Morons on A.R.S

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Morons on A.R.S

    I am the person he is responding to

    Here's the OP I responded to, the response following contains my response plus the readers response. You don't need to read all of the first post, just get the gist.

    The person responding was not the OP. The OP was barb, to avoid confusion.

    butthurt fag is butthurt.
  2. Zzzzz Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    sup doodz
  3. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Long post is longggggggggggg.

    Also, any chance of a source link. Im thinking this would be much easier to read where it originated from.
  4. anonoblong Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

  5. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    tl;dr - some of the "old guard" are butthurt that anonymous is coming in and getting attention for what they've been plugging away at for years. They don't trust us, they think we're suddenly going to lose interest and go follow the next shiny thing, they think the herd of cats is going to eff up all their carefully laid plans that just maybe another year or so of planning and another round of discussions will make workable.

    Fuck 'em.

    We have WBM. We have Magoo. We have Arnie Lerma. We have a good amount of the "old guard" who saw what was going on and realized that with the occasional nudge in the right direction (and more importantly, away from the wrong ones), the Awesome Power Of Anonymous could be harnessed, and Scientology could unleash the fucking fury on itself. (incidentally, is Yngwie Malmsteen a $cieno?)
  6. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Actually I see some people being fucking idiots and attacking the old guard because some members of anonymous think they "know everything"
  7. anon87 Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Unless this is an OSA scam to make me waste time scan reading i don't really see the point...

    First poster: (mostly tl;dr) Seemed to be making some really good points, personal appeal to scilons reading it and a nice flowing style - good work, post moar.

    Last poster: An Exscn '....a failed purpose? And why the fuck are you so 1.1? Are you for real?' is pure scilon, the rest of the post shows a slightly off centered view of life so they've probably not been out long enough to ditch all the old thought traps yet. They're mostly right but partly wrong.

    Here's why i don't care - i just do my own thing, i think for myself -try to understand the issues and do the best thing i can to aid the cause. This means i read what others have to say, if they manage to change my opinion then that will change what i do. Someone thinks you can't talk someone out of a mental issue... haha i think to myself, you've not been part of a cult that uses fear and oppression to control your thought patterns have you? said cult doesn't HAET psychiatry does it? hmmmm....... (TROLL, TROLL, you're being glib, you don't understand psychiatry -I DO! (they tells me abouts it when i picked up ma check for being anon! £32.50!))

    Simply facts on the issue, however the mind/soul/body combo works it doesn't change how we use it. If you put someone in an environment of positive affirmation, give them really complex books and tell them if they don't understand it to go look a word up in the dictionary then punish them (emotionally) if they disagree with 'the tech' but reward them if they 'get it' with praise and pride, you're then locking off the questions and systematically putting them out of mind. The deeper back those questions have been pushed the less likely they are to come to the surface on their own, enturbulating will cause some of the questions to awake -self actualization is the only thing which will make someone really change, the only way they will decide to do it is if they feel they need or want to, the only way they'll decide this is if they question what they're doing. The cult has set up a system to stop people being able to question themselves - #trust LRH# #the tech works# #You'll feel so good once you 'get it'.....# - we need to show them that questions can and must be asked, once they understand your question it becomes their question -a gift, they can keep forever.

    This ^^^ is why i think anyone that's trolling scilons is doing a worthwhile thing - OSA might want everyone to stop, noobs might think it's a waste of time - my only question to the nay sayers - if you can't change someones actions through the power of words WTF DO THEY KEEP SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY ON ADVERTISING?!?!? The power of suggestion is strong, the power of education is OVERNINETHOUSAND!!! Ask them to answer your questions, ask good questions (include quotes, citations, etc if needed) and be nice about it - That night, the next day or maybe weeks later they'll think about the friendly person who asked the tough questions, they'll think about your question and they'll try and answer in honestly for themselves.

    Does DM just waste all the money playing around in his Celeb Center and sailing his boats?

    Why do so many people leave after doing the bridge?

