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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elefthería, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Elefthería Member

    I just noticed that there were one thread for books, one for music but none for movies, which is really terrible, in my opinion( well, not so terrible but kind of unfair).

    So yesterday I watched "The last metro" by François Truffaut and "A Clockwork orange" (by Kubrick, but I guess you know it.) No common points between them, exept that they are both fucking awesome.

    (you can insult me for my rotten English, it's no problem)
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  2. thefatman Member

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  3. Elefthería Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    The opening scenes of Kubric's AI were perfect. Then it went downhill.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Nice move, OP. I've made your thread a "Sticky" Thread.
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  7. James Spader Member

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  8. Salome with Alla Nazamova. Originally a play by Oscar Wilde. A silent film, visually amazing.

    Also anything by Hayao Miyazaki especially Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle. Or My Neighbor Totoro or Whisper of the Heart, or or or. I love him long time.


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  9. Elefthería Member

    I love Miyazaki, I think my favorite is Chihiro. Or Porco Rosso. Anyway, all of his movies are awesome.

    I don't really have any "best movie ever", I love all of the Cinema so.... but in my Top, there would be M (Lang), Fight Club (Fincher), Pulp Fiction (Tarantino), Taxi Driver (Scoooorsese), Citizen Kane (Welles), Pierrot le fou (Godard), the 400 blows (Truffaut) and something like a thousand other movies.
  10. James Spader Member








  11. I just finished "The Watchmen" for like the 100th time lol
  12. Bruce D. Member

    Braveheart, for fun Captain Ron, Brooklyn's Finest-not the usual boring cop movie, Fourth Kind -I though had a lot of suspense, all IP Man movies if you like martial arts, Kandahar Break-interesting look at the Afghanistan culture, Apocalypto, Enemy at the Gates, Once Upon a time in the West, The Adventure of TinTin for its creative character drawings
  13. Bruce D. Member

    No Country for Old Men was a damn good movie also
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  14. Young Adult with Charlize Theron is good. Definitely worth watching in my opinion. It's a dark comedy with great acting from Charlize. And Patton is good too.
  15. Strixcoil Moderator

    The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising

    "Like if killing the bard would scare us!"
  16. Anonymous Member

    I just watched Priest and another film called Real steel.
    Shame that the opening animations of priest are better then the movie.
  17. empowering and inspiring short-movie:
    butterfly circus
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  18. MakeReality! Member

    ALL MY HATE! :mad:
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  19. BlooAnon Member

    I just started and are currently watching The Number 23. Don't know if I like it or not; never seen it before.

    Edit: It was okay.
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  20. Finding Nemo, because I'm not tryin hard to be edgy or über cool.....
  21. Anonymous Member

    Watched SAW IV last night, and will watch SAW V tonight, second time for both.

    Gruesome, but just.
  22. my daughter is just watching wall-e, good stuff
  23. Strixcoil Moderator

    I don't like Finding Nemo. Dunno...fishes are not that cool. (Though Doris reminds me of many of my school friends back in the day...absolutely retarded and most of them with memory issues)

    I love that song from the begging...

    God dammit, can't stop humming it...! :mad:

    I saw "Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban" a moment ago.
    Not my favorite one (I loved the Deathly Hollows I and II all the way) but still good. Makes me want to get back my books :(
  24. LocalSP Member

  25. Emma Peel Member

    Anything by Yasujirō Ozu.


    And Powell and Pressburger. (Favourites are Black Narcissus, I Know Where I'm Going, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp and The Small Back Room.)


    Edit: Oh, and early Hitchcock. (I like later Hitchcock too, of course, but his early films are way more lively and witty.)

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  26. Tourniquet Member

    Werner Herzog, any film, especially those including Klaus Kinski. Pure art.

    Emma, thanks for Yasujirō Ozu. I'm off to do a little research :)

    Also: Akira Kurosawa, complete catalogue; and Costa-Gavras, especially Z and État de Siège (the latter being a good primer for true political subversion).
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  27. Emma Peel Member

    You should check out films by Kenji Mizoguchi (Ugetsu is lovely), Mikio Naruse (i.e. When a Woman Ascends the Stairs), Masaki Kobayashi (Harakiri and Kwaidan are great) and Sadao Yamanaka (in particular Humanity and Paper Balloons).

    Some of screenshots from Kwaidan:



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  28. Anonymous Member

    sucks !!!
  29. Anonymous Member

    Know who he is, even? Or are you just a Sunday failtroll?
  30. conatus Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    ^that's a great one, later recycled by George Lucas in part for Star Wars.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Seen this?
  33. Anonymous Member

    If you don't know who ^ that is, you probably shouldn't be posting ITT.
  34. Tourniquet Member

    Thanks, Bruce, for recommending Brooklyn's Finest. I watched it this morning, and had a great time. A-list cast and good acting.
  35. "david wants to fly"...nice documentary
  36. Clever Name Member

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  37. good old stuff... but still actual
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  38. Epic fight scene is epic:

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  39. Anonymous Member

    The Human Centipede is an absolute must see. They have made part one and two. Watch them in order.
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