to being safe havens, are honey traps. We want them to attempt a takedown from those accounts in order to fire nuclear-tipped DMCA harpoons. That's how Ollie got nailed; he attempted a takedown on at least one honey trap account.

    Also, we want these accounts to stay open. Only funnel videos that have been taken down due to DMCA notices, not TOS violations.

    Anon was caught a little off guard this time. Next time, we'll react so fast that their pointy little heads will spin. JewTube is our playground, and we're not going to let them piss in the sandbox again.

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