Mousavi a US agent

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Lol

    I look forward to what Iran's government has to say every day, it puts a smile on my face...does anyone really NOT see right through it?
  2. Excuse me, but the way the opposition is acting makes it VERY possible. I hope not, though.
  3. Whatever that means.

    Everyone knows not to believe a damn word the iranian government says...they've been lying about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and forcing everyone they control to lie as well. This is just more B.S propaganda plopped fresh out of Ahma-jihad's ass and onto the internet for everyone to read.
  4. wait...

    was it not supposed to be the bbc that was behind it?

    im so confused now.... or something
  5. NewsFeed Iran News Feed

    Iran leader’s aide: Mousavi is a U.S. agent - MSNBC

    TEHRAN, Iran - A top aide to Iran's supreme leader called the country's main opposition figure a U.S. agent and accused him in an editorial Saturday of committing crimes against the nation. While hard-line figures had previously demanded Mir Hossein ...

  6. Some of you seem to think this is humorous, that these pronouncements are funny.

    Shariatmadari is a mouthpiece for Shah Khamenei. His calling for Mousavi and former president Mohammad Khatami to be tried in court for "horrible crimes and treason" basically puts the Iranian gov't in a position where it must, sooner or later put nooses around both mens' neck. This is near tantamount to a death warrant. All that has not happened is the show trial.

    The steel wire and a crane in the square await both men unless the country raises.

    The Little Shah obviously "knows" Gods is on his side.
  7. I know you are not serious.. please... the government lies... and they have put a Fatwa on the Dr who was on the scene and tried to help Neda the day she died. They are torturing and raping people... I cannot believe u said that.
  8. I understand that Ahmadinejad is Jewish and on the Israeli payroll too. Unfortunately, the Iranian state news agencies lack the balls to tell the truth.
  9. I heard he was a reptilian alien from the planet Nibiru, summoned here by satanic freemasons to find Alex Jones and suck his brains out through his cock.
  10. This fits in uncyclopedia
  11. airesis Member

    Not funny

    This isn't funny at all, it's depressing. It shows how far gone these people really are. Do not suppose they don't actually believe this stuff either. That they consciously make it up as a matter of strategy, ultimately aware of its ludicracy. There might be a few insightful perverts in key positions that have a pretty good overall view of the extent of the delusions this system produces, but the vast majority of government collaborators and establishment supporters, even in the very top positions, really haven't. They will forever claim the earth to be flat and feel vindicated. I fear the only language they understand is violence and the only way they will ever make consessions to the empirical facts will be by the shut down of their organism.
  12. I agree. It is a demonstration of just how evil and power-hungry the hardline leadership in Iran is. Sadly, their actions are consistent with that of many other dictatorships.
  13. Nichol Member

    what about the Guardian Council?

    I thought the Guardian Council selected Mousavi.. so they must be behind it.

  14. Da Sandmastah Member

    Those who have absolute power in Iran are paranoid fucks who think everything occuring in Iran are done by the Americans, the British, or the Israelis or all of them.
  15. Kruge Moderator

    It's a common theme in dictatorships. Scapegoating "THEM" (USA, Jews, Capitalists, Furries...) to try to distract from the own incompetence to properly run things.

    And of course if some of your citizens believe you that the rest of the world is EVIL, then that might discourage them from contact with THE ENEMY (aka everybody else).
  16. hahaha yeah the US planted him back in 79' just waiting for this day. The basiji prolly don't even believe this crap.
  17. these people have no clue.. We do not need Mousavi as a US agent when we have agents like Richard Simmons!! Who needs torture when you can have Richard Simmons love them to death?

  18. BSteinh299 Member


    Wenn Moussavi ein US Agent ist, warum hat der Waechterrat ihn dann antreten lassen?
  19. Hahahahaha ph@ck yea!!

    Lulz attained.
  20. sasan Member

    Firstly a disclaimer, I am by no means advocating the interests of the government, nor am I making pro-government statements.Secondly, I am by no means making a direct accusation, I am merely sharing my thoughts with you.

    My heart bleeds with pain, anger and frustration of watching the brutal, unjust and inhumane treatment of government’s reaction towards the protests every second of everyday, however I see it as my duty as an Iranian to invite us all to put our emotions aside, to take things with a grain of salt and to see things from a logical point of view, in the hope that we can prevent history from repeating itself.

    I am by no means an investigative journalist and I leave it up to you guys to investigate further into this, but it appears that the “green revolution” and the whole aftermath was the product of collaboration b/w Mousavi, Makhmalbaf & Manouchehr Ghorbanifar (Iran/CIA double agent, arm dealer whilst Mousavi was the minister during the Iran/Iraq war, middleman in the Iran-Contra Affair and an advocate for US invasion of Iraq in 2003) with full support and encouragement of CIA.