    How does this even remotely resemble a religion?

    If the freezone have the same tech for free, why am i paying for it?

    Where the hell's the door? i'm outa this dump!
  8. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I see Seeds of Discord BS.

    Don't bite. Every Anon here knows we wouldn't know shit if it wasn't for the hard work & suffering of the old guard. All of the information we kick out & most all of the sites we link to are old guard sites. It's their effort that brought us here & cast this into the light of day. They should be proud.

    BTW - I call BS on someone wanting all of the attention. That's all the scilons really want is a target & the old guard knows that.
  9. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    You got it, yep!

    Especially after being 'butthurt' from the stats problem, they want a target, they WANT us to infight and lose sight of the goal.
  10. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    ^smart poster is smart.
  11. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Dude, I know. Some dipshits need to learn fucking respect. These people KNOW their shit.
  12. SeaOrg Slut Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    scientology is the stupidest thing I ever got involved in it's a complete bullshit alien religion but if people want to believe in it that's fine with me. what really gets my goat is how they treat people on the inside. you are also both missing the fact that more than half the people who are 'in' the movement are all staff there's hardly any publics left at all they all realized what creepy bullshit it is at ot3 and left or they got to ot7 and got fucked out of a bunch of money and had to re-train again on the 'lost tech'

    the old guard is so famous osa doesnt even bother to harass them anymore - just leave them be in their little usenet group
  13. Heyanonnyno Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    It's potential converts or 'wake-ups' like you that I want to help the most, SOS.
  14. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    THAT is true, they do. But one thing I have discovered going through a research/discovery process is that the CO$ practiced the NEED TO KNOW policy. I have been told things from one source that another source will swear never happened. It's like the CO$ is a big giant prison with lots of teeny cells with people working away at assignments but not knowing what the guy next door is working on, not knowing, and not caring. I think that is partly responsible for the conflict of information I got. I have high source that says NO, not to this person's to personal knowlege were auditing and sec check files used against people, but I have close friend who got out who says YES...there must be a special blackmail squad that the others in the hive don't know about.
  15. Magoo Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Barb has made that post for many years, actually. It has nothing to do with Anonymous---
    it's to the kids of Scientology.

    How the rest all got weird, I don't know---as I don't want to waste time reading blah blah blah.

    Don't get into fights. Please don't bite on the trap of blaming "the old guard".
    These people have stood for freedoms, many for YEARS. I always thank them, no matter what
    they've been doing. Sometimes I *may* be more effective, but I never forget ANY of what I do is based
    often on knowledge and experience they spent years gathering and sharing.
    That's my 2 cents :alien: Also, remember OSA's goals:

    1) Distraction off of Scientology--any way, any how.

    2) Degrading each other---putting down each other, the old 'divide and conquer' routine

    3) Slime the message board so people get so frustrated, they just don't want to post at all.

    Keep 1, 2, 3 in mind----continue doing what you do best :anon: :guyfawkes: :anon:


    My best,
    Magoo~~~ 8)
  16. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    The fact is, as has been mentioned previously.

    Anon would not be able to take any of its current actions had all the facts not been close to hand. Had the old guard not placed all that information online at our fingertips it would not have gathered enough momentum to be where it is in such a fantastically short time. Scientology is so shocked by this it clings to the idea that such a revelation of personal understanding is impossible, that anonymous had to have been planning this for years.

    The reason they cling so desperately to this is, should it be true, should people upon investigating scientology be so universally compelled to act with 0 organisation, they would have to accept that silencing criticism is now beyond their control.

    By the very nature and constitution of anonymous, they hit upon something horrifically effective, something the old guard for all its incredible work had not considered, something as known critics they could not do. A new form of protest, one which focused on volume, and anonymity. The information that the old guard had and continues to gather is the sword. And anonymous is the hand that can wield it most effectively against the tactics of the COS. A pro scientology article goes up, within hours it is swamped with links to scientologies corruption and previous wrong doings. Even now we are getting reports that scientoogists are being shied away from the net. V-I day is on the far horizon. V-IRL day is much further away, but we know its there somewhere, over that same horizon.

