Mousavi to be Exhiled

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Exhiled, or bow down before the ayatolla and accept ahamadinijad as the leader!

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  2. what next

    The question is, how can one effectively go against this kind of action. sure, they cant just "oops, i accidentally the whole mousavi" and kill him.
    not yet, they will probably arrest him if he reisists and then execute him under the crazy law of being in the jail system... but that will be a bad move for ahamadinijad, as then the world will know that it was rigged, and then they will interfere...
  4. Who gives a who about what the world thinks. The world didn't care when the Shah killed and tortured every opposant to his tyranic regim who by the way whose supported by the Amricans and the british hypocrits. I say let jail the son of a bitch Mossavi for trahison. And expel all those fauls Iranian who were flown from the US just to alegedly participate in the elections but their real agenda was to creat trouble...
  5. What time (EST) will this prayer assembly take place?
  6. EPG Member

    I am amazed at how these Ahmadinejad supporters and government agents think the people of Iran and ultimately of the world are so stupid to believe these pathetic pathetic rants. It is beyond belief....first they fix the election then they say the voters were flown in from the U.S.

    Do you honestly think you are dealing with 4 year olds?!
  7. Persidian Member

    Are you nuts, your a fanatic, and you basically believe that what ever they are doing in protesting is morallly wrong. I think your just khamennis puppet, he says everythign will be alright and you think so. You brainwashed son of a bitch! The "fauls" iranians are still iranians that still love the persian culture. SO take that and shove it up you butt

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