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    WTF has happened to us?
  2. Anonylemmi Member

    For Andy Downs.
  3. Anonylemmi Member

    Back then there were no interwebs. Being an activist meant getting off your fat lazy ass and actually doing something.
  4. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec

    I watched this one last night, and it's fun and well-done, if a tad silly at times. I think that people who like fantasy such as Terry Pratchett might enjoy it.

  5. Anonylemmi Member

    Looks like Mary Poppins meets Velociraptor.
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  6. Anonylemmi Member

    swaJ. It's about a shark that goes around spitting up people until they open the beach.
  7. RolandRB Member

    I was watching "The Master" last night for a whole twenty minutes before I gave up. Do I win a prize?
  8. RolandRB Member

    ^^ Well actually, now that I got through the movie, I think it was a beautiful and nostalgic movie that was very much carried along by the cinematography. Has to be watched in blu-ray quality or higher, otherwise you are wasting your time. Has to be watched non-judgmentally.

    If anything, I would say that the film was slightly pro-Scientology.

    One of the nostalgic songs from the movie:

  9. Anonymous Member

    If you can, find the out-takes and watch those. I can understand why Mr. Cruise had a tantrum with the director after Mr. Cruise had his private screening.

    The out-takes reel runs about 20 minutes.

  10. More than just a little "Pro Scientology" my friend. The whole entire "premise" of the movie SCREAMS Scientology.
  11. RolandRB Member

    ^^ It is reminding America of a phase it went through after WWII with soldiers having gone through that experience seeking for meaning. America was especially affected being a sort of cultural desert with only a short history behind it (a mere 200 years or so). These religious movements and cults sprang up after WWII and filled a need in people's souls while they were searching for meaning. Scientology just signifies this in the film. The film itself is not about Scientology. Freddie Quell represents the American ex-military person searching for meaning, Lancaster Dodd the person, semi-conman, who hopes to find that meaning. Lancaster Dodd knows he is a bit of a conman and seeks to ground himself back to reality through Freddie Quell who he knows does not readily embrace his philosophy and Lancaster Dodd offers Freddie hope for a meaning in his life.
  12. WOW! .. You are so right. Tim recreated and rebuilt the entire room. The windows, the furniture, everything.

    Notice how his left arm seems to disappear into, well, a mirror. The painting before the final varnish finish.


    The painting finished. With the final varnishing applied. .. Astonishing.



    The genius nails it.

    This film is masterful. One is drawn into the entire process
    I was totally engrossed from beginning to end.

    SRSLY brilliant.

    Thank You.
  13. Ogsonofgroo Member

  14. Tim's Vermeer - A review

  15. [IMG]

    Not boring and simple. That is beautifully done, O ;)

    Srsly .. If you know where to find, Tim's Vermeer, and I'm sure that most of you will know where that will be. Give it a whirl. You won't be disappointed.
  16. AnonAspie Member

    Henry Rollins, 2007 spoken word in Israel
    The Other F Word
    The Punks Are Alright
    And Pokemon movies 1 through 8, with my son.
    (In last couple of weeks)
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  17. A.O.T.F Member


    Epic Guys


    Epic Bike


    Epic Soul


    Epic Soundtrack

    Epic Movie

    Road To Paloma
  18. The Night Digger. Roald Dahl screenplay, Patricia Neal on slow burn; twisted english movie in that 'psycho boy shows up at the house and stays awhile' genre they do so well. The Dahl black humor will have you squirming uncomfortably as you laugh during the bits of 'comic relief'.

    Enjoy it, if you can find it....;)
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  19. A.O.T.F Member

  20. System Member

    just watched this friday it's really good if you like the whole violent martial arts (as in one cop kicking everyone ass)

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  21. A.O.T.F Member

    Rudderless (2014)


    This is an exceptionally great movie, folks. William H. Macey should get the academy award for best director. It really is that good. Highly recommend.
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. CapnMisa Member

    I saw Fury not too long ago. It was great, and Brad Pitt made a stop at Fort Benning, Georgia. My brother got to see him!
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  24. Old_Coder Member

    All time fav is Star Wars. I saw that in the theater in 1977. I was blown away. I managed to by hook or by crook see it 28 times in the theater that summer.

