Mousavi's facebook page gone!!!!

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I just noticed his facebook page is gone.
    Anyone know anything about it?
  2. It was up a half hour ago

    Have checked that page a bunch of times today. Saw it earlier about 8:30 pm EST. Looks wiped now,as you said. (9:12 pm EST)
  3. EPG Member

    Are you guys gov't supporters trying to spread rumors or something? Or perhaps you are following wrong facebook profiles, because both his actual fan page, and the member page I have of him are perfectly fine. Matter of fact the fan page (the official mousavi fb page) shared posts a couple of hours ago.
  4. Dro Member

    mousavi page not gone

    It is still there, just search for "mousavi" in FB, it is the first entry. For some reason, the shortcut has disappeared, but his page is still there.
  5. It was probably just down temporarily. It is no secret the Iranian government has been blocking and hacking many sites, and it would not be a surprise at all if they blocked this page for a while until the block was defeated.
  6. It seems ok to me, unless I can't see older posts.
  7. EPG Member

    Well yes the gov't has been successful in going after reformist websites, but not facebook pages. The most they can do is arrest fb users in Iran which I have news of, but we need to be more careful in what we say because we don't want it to become an advantage in their favor. As far as Mousavi's and Rahnavard's (his wife) fb pages go I do believe they are actually partially operated from outside of Iran by other people, I do not think they will not go down.
  8. I had the page bookmarked and used that for about a month.
    Today I couldn't get on it. Somehow the address changed. That's all.
  9. Ray Murphy Member

    I just checked at 9am Iran time and foud Mousavi's Facebook is not working

    Mousavi website (main)
    صفحه نخست - قلم نیوز - سایت مهندس میر حسین موسوی

    Mousavi website (backup - English)
    Mir Hossein Mousavi Website | Iranian Presidential Elections 2009 Husein Musavi

    Mousavi Facebook
  10. Ray Murphy Member

    The address I listed above has been working for weeks, but is stopped working within the last 6 hours.

    Here it is again:
  11. Hechicera Member

    Yes, that Facebook shortcut url no longer redirects to his page.

    His page is still there and fine (link 2 posts up is the correct long url) ... or try this shortcut too:
  12. The government faggots are always trying to block sites like his, but once again they fail. They are pathetic.

    And then they come in here posting derogatory remarks to real Iranians and pretending they are not government faggots.

    Government faggots, you are all traitors. You are not Iranian. When you planted your lips on the ayatollah's ass and started killing your own people, you became something less than human, and ceased to be Iranian. Your loyalty is not to Iran, it is to a man, a dictator. You have disowned your country for one human being. Have fun living with that. You obviously feel killing your own flesh and blood for this one human being is a worthy cause.

    I have news for you, when you die he will not be able to save you. Your souls have already been devoured before your bodies have even died, and so has his.
  13. Akhbar Azadi Member

    Unregistered guest, whoever you are, I think rudesness and accusing people of being government agents, trolls etc is totally uneccessary, especially when you don't even have the balls to give yourself some kind of ID (even fake!). My link to Moussavi's facebook site also didn't work and, had I not read about what's going on here, I too might have assumed it had been somehow wiped. And if you want to accuse me of being a government agent my only riposte would be: You're 'avin a larf mate! (The thing about being a troll on the other hand ... )
  14. Have you even said anything in this thread before that post? Because if you did, you posted it anonymously yourself, and if you didn't, why the guilty conscience and the assumption that post was directed at you?

    If I remember right, it said:

    "The government faggots are always trying to block sites like his, but once again they fail. They are pathetic.

    And then they come in here posting derogatory remarks to real Iranians and pretending they are not government faggots."

    Were you in here posting derogatory remarks?
  15. one thing is sure, were veering off, stay on target faggots

    just rt or whatever the new link to his page and tell ppl to update their bookmarks, end of fuss

    no need to make a mountain outta a molehill
  16. OK srsly guise...

    i think someone left the door open too long and a bee got in.

    yall faggots know what im sayin
  17. Nedjarsan Member

    U seam to play the faggot ( the instrument ) a lot cause u like the name ?

    Why u have to use discriminating words to express urself ? mental issue ?

