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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elefthería, Feb 27, 2012.

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    hey kids, here's a funny one


    200 Motels (1971) aka Touring Can Make You Crazy.

    Starring Frank Zappa, The Mothers of Invention, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, and Theodore Bikel. Shot on video and transferred to 35mm film (a first in 1971), all of the music was performed live (except for "Penis Dimension"). It was written mostly in motel rooms. It was photographed in 7 8-hour days. It was edited in 11 10-hour days, without the use of computer facilities. It cost $679,000. It set the standards for the most advanced music video techniques of it's time. It got shitty reviews.

    Play loud.

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    Thanks MOOG that was excellent
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    just got back from seeing this movie really good

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    Good .. Really Good!
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    Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

    Woman leaves cult and struggles to adapt to the outside world. Bit long perhaps but it showed the fear, isolation and post traumatic stress experienced by most ex’s. Stars Elizabeth Olsen, Sister to the Munchkin Twins, and she is good in this role. If you are interested in learning bout cult experiences then give this a watch.
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    Star Trek is out soon!!!!!!!11!1111
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    8 bit version:

    Review by Hobbs the cat: "Bit too rapey."
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    OMG that is so old! The scene where all the colored threads in a bunch of looms mixed together was beautiful, but I was so stoned.....
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    I love the villain, one of the best Sherlocks ever. So sexually ambiguous. He sucked in Parades Rest IMHO
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    Not exactly a movie but she is so badass.
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    Agreed, quite a decent movie.

    In a somewhat similar vein: Sound of My Voice
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    Oh thanks for that, I'll give it watch real soon. I remember years ago I struggled to understand how an intelligent person with self esteem could become a Scion, I get it now.
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    The up-coming docudrama about Amy's Baking Company
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    I actually tried to check and see if they were Scientologists. I hadn't seen that level of denial about reality and compulsive need to blame everyone else for everything since Scientology. Sadly, the lulz were not with us and they're just plain ordinary crazy.
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  24. I just saw the LONE RANGER.

    I walked out of the theatre with the usual "floating on air" feeling that one gets when one sees a good movie. Then again, I am not a film guy and don't get to see a lot of movies so I am easily impressed. I once joined Scientology didn't I? See? Easily impressed.

    When I think about it, I doubt I will remember much about this movie in a months time. It is not exactly a classic. Basically, it is a modernized piece of fluff remake of the Lone Ranger series complete with 2013 attitudes. There was a LONE RANGER movie that was made in the 1970s but hardly anyone knows about this movie. I have never seen it either. It might be interesting to check out.

    I did enjoy myself while watching the movie. I had to. With the prices of a ticket and popcorn and a drink; I made sure that I had a good time. The movie had a formula feel to it. Being as this was the first "Ranger" movie in a long time; we are given an "origin" story. Fine. There were some pretty good jokes in the movie, I just can't remember most of them. There is a terrific battle at the end with wild stunts; probably because all movies are supposed to have a terrific battle with wild stunts. I would have settled for just a really good story instead of "Zorro" Which only proves my point; even ZORRO (with Anthony Hopkins) was a better movie. I guess you can't expect every remake to be another UNTOUCHABLES.

    They missed a chance to elevate the movie when it came to the music. Instead of just playing the William Tell Overture straight they decided to cut out certain parts and replace them with "jazzed" up original variations of the beginning part. I always thought that the William Tell Overture was the third main actor in the movie. A straight respectful rendition of this piece of music would have moved me far more than anything else in this movie did.

    In short, David Miscavige.

    Wait for the DVD. It is a fun piece of cotton candy and enjoyable the first time around but I can't really see going to a theatre and paying all that money. I did enjoy that most recent Superman movie though.
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    Like Start Trek Darkness, throughly enjoyable B movie.
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    Interesting post I love to watch movies.
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  28. I believe the sequel to Motel Hell is called: 'Ida and Vincent - The Golden Age of OT'

    (David Miscavige has hired Ida and Vincent to handle the gardening at Gold Base.)
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    I love this and own it. Tonight I am watching for the first time "The Boys From Brazil" Sci-fi meets nazis from the guy who made Planet of the Apes, with Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier? I am in heaven before even pushing play.

    Super Power Cheers for this thread idea.
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    Blood Into Wine

    A down to earth hard working guy - who just happens to make a brilliant wine

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    Desperate Living (1977)
    90 min - Italian subtitles (NSFW)

    Director: John Waters
    Writer: John Waters
    Stars: Liz Renay, Mink Stole, Susan Lowe, Jean Hill


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  37. Just watched 'Baba Yaga'.

    Weird '70's Italian fantasy/giallo based on the works of Guido Crepax.

    Brings the creepy conceit of 'doll bodies' to whole new weird level and has some trippy visuals.

    (I am hopelessy in love with obscure seventies eurotrash films...)

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  39. <3. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.;)

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