    I think so, for the following reasons:

    1. Even before the election was formally announced, Mousavi declared victory. It appears that he did so, to get people emotionally worked up.

    2. Please see below the interview with Makhmalbaf, Mousavi's campaign director/ spoke person. For those who cannot read Persian, shortly after the election, he announced that Mousavi had won, that Rahbar was initially happy with this result but later he changed his mind and suddenly they were "attacked" by Sepah with a letter from "Rahbar" saying "shekaste ahmadinezhad, shekaste man ast" and that I will not let your green revolution win… now even a 5 year old kid knows that they should not put things that could work against them in writing. So why would rahbar, put something that would definitely work against him, in writing? If this really happened, why would he put it in writing and leave a trace? Why would he need to say it in writing and sending Sepah there? This reaction sounds very childish and might I say, it looks like yet another attempt to instigate feelings of frustration and defeat in people.

    3. Makhmalbaf left Iran the night after the election and is now making statements through Youtube to encourage people to keep going to protests, to "keep their spirits high", to “not give up” and to stand up "for their rights". Here is a link to his statement from Youtube:

    4. there is no denying that in the past 30 years people have been under enormous amounts of economic, social and political hardship …. my theory is that they knew that people have been looking for a reason and an excuse to express their frustrations due to the hardships of the past 30 they thought what better way to get people to streets, than to come up with an election fraud scenario.... by first declaring victory, then coming up with all these rumors about being attacked and "zad & band" to get people emotionally worked up and by instigating feeling of betrayal and defeat in people (as we know, as Iranians we have plenty of emotions and anyone and anything can trigger our emotions) …so they are hoping to do so, bit by bit, in the hope of bringing in a regime change with the help of let’s not forget that unfortunately CIA is not a charity organization & wouldn’t invest in a project unless there are some lucrative and strategic benefits in it for them…we all know what their true motives of “assistance” and “help” are….enough said….

    5. The closest analogy would be that of a share market… putting complex economic theories aside, we all know that share markets, at least for the most part, operate on “speculations” and “expectations” & share prices go up and down accordingly … same thing appears to have happened here, ie people appear to be acting in accordance with certain speculations…….

    6. It appears that just as MI6 helped the CIA mount a coup against Mossadegh in 1953, similar thing is taking place at the moment. Election Fraud is a very big allegation. That’s why most countries have been very cautious in not directly making such an allegation. In law, the onus of proving fraud is on the party alleging it. So unless fraud is proved, the party accused of being fraudulent is deemed “innocent”. The election may or may not have been rigged, I do not know (for example, we have not heard from the people in the villages, smaller cities and those residing in provinces other than the main 6 that have been apparent in the news, and let's not forget that they make up the majority of the population in Iran) again, I do not know for sure one way or another....however what I am suggesting is that one needs to take the whole thing with a grain of salt. Thanks to the internet, we have the luxury of having access to abundance amount of information from various sources (and might I say non mainstream media)…. let’s use them and let’s investigate the truth…..You might be interested to see these links:

    [ame=]YouTube - Alex Jones Show (Sunday Edition) 4/8:Kissinger & The CIA's Color Revolution in Iran[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Alex Jones Show (Sunday Edition) 5/8:Kissinger & The CIA's Color Revolution in Iran[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Alex Jones Show (Sunday Edition) 6/8:Kissinger & The CIA's Color Revolution in Iran[/ame]

    7. Also you might be interested to see the following links re Ghourbani/ Makhmalbaf/ Mousavi connections and motives....again what I am suggesting is merely my own analysis… I am by no means making a direct accusation, but what I am suggesting is that we need to look beyond what is apparent in order to discover the truth and to take things that we are fed through mainstream media with a grain of salt…

    In Solidarity



    The Big Story You May Have Missed During the Obama v. Clinton Finale

    Arianna Huffington: The Big Story You May Have Missed During the Obama v. Clinton Finale

    specially see: [In December of 2001, Ledeen and two Pentagon Iran experts met an Iranian named Manucher Ghorbanifar in Rome. Ghorbanifar sketched out his plan to overthrow the Iranian regime on a cocktail napkin. The plan involved, as the Senate report puts it, "simultaneous disruption of traffic at key intersections leading to Tehran," which would "create anxiety, work stoppages and other disruptive measures." Ghorbanifar asked for $5 million in seed money to get started.]