    The old guard is Kamina. Anonymous is Simon.

    What we are doing could never have happened without them. And we are truly blessed to call them brother, because they had to fight a much harder war than we ever will. They have and will continue to push from below, and lead against the anti scientology movement from above, without the benefit of being anonymous, and thus immune to the enemy fire. And they know now, even if they all get sued to oblivion, even if every named critic is silenced by blackmail, persecution or even death, anonymous will go on, wielding the weapon which has been crafted for them. A weapon which can never be undone.

    The truth.
  17. RandomTexfag Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Protip for the Old Guard of Scientology Critics:

    This is a reference to a Japanese cartoon that a lot of Anonymous watched called "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann" (Heaven Piercing Gurren Lagann). The problem with this reference is what happens to Kamina in episode 8 :?
  18. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S


    And god willing that never becomes an issue. Unless the cos start building giant robots.
  19. noitulover Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Here's the link to the ARS thread:

    Barb Graham is not an OP! She is a long-time critic of the Church. :applause:

    She is also a chaplain of the ARSCC(wdne). :wink:

    Her credentials are verified by the fact that she has her own page on the cult's hate-site, Religious Freedom Watch.

    She posts this message to Sea Org kids every weekend, in the hopes that some of them will see it during their 'libs' -- their time off to get their personal shopping done -- usually only a few hours on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. For this alone, she deserves our respect.

    The cult recently complained to her ISP, claiming she was spamming ARS -- a good indication that her post has reached at least a few Sea Org kids. You can gauge how successful this post is by the amount of opposition she gets to it.

    Other posters show up on the weekend and bump her post to keep it on the first page (for those using Google Groups) -- you are all welcome to come out and play in the sandbox, just don't shit in it :wink:

    You know, we are really, really new to this fight. These people have been in the trenches for years and years. They are teaching, we are learning.

    Like that old Chinese saying goes, "you make yourself deaf when you talk too much."
  20. madashell Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Can we please just get over this shit. Agree we have different methods and move on. .the 15th is drawing closer.
  21. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I don't know why people would be getting into arguments with the Old Guard at all. I can understand the OG being angry about not being able to achieve what we could. But both sides NEED to cooperate and respect each other or we both lose.

    And don't say "fuck em", there's a little thing called DIPLOMACY and the smallest insult can create huge fissures in relationships.
  22. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I support this post.

    Someone before made an analogy of this relationship like two cultures. I can see that, and I'd like to take it a bit further.
    I think of it like an arch. Or, if you will, "The Bridge to Freedom". CoS is on one side, the rest of the world is on the other. The next stone up in the arch is, on the "World" side, the media and investigative journalism. On the CoS side, it is the OG. They keystone is Anonymous.
    Usually, that could all fit together and be great, except that the OG is fractured and splintered (by necessity). So, the architectural support that should be there, is, well, not. So, as members of Anon and the OG, we need to find the mortar that will connect the pieces together, as well as to connect the OG stone to the Anon stone.
    So, while the bulk of Anon takes the received information and processes it into what it needs to be (as well as finding new info), there also need to be links (mortar) between the various factions of OG and Anon that can find the strongest links and filter out the empty spaces and bullshit.

    Not a "need to know" system, but just a system where those who can deal with it can filter out the garbage and turn it into usable information.

