Mousavi Has Called for a General Strike

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. haha, great ... this is going to show how many people are REALLY behind him, not many I guess ... we shall see.
  2. Fuck off government pig. What you have seen so far is just the faintest glint coming from the very tip of the spear. You are going to regret serving the dogs that are killing the Iranian people. You are nothing more than a shallow, pathetic hole.
  3. LOL you're funny ... you should do stand up comedy
  4. We can help!

    Those of us who are not in Iran can participate in the general strike as well, by boycotting any company, anywhere, that does business with Iran, starting with Nokia.

    This "we did business w/Iranian businesses, not the government" bullshit is just that, bullshit.

    Anyone in Iran participating in the general strike will not be affected, because they will already be striking. Any Iranian companies not participating in the strike will be affected, because any foreign companies that try to do business with them will see their own business affected.

    We need to start making lists of companies that are doing business w/Iran. HELP IRAN!!!! BE PART OF THE STRIKE!!!!!!

    Remember, every dollar, pound, euro, yen, ect., that you give to a company that does business with Iran goes towards buying the bullets that are killing Iranian now, the ropes that are hanging them, the walls that are imprisoning them. You can make a difference.

  5. Do you wash yourself in the sewer everyday?
  6. Spread this message to everyone you know, and start making lists. This may get off to a slow start, but we are legion. It will grow. Like a python, it will crush their government, and the killing of their own will stop.
  7. saging this epic fail thread

  8. Pathetic.

    Why do you feel threatened? We can choose who we do business with and who we do not. And I for one, choose to stand with the people of Iran. Their blood will not be on my hands.

    This many people cannot be wrong.

    This is what our money buys, when we give it to businesses that trade with the Iranian government.

    I choose where my money comes from. Talk shit about it all you want, you will change nothing. You just make it very obvious who you are. That is all, nothing more.
  9. skollie-IRAN Member

    The ignorance of the government pigs never cease to astound me.
  10. Yeah, everybody who realizes there is no sensible reason to doubt Iran's elections is a government pig.

    You were talking about ignorance? Oh, never mind ...
  11. This is true. It doesn't necessarily make you a government pig.

    The fact that you recognize "no sensible reason to doubt Iran's elections" could just as easily mean that you're a blithering idiot.
  12. We need a list of companies that are still doing business with the Iranian government. Nokia is a good start:

    Boycott Nokia for Iran Crackdown

    The economy is bad. The money we give them goes straight into the pockets of the regime.

    Revolutionary Guard gains power in Iran

  13. haha, you CIA shills are getting desperate ... do they pay well for your soul at least?
  14. Lawl


    CIA is overrated.

    Look at the other intelligence agencies.
  16. Kellogg Sam

    Government Pig! You get paid for beating old men, woman , students , may Allah have mercy on your soul! For one day your will have to answer for these sins. You money is covered in the blood of peaceful demonstrators who's only sin was to ask for the right to have their vote counted... Who is the true Shill!
  17. Change is accountability

    Funny that the people that shout change are the well-off classes profiting from corruption. Third world Iran is over, you will have to adjust to a new governance reality. Thanks Mr Ahmadinejad, for bringing the REAL CHANGE. Real change means transparency, accountability, responsability. Old corrupt practices will vanish in the pages of history. Even if disguised in "change".
  18. mancer0 Member

    CIA... no.... Your dealing with Anonymous. The CIA wishes they were us. :)
  19. mancer0 Member

    Don't piss off the superconsciousness. :)
  20. Vee Member

    My phone is more High Tech then the CIA.
  21. HEHEHE :D Nice!
  22. I like that too!
  23. Vee Member

    Sig worthy
  24. mancer0 Member

    Well its true. We can reach across boarders, influence populous, support faction, and topple others. Shut down corrupt corporations remove a harmful religion's credibility... You name it.

    No government needed. :)
  25. Yep. A Obama is the President of the United States because of George Bush. Though he's dealing with a lot of residue, like the ring left as the bathtub drains, he's still got the right trajectory. We'll have to see...
    Let's see what happens next in Iran.
    Bless all Iranians. Your such an inspiration to us here you would not even believe it.
    The love we have for you is the love we have for our own and it's unselfishly given.
    We are completely blown away by your heart and your courage. Completely blown away.
    Bless you.
    Hope is alive! Hope is alive! Hope is alive!
  26. AStranger Member

    If the Western governments really did have a direct role in the Iranian struggle, there would've been Russian and/or Chinese condemnation. After all, both Russia and China are on speaking terms with the Iranian regime and both countries are rivals of the Western bloc.
  27. mancer0 Member

    Logical BOOSH.
  28. mancer0 Member

    With Anonymous you have no where to point a finger. :) Told you the CIA wishes they were us. :p
  29. Member

    People, lets stay on topic please.

    Leave the CIA chat to the tinfoil hat wearers on Off Topic.
  30. mancer0 Member

    You make a good point.
  31. Guys who support the present regime are not necessarily from Iran - they're from what I call the 3rd Third-world countries. i.e Pakistan, Lebenan and even China - for them AN is a hero - to find out that he's far from a hero they should come & live in Iran and benefit from the services of this dictatorship regime.

    Another reason behind why some of these people from the 3rd Third-world countries support the regime is that they're really jealous of the progressive thinking Iranians and frightened of the day that Iran can be a free country in which case it could really flourish in an unseen fashion.
  32. So, what are some things that people outside Iran could do as a "solidarity strike" with the Iranian people? I've hit a stumbling block after "wear green, tell people, protest/vigil, call Nokia and complain".
  33. Iran government is nothing without money and supplies coming in from the rest of the world. They cannot make everything themselves. Do not give any money whatsoever to any company at all that is associated in any way with the government of Iran. If they sell the fucking toothpicks, boycott them. Do not give them your money. They will go bankrupt or stop dealing with Iran. Worldwide boycott, enforced by each and every one of us. We can strike, too! No more Iranian government. Help the people by standing with them.

    Latest tweet = They're hanging hundreds of Iranian demostrators in the streets!Iran's gov is looking for war,they want to end like Iraq!#iranelection

    This has to stop!!!!!!!!
  34. mancer0 Member

    This is the real question. Now what does the world do while reformist in Iran are fighting and dieing?
  35. freeIran134 Member

    Well, we can really do very little to help, this is there own struggle we cannot go to Iran to fight it for them, what we can do is to continue to keep the information flowing out of Iran and to continue to show support and solidarity with the movement.
  36. mancer0 Member

    Agree, we could lend our support the way France did to the 13 Colonies in the war for independence.

    If anyone is unfamiliar, Wiki it.

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