Mousavi's facebook deleted

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by FreedomAgent, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. FreedomAgent Member

    Mousavi's facebook group has been deleted

    Reports that Zahra Rahnavard's, Abtahi's and khatami's pages have been deleted as well

  2. Nedjarsan Member

    not clear if deleted or blocked.
  3. FreedomAgent Member

    All those pages at the same time? .. looks a little suspicious
  4. They keep hacking into my internet browser and messing with it, too. Fuck them. For everything they take down, a hundred more pop up in its place.
  5. facebook, obama, and ahmadinnerjacket are working together! we know obama is a secret muslim, which is why he has been soft on iran! facebook deleted their pages, or obama is blocking access here in US.
  6. Nedjarsan Member

    I have to tell You that drug-abuse seriusly can damage Your physical and mental health
  7. You are the same basiji that is spreading your stench on the other thread. You are so obvious.

    What is that I hear? The other basij sharpening their knives to use against you?

    Sleep well tonight.
  8. FreedomAgent Member

    not to mention sexual performance
  9. Nedjarsan Member

    do not think he has one !

    that leads nex to his drug abuse to sexual-frustration.

    two strong factors that make ppl beating up others.
  10. FreedomAgent Member

    make sense might even explain all the rape that goes on in the detention facilities
  11. Twister Member

    I get the same result for all three:

    I can find their pages on a search, can click on the list of followers and get that fine, but not their homepages.
  12. Nedjarsan Member

    Give it some time. there always had been ways to bring it up again.
    Like with everything else we gotta need patience.
  13. Nedjarsan Member

    and all that shiat started after matrimonial ruling was overthrown by men.

    We need more women in charge.
    Belief me that would force us to more decency
  14. That's what I was thinking.
  15. That is exactly what they did last time. You couldn't get to the page the normal way, but if you went around through a side way you could get in.

    Someone should reverse engineer what they are doing and use it on the regime's pages.
  16. Twister Member

    I found a number for FB online and was able to leave a message. Stated the three names and that their pages are not accessible and who these men are.

    Don't expect that it will do anything, but can't hurt.

    OK, insomnia break over, will check back when I get up in 2 hrs.

    Bastards. Shit like this is the work of pathetic cowards; they know they're done. <evil grin>
  17. Can you post that number here?

    There is also another thread about the last time this happened, with useful information. I'll see if I can find it and post a link to it here.
  18. Here, there were two threads made about it when it happened two weeks ago:

    I also saw a thread I missed saying the man who manages Mousavi's site was arrested today.

    I'm guessing he hasn't given them the password yet, or the site would have just been deleted. But who knows? They obviously have chosen to step up their attacks on it. Is this a prelude to his arrest?
  19. FreedomAgent Member

    Facebook, Inc.
    471 Emerson St.
    Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605 United States

    Phone: (650) 543-4800
    Fax: (650) 543-4801
    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook

    Facebook, Inc.
    200 Paul Avenue,
    San Francisco, CA 94124

    Phone: (415) 467-2300
    Still working on getting extensions for specific contacts as well

    These are the main officers and I am trying atm to locate their respective extensions

    Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO
    Dustin Moskovitz, Co-founder
    Sheryl Sandberg, COO
    Matt Cohler, VP of Product Management
    Chris Hughes, Co-founder
  20. Thank you.
  21. Twister Member

    Thanks FreedomAgent. I posted that and went back to bed. Sorry about that, guys.

    Pages still seem to be down. Hope they get it together soon.
  22. Nedjarsan Member

    ... This morning a military entity disabled fb pages of Mousavi & others using high-tech equipment. #iranelection #iran
    1 minute ago from web

    RT Funeral ceremony 4 martyr "Behzad Mohajer " will begin in the next few Hours #Iranelection #Iran
    42 minutes ago from web

    More Demonstrations is planned for today : #Tehran 6 PM Vali Asr square #iranelection #iran
    about 1 hour ago from web
  23. Twister Member

    Twitter also under attack?

    Just speculation but seems odd that it would go down.. Started about 35 minutes ago, gotten 4 tweets since then, homepage unreachable.

    Have tried via, twubs and TweetDeck.