    I'm not calling for assigning duties to people at all. Rather, just an idea. Those of you who can handle the conspiracy theories and tinfoil-hattery of the Old Guard, please, take it upon yourselves to venture there and gather intel. Then report back with your findings.
    As well, members of the Old Guard who are well spoken and don't need to hide behind secrecy, please, come here and tell us what you know. Magoo is an excellent example of that. She tells us good information that we can then process for the media. And she knows how to say it well.
    That's why we love her <3 <3 <3

    Anyone and everyone, please feel free to pick apart my ramblings and form it into something solid and cohesive, and above all, something that will SMITE THE SHIT out of David Miscavige.
  23. SeaOrg Slut Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Here is how you determine which "Old Guard" NOT to listen to

    * are they a fan of the Minton style of demonstrating (swastikas, hitler images referring to Hubbard etc)?
    * have they never attended a demonstration EVER?
    * do they simply find it easier to talk out their ass and be critical behind a keyboard without ANY relative experience what-so-ever in the movement?

    there's your formula - you've just eliminated 70% of the people who post on ARS. Congrats, enjoy the 12 critics who you can still talk to!
  24. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    You're misinterpreting the Old Guard. They're thrilled with Anonymous, but yes there is some concern that some Anons will get bored and wander off.
  25. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    BTW, SOS, here is an image you can use for your avatar (I made the white background clear).


    That's the great thing about Anonymous. Some wander off, but others join in. There is no personality or identity here. It's all a matter of numbers.
  26. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    You're misinterpreting the Old Guard. They're thrilled with Anonymous, but yes there is some concern that some Anons will get bored and wander off. Arnie Lerma, Magoo, and WBM are three of the six or so biggest critics. They're obviously backing you, so trust in the rest of us to fall into line.
  27. SeaOrg Slut Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I'm not sure why this is an issue anyway people in anonymous seem smart enough to ignore the stupid and the annoying so why not just do that and go on with life?


    thanks for the avatar :D
  28. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    Oh goodness. ARS is a snakepit, full of flame wars and feuds and stuff. Picking a mild spat that lasted one Thread and making a thing of it does not bode well!
    People with 'anon' in their name are going to get flamed too, especially if they are trolls or OSA. Everyone gets treated the same, so don't worry that any single Anonymous is going to spoil things for the rest.

    In one respect ARS is however different, and it's the most obvious one - people post as personas, not anons. To understand a lot of what's going on you have to know who the people are, and as in a bar the people who talk the most aren't always the ones that you should be paying most attention to.
  29. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I'd be happy to act as a go-between, because I've nothing but time. But I tried to register yesterday over on OCMB and it still won't let me in.
  30. Anonproto Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    some join the enemy, some join the allies... the humor is that by its very nature some anon will provide "up stat" for their trolling of the OG - ignore them!
  31. Annie Mouse Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I waited more than six months before my OC account was approved. Some had an even longer wait, as Andreas was very busy last year and all new registrations were put on hold. But it appears that he is back "on the job," so to speak, as he has actively opened numerous anon accounts in just the past week. Just be patient. :)
  32. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I'd suggest lurking on ARS but not posting. It's not "our" world. If you want to liaise with old guard, do it here or on OCMB.
  33. DJR245 Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    ARS is so fucked-up.

    I keep thinking I should be reading it because that's where all the "inside" info first breaks, but everytime I try I just get lost in these longass bickering cross-accusations and everyone's gigantic paranoid signatures. OSA should get a medal for making that newsgroup totally and completely incomprehensible to casual users. I sure hope other lines of communication don't go the same way.
  34. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    I'm not saying "Fuck 'em" to the OG - I'm saying say "Fuck 'em" to those members of the OG who have seen it fit to spread disinformation through Anonymous, or who want to keep their super seekrits to themselves while saying "I have seekrit documents! Neener neener neener!". We say "Fuck 'em" to these people because it's a waste of time to deal with them. Hopefully they'll come around in to our way of..uh...hivemind thought, but if they don't it's not like Anonymous just stops.

    There are those among the OG who see Anonymous as what it is, are psyched about it, and can see the instant benefits both sides get if we work together. These people are truly, truly awesome, and my initial post was not meant to reflect poorly on them.
  35. Re: Morons on A.R.S

    That is a beautiful quote. Thank you. :wink:
  36. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Morons on A.R.S

    We're all in this together. The old guard, though not anonymous, are valuable allies of ours in the war on the CoS. (locky locky)
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