    How serious u want to be taken ?
  18. If your offended, then you obviously don't understand. It is kinda a social thing. Kinda like you might have a crude nick-name for sibling that you use when they annoy you.

  19. EPG Member

    [COLOR="Red"]Ok, something is indeed wrong with Mousavi's facebook page[/COLOR]

  20. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, I see the same message on his facebook but not in the same position as in the above image.
  21. EPG Member

    Where are you seeing it on his page? We need to find a way to put a stop to it if facebook is indeed censoring Mousavi.
  22. Ray Murphy Member

    To save time, just look at the link I provided earlier in the thread and see what it's showing right now. I've done a screen capture of it which I can upload here if necessary.
  23. i dont understand. how is fb censoring if we can see the page?

    unless they are unable to add updates and that is what they mean?
  24. EPG Member

    That is the only thing I can think it would "publication rights"

    last post I saw from his page was yesterday....
  25. Ray Murphy Member


    [Copied/pasted from Mousavi's facebook - see the first topic and read down a bunch of messages]

    Mir Hossein Mousavi میر حسین موسوی at 4:05am July 22
    Dear Friends ! Facebook has blicked my publication rights !! Please write them an email saying : If you are not helping, please dont put stones in our way !!! I NEED YOUR HELP !!! YOU ARE THE MEDIA


    Attached Files:

  26. EPG Member

    The links you posted earlier don't take me to his fb page. Do those links for you?
  27. Ray Murphy Member

  28. how r=to complain? is what I get when I search for Mousavi. It is the same as the page that I bookmarked and have been following.

    From the info section and clicking on old stories, it seems that the page can accept comments but that the "owners" can no longer post updates.

    How do we complain to facebook?
  29. seems the admin pussies at fb are bowing to some kind of pressure from the gov? time to bring our pressure on them this time, inform everyone to cry foul play at facebook
  30. EPG Member

    I think it is important to spread it through the news media (CNN, NBC, etc.) and let everyone know. If this is true then it is a serious matter.

    The only contact info I have found for facebook is
  31. Hechicera Member

    Yep, I also still see it (using long url or search), and with the same text in the two information fields.

    is listed as an alternate FB on /mousavi .. anyone friends with that one? (seems personal I am not)
  32. there are over 100k ppl who are on mousavi's friend list, theres gotta be a way to mobilize them into acting on this
  33. Ray Murphy Member

    Here is the full address (it doesn't show up fully in the previous messages - even though it works)


  34. Ray Murphy Member

    Mousavi being blocked by Facebook hasn't hit any of the news services (showing on Google-News) yet, even though it occurred more than 6 hours ago.
  35. Ray Murphy Member

    TWITTER is very noisy with the news about Mousavi's Facebook being blocked, although some deny it because they haven't actually read what's on the page.
  36. could it be the pub. rights were removed because of multiple logging? though if that were the case i dont see why the ppl at fb decide to remove the pub. rights now instead of weeks ago
  37. EPG Member

    What makes it more difficult is the lack of information on this matter, all we know is that "publication rights" are blocked, what does that mean? I have been trying to look into FB's privacy policies regarding this matter to see if I find anything but no success yet.
  38. Hechicera Member

    FB policies are the only thing I know of more convoluted than Iranian politics!

    Best bet is a Facebook customer service contact e-mail campaign plus publicity (as he is a public figure).

    Sidebar (explaining how silly Facebook is):
    They blocked my son once, with no warning, and he posts very lightly (and I had seen his post history - nothing odd was posted). A few days after he was blocked, only his e-mail got an answer that he had been blocked due to automatic monitoring software detecting. Basically, they said he didn't post with the pattern they expected (even though he posted at least a couple of times a week), so his account was blocked automatically by the software with no reason or notice given to him (the account holder).

    He is austistic.

    It took a week of us e-mailing to convince them that his pattern was actually very good (for him)! Then he was reinstated.

    So, we can't even be sure **Facebook** is aware the account has been blocked yet!

    WikiAnswers - How do you contact facebook by phone
    (this link has the contact e-mails listed nicely)
  39. stupid, stupid, stupid facebook, imma add this to CNNfail and BBCfail

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