    Some other reporting same issue... anyone else?
  24. Facebook seems to be having issues this morning too. was up for about 5 minutes for me - now won't load.
  25. theali Member

    We need to get that account back!

    Thank you for the information.

    We need to ask FB to reactivate the account. In all likelyhood the account has been deleted either by hacking or arresting the account maintainer.

    The problem is that the FB account was a trusted and authentic source of information for the movement. With it gone, many people might get trapped in honeypot accounts that government agents setup for spreading disinformation.

    Please write to FB at email addresses above and ask them to reactivate the account and send the accounts credentials to Mohsen Sazegara at either of these email addresses:,

    Mohsen Sazegara - Mohsen Sazegara's Personal Website including articles, news links, photos and others' prospects.
    Sazagara has become one of the prompt to grassroots leaders for the movement in Iran. He has provided life saving tips to the people, shared successful tactics, and has been nonpartisan the whole time. He has repeatedly said that it is the people there that are risking their lives, and it is those people who know the situation/conditions first hand. We as people living outside Iran should only provide unconditional support for the people and help them anyway we can, without adhering to our own agenda.

    ACTION IS NEEDED on your part to revive this information channel for Iranian people. Send an email to FB now.
  26. Frylock-IRAN Member

    Facebook Phone Numbers ...




    (650) 543-4811

    Fax: 650-543-4801

    Updated, Credit to Hechicera

    Phone: (415) 467-2300 (Tested: Disconnected)
  27. Hechicera Member

    I get an "error" and a message they (FB) is working on it when I try to access his page. FB also had issues when Twitter went down, there was a spike of traffic to Facebook.

    Two other things to think about.

    1 - Perhaps, in a addition to the Twitter outage, and the people who wanted to Twitter going to Facebook (and nearly crashing it too!) there was also a targetted attack on Facebook? But, perhaps not. It is too early to tell.

    2 - Perhaps, due to other access (via Iran government) after the arrest of Mousavi's staff member, Facebook locked the pages to preserve them on notification from someone else connected to Mousavi. They did take the computers of the person they arrested, so we don't know what they may be able to get access too. We have no way of knowing this either from where we sit.

    Just food for thought. I may be incorrect in either or both of my random thought. Attempting to think before coffee warning applies. Offer not valid in ... etc. etc. ... :confused:
  28. Moussavi's account maintainer can not be arrested because he lives in Cologne, Germany. Saw him at a demonstration here and it's not very likely that he is going to travel back to Iran too soon. :)
  29. theali Member

    That is good news, then probably the account credentials have been compromised. We need to ask FB to give the control of that account to a trusted person.

    Right now anyone could claim to be that account's maintainer, so we have no other choice but to give the account's control to another known and trusted person.

    I repeat my suggestion form previous post, so ask FB to give that account's credentials to Sazegara. I need other Iranians on the forum to confirm this suggestion.

  30. Iranian authorities arrested Mir-Hamid Hassanzadeh, the director of Mousavi’s web site #iranelection
    from raminganeshram on twitter about 17 hours ago

    not sure who this person is or if they're reliable but I think this is where the idea started that Mousavi's FB was compromised

    edited to say since posted in NYtimes must be true
  31. Akhbar Azadi Member

    Hassanzadeh worked on Ghalam news site for Moussavi during election, but not sure if he still does. From CNN yesterday

  32. Twitter & Facebook both report being hacked

    Both companies said in the news today they've been hacked. Didn't say by whom.
  33. Is this the "put their heads in the ceiling" threat AH promised after his inauguration? lulz! Funny. What an ass. So his terrible threats mean he is going to tie all his resources up trying to catch sand by DDOS attacks on facebook and twitter? Sand, slipping between his fingers.

    I think it is pretty obvious who it is, even though facebook and twitter are too polite to say it.
  34. theali Member

  35. Twister Member

    From Wired article:

  36. theali Member

    Facebook says no accounts were compromised

    Facebook spokeswoman is saying that “No user data was at risk and we have restored full access to the site for most users” So hopefully the account(s) should comeback online soon.
  37. Akhbar Azadi Member

  38. FreedomAgent Member

    Yeah I just got an email from FB telling its back up and they apologize WTF

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