    Iran: Some Dots You May Want To Connect:

    Iran: Some Dots You May Want To Connect | Iran/Persia |

    The United States is directing Mousavi’s revolution in Iran:

    David Rothscum Reports: The United States is directing the Mousavi revolution in Iran
    Mousavi Faces Heat, But Vows Not To Crack

    Mousavi Faces Heat, But Vows Not To Crack - CBS News

    specially see this comment: [[Do you remember the Iran/Contra affair? You know, the one in which American Arms (specifically 'Hawk Missiles', small arms and other weapons) were shipped to Iran by way of Israel in exchange for release of the American hostages at a time that would benefit the Ronald Reagan Presidency? You know, the scandal wherein Colonel Oliver North and Navy Vice Adm. John M. Poindexter were indicted and convicted of illegal arms trafficking and obstruction of Congress and could have easily been convicted of Cocaine smuggling along with the CIA while the nation of Israel made obscene profits as the "Arms-for-hostages" go between. Now pay close attention. In the 1980s, Mr. Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms merchant and alleged MOSSAD double agent whose principal American contacts were National Security Council agents Oliver North and Michael Ledeen, became a trusted friend and kitchen adviser to Mir Hussein Mousavi, Prime Minister in the Khomeini government at that time ( the 1980's). This led to a direct approach by Israeli officials to Robert MacFarlane, to obtain President Reagan's approval to ship U.S.-supplied TOW missiles to Iran in exchange for the release of American hostages.

    Why the Neo-Conservatives Love to Hate Ahmadinejad:

    Why the Neo-Conservatives Love to Hate Ahmadinejad

    instead of blindly following one thing my friends, lets look into it before we jump on the bandwagon, as a proud persian myself...i have to see the reasons before i ask where is my vote...even though i didnt vote...most people i know didnt vote where i live anyway. albeit with all the information...brutality is not the way to win, i am for freedom, r.i.p team melli...until the bans are lifted we will never flourish.
  21. Hee hee hee hee. You kill me. Really. Hee hee hee.
  22. Alex Jones is a fucking idiot.. and you should be ashamed for living in the USA and listening to his garb, he is no better than the assholes at Westboro
  23. Alex Jones is moron and this is a load of crap. Sorry , we are not stupid enough to buy this propaganda. What is the saying .. I think yea protest est too much!

    Trust me the CIA does not have the power to do this, if they did, North Korea would be toast!

    And, the people of Iran are not stupid they are better educated then the majority of the American public.
    Wow that was a really long post that did not prove anything.

    You guys wish it was true...
  24. Well....

    Ehhhh I don't know. Information and misinformation is so easy to seed and distribute. You said, "I am by no means an investigative journalist..." and then laid out quite a document. It looks like you have been busy for days weaving that document's logic together. I did not read it because like most people I do not believe in conspiracy theories and am also not an investigative reporter. As you know and I know an investigative reporter really would NOT help in this instance, you need hard cold facts that completely dispel what was seen on the ground by all the Iranians both participants and observers and all the video devices used to record it. You are NOT going to get an instantaneous groundswell like that to a public event across an entire nation for $5 million US cash.

    Ever go a U2 concert...they probably spend 100 to 200 million US to promote the event, the promotion is PUBLIC and everyone SEES the marketing for it, IT IS NOT HIDDEN, and look at the reaction they get. Nothing compared to what happened in Iran. U2 wishes they could get a reaction out of people like the Iranians gave. If they could they would be the most politically savvy organization in the history of history.

    I'm 49 and for the first time in my life I just listened to some, Alex Jones. I listened for about five minutes. I had to come to Anonymous site to hear it....hahahaha. If you Google '"Alex Jones" +ufo' you get 270,000 hits! I am not sure if you are an American or a foreigner but here in the states we do not take Alex Jones very seriously. As far as the Huffington Post goes...I am a card carrying Republican so I discount 100% of what she says as socialist drivel.

    Given what I saw, and what I know about marketing and advertising, I would say the event was a natural occurance of what people on the ground were feeling. Not a bought and paid for event.
  25. Kruge Moderator

    You lost.

    Quoting Alex Jones and all makes you look *very* trustworthy.

    Or not. ;)
  26. Remembrance Member

    May I ask for a similar "fact finding" treatment for this article as the "Leading Clerics -> Clerical Leaders," ( received please? Was there a misunderstanding somewhere?

    CIA inspired plot? Mossad? Direct meddling from "Vague Entities?" I'm not quick to believe it on someone's word alone. I've concern that emotions or fear can create many things, though.

    What I'm about to say does not assume any reflection of fact, but it is an opinion of mine. The events of the past weeks have reminded me to not be so quick to fear, or jump on the "mistrust people from different cultures or beliefs because of what someone says" bandwagon. It risks self-propagating and resulting in hurt. There is also a potential for those emotions to be abused by others. Easy, and sloppy, accusations are also a danger.