    2nd has got to be The Big Lebowski. Just an awesome movie. 83467764.gif?w=500&h=250.gif
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  25. Adjective Member

    They're coming out with a new trilogy on Star Wars I think. They never just make one movie. They have to make 3. LOL!
  26. Multisanti Member

    My all time fav film is The Big lebowski. Seen someone posted The Human Centipede is a must see. I think anyone who can sit and watch that and actualy enjoy it really has something wrong with them. (no offence)
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    best reaction gif ever
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  28. Multisanti Member

  29. Darth Alor Member

    V for vendetta? >:3 but srs alien 1 was guud
  30. silenceforno1 Member

    Stanley Kubrick is my film director
  31. A.O.T.F Member

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  32. A.O.T.F Member

  33. BrainStorm Member

    lol totally forgot that documentary existed.
    It's impressive how far the rabbit hole goes. We are watching this happen and we go on with our lives like it's normal.
    Indifference is the cancer of our societies.
  34. A.O.T.F Member

    I just needed some R&R .. So i thought that i would watch these two.

    American Sniper


    Fuck Clint Eastwood and his propagandist bullshit!

    Scored - 0 out of 10


    Ohh .... FUCK OFF!

    Scored - 1 out of 10

    I'm going back to work.
  35. Ogsonofgroo Member

    A cult classic night at the ranch, never know what you can find on YT...

    First is this '82 gem, a solid 8/10 imho for bizarre alone (NSFW), smoke a fatty ~

    Then it was this one, a superior B if ever there was, load up with popcorn and eyescream, enjoy!

    A must-see for any Micheal Ironside fans,6/10, dog gets 9/10... :D
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  36. A.O.T.F Member

    Saturday, Feb 7, 2015 01:00 PM UTC
    I’m a U.S. veteran, and “American Sniper” is rife with lies

    Clint Eastwood's film is propagandistic fiction masquerading as a “true story." Here's why it's so dangerous

    After watching the movie “American Sniper,” I called a friend named Garett Reppenhagen who was an American sniper in Iraq. He deployed with a cavalry scout unit from 2004 to 2005 and was stationed near FOB Warhorse. I asked him if he thought this movie really mattered. “Every portrayal of a historical event should be historically accurate,” he explained. ”A movie like this is a cultural symbol that influences the way people remember history and feel about war.”

    Garett and I met through our antiwar and veteran support work, which he’s been involved with for almost a decade. He served in Iraq. I served in Afghanistan. But both of us know how powerful mass media and mass culture are. They shaped how we thought of the wars when we joined, so we felt it was important to tell our stories when we came home and spoke out.

    I commend Chris Kyle for telling his story in his book “American Sniper.” The scariest thing I did while in the military was come home and tell my story to the public — the good, the bad and the ugly. I feel that veterans owe it to society to tell their stories, and civilians owe it to veterans to actively listen.

    Dr. Ed Tick, a psychotherapist who has specialized in veteran care for four decades, explains, “In all traditional and classical societies, returned warriors served many important psychosocial functions. They were keepers of dark wisdom for their cultures, witnesses to war’s horrors from personal experience who protected and discouraged, rather than encouraged, its outbreak again.”

    Chris Kyle didn’t view Iraq like me and Garett, but neither of us have attacked him for it. He’s not the problem. We don’t care about the lies that Chris Kyle may or may not have told. They don’t matter. We care about the lies that Chris Kyle believed. The lie that Iraq was culpable for September 11. The lie that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The lie that people do evil things because they are evil.

    The film “American Sniper” is also rife with lies. This was not Chris Kyle’s story. And Bradley Cooper was not Chris Kyle. It was Jason Hall’s story, a one-time actor in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and screenwriter for “American Sniper,” who called his film a “character study.” Don’t believe him. His movie is as fictional as Buffy Summers.

    continued -
  37. BrainStorm Member

    It's scary to realize the power of propaganda, they force feed us lies and fictions with Hollywood movies and media.
    This describes perfectly the act of brain-washing, that is the true weapon of mass destruction, the power to change a persons perception of reality.
    Then the politicians and others, say "let us not believe in the conspiracy theories", turning us against each other for having critical thinking.
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  38. A.O.T.F Member

  39. BrainStorm Member

    If you are interested in human history or you like a good documentary,
    you should check out "The Pyramid Code", available on Netflix.

    We all studied the Egyptian civilization in school, but most of the information they teach is now known to be false.
    Some of what they find out can be traced to our times.
    It's funny to realize that a few cults are based on Egyptian knowledge.. is that why they try to keep secrets? A good bed time story at least lol =P


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