    This is why I will always remember.
  27. Stacy Member

    I don't think it has anything to do with mistrust of people from different cultures. The regime of Iran has proven they can't be trusted and they will not be honest.
  28. sasan Member

    you can think what you like but there is no reason to be completely ignorant and stubborn and follow one side blindly, no i don't live in America. the people protesting and the politics are completely unrelated to each other and im sure its quite obvious why. even if mousavi did win the alleged 'rigged' election, im not sure whether it was rigged or not so i cant go around saying shit like that, even if he did win. could he have brought such big change in a extremely structured system where the supreme leader can overrule you? now that our country is in a time of turmoil you hear things about Israel being sneaky and Saudi not giving a crap. isn't this just a amazing fortunate coincidence for those who wish to rape our natural resources?

    as a result of what is going on in Iran, this could be the beginning of something new, or even more problems to come, if this green revolution fails, can you imagine the strictness that will become within Iran? it would probably be much worse than it is now, the economy will suffer and most importantly to me the already suffering football will become defunct now that our stars have 'retired'. i hope peace will ensue soon. also fuck you all for saying shit about me, yeah i had to say it. that shit took me like 5 mins to write up

    all news ALL NEWS can and will be biased, thus you cannot believe everything you read, even from the fucking shit new york times. why in the world would you think im spreading propaganda? i have nothing to gain from that. so if 30 years ago we thought we were doing the right thing, then it turned into this, now we do it again, perhaps it will become another unwanted result, i am in no way saying the current state of pre-election iran was good at all
  29. Visionary Member

    That's an...interesting take on things.

    and God forbid the football team should suffer.

    Clearly out of everything that is the most frightening...:rolleyes:
  30. sasan Member

    yes it matters to me alot more than politics, politics is a bunch of bullshit, ur not proving anything by singling out only that of what i said you illiterate, mother fuckers made karimi kaeibi hashemian and fukn mahdavikia stop playin man, if fuk iff stopped fukn around we wud have sumthin good on our hands.
    dont you enjoy sports?
  31. Visionary Member

    Yeah...I love to watch sports, but I tend to enjoy being able to walk around where I want and voice my opinion without getting beat to death a bit more.
    I just thought your statement was funny is all.
  32. sasan Member

    very that case:
    its close to midnite and something evils lurking in the dark, under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart!!! you try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it...You start to freeeeeeeeeze as horror looks you right between the eyesssssss. ur paral-YZED
    nd noones gonna save you from the beast about strike
    u know its thriller thril-ler night
    ur fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller, tonight!

    and im gone :)
  33. Stacy Member

    Let's see, let's weigh this out.....

    Sports......Stating my opinion without losing my head

    Sports......Stating my opinion without losing my head

    Sports......Stating my opinion without losing my head

    Sports......Stating my opinion without losing my head

    Ok, after much consideration I've come to an answer.

    I have decided the most important thing is to keep my head. Even if I liked sports, I'm about 70% sure I would still think keeping my head was the most important thing.

    Ya know, if yer dead you can't watch sports. :)
  34. As a Republican you could also point to the Tea-Bagger rallies in the U.S. which received tens of millions of dollars of free-media adverts over the course of a month in March/April and netted fewer than 500,000 demonstrators across the entire U.S. The July 4th demos didn't even net 10,000 across the entire U.S. The tax-day rallies too happened without the threat of violence and there was no effort to suppress communication in the press about the event.

    The Iranian demos have the hallmarks of an organically generated movement. People aren't going to risk their lives like that for some half-baked grievance, or because of some foreign money. There's also the saying about "bulletin board material" -- when one side insults the other side, as happens in professional sports.

    The hardline leadership's insults and pretty brazen lies after the vote served as great motivation.

    I can't think of a single election in the U.S. where the winner wasn't anything but gracious to the opposition. Ahmadinejad's statements the day after the vote suggest at an absolute minimum that he has a very, very small p-nis.
  35. Golbarg Member

    Sharmabr to va aghidat

    Ta kayi mikhahid mardom ro az amrika betarsanid va be in vasile ghoror, effat va jesmeshono zire chakmeye in vahshihaye ghoron veosta khord konid? shoam ab in aaghyedeton khaen be mardome Iran hastid. sharm bar shoam bad.
  36. Srpska Member

    Ahmedinejad is part Jewish, so he is in no position to be promoting the idea that the Jews run everything.

    If only they did...
  37. JohnDoe Moderator


    I've heard that so many times this week, ie that Ahmedinejad is part Jewish - where does that come from? I've been trying to verify it - it's certainly fascinating if it's true! (And explains why the Israeli gvt would rather work with him and Mousavi!!!)
  38. WitteKr Member

    Mahmoud Saborjhian

    First appearance (as far as I could find) January 27, 2009 on Radio Free Europe website:
    "Mehdi Khazali, the son of the conservative Ayatollah Khazali, has written on his personal website that he recently learned that President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots. Khazali notes that Ahmadinejad changed his family name from Saburjian, and says that the origins of the Saburjian family in the town of Aradan should be investigated."
    Ahmadinejad's 'Jewish Family' - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 2009

    Khazali's personal website no longer exists...

    The story surfaced again in May this year on Al Arabiya